School is starting soon which is this thursday? OMG!! So all the damn homework, tuition, tests and exam cycle comes again. But frankly speaking without all those it will be quite boring also.

Its new year eve today!! I just hope the fireworks really spark the whole year, bless and bring luck to everyone in this world especially to me, my family and my loved ones. Counting down to a new year is something like a tradition but i don't think this year my dad's going to bring us out to count down like the previous year.

Time flies when you are having fun. So if you had wasted your holidays doing nothing, better doing more to replace it..

That's it. My brother's coming back soon!! With my presents he bought for me!! Looking foward to that.
Looking foward to another new year.. Liberty..Fireworks at Niagara Falls
Made to look like fan..
A blue-green new year...


So now i am not afraid of PMR anymore!! It is completely over in my life and i will never have to take PMR again!! Cheer for the good news...

Another good news! I got straight A's ( 8 A's ) for PMR!! Overwhelmed, i should say? All mums will be proud of their child if they get good results. My dad as usual just say, " Get 8 A's huh? " Then he walked away...

Usually getting results is when you get rich. You will get money from the elderly. And as reminder, new year is coming again. Yey! But school is going to reopen again. *sobs*

Tomorrow i have to do something important. Which is not for some people to know.. haha. if you want to know ask me... i shall think twice before telling you though...

Listening to Into The Night by ( i don't know who )

Something goes, something comes

There goes my christmas celebrating nothing and here comes PMR results. How many A's can i get?

Of course i'm hoping to get all!! Everybody wants as many A's they can hope for. Who doesn't?
So lets just hope that our dreams come true.

Tomorrow the mistery beneath our hearts shall be revealed!!!

Listening to When I'm Gone by Simple Plan

Christmas eve...

Its christmas eve now as it is already 12.57 am now in Malaysia. I've done nothing yet on christmas eve and now i am here blogging.

Tell you something. I haven't gotten myself any presents for my birthday and for christmas and no one has given be any. So sad right? But that's what i expected because i don't give presents to others when it's their birthday or during christmas. I just give them sincere greetings as present.

Till now i have been to megamall and KLCC to see the christmas decoration other than those i had mentioned before. My dad says KLCC uses the same christmas tree every year but with different decoration.

So that's it.Decoration in KLCCOn the way home taken from the car...Rolls Royce at the Mandarin Orientals...The newer Rolls Royce... King of Perak and Kedah are also there...
Night view of KLCC... so nice...

Listening to Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna

Today is the day!!

Today is the day for tang yuan... Once in a year. Can still remember one year before on 22th i was eating tang yuan also... and then... i went to sleep at night... hahaha.. LAME..

Anyway, the tang yuan my mum make is pandan flavour leh. So original. Nothing to say actually, got pictures only..

House made...Website made... *wink*

Listening to Hate that I Love You by Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo

The voices within me...

There are voices within me
Warning me not to argue
When there are fights
Try to hold back my anger
But the problem is
How many times can i do that?

I admit that i've gone overboard
But sometimes
I really do feel that i am right
So i just fired back at her

There are voices within me
Telling me that it is wrong
Telling me that i should discuss it another time
Discuss it when the time is right
But will that work?

Like i have never tried that before
At the end of the day
The answer i expected
Was thrown back at me
"So you will remember this for life?"
The voices within me
That doesn't work at all

From that day onwards
I've tried my very best
To hold back my anger
But how long can i do that?
I have nobody to complain to
Nobody to share my problems
Except for the paper and pens
I had used to write what my heart feels

Will my life go on like this?
If it is
One day
I am going to burst
Like a ballon
Couldn't hold any more air in it
Burst and be uselss
And worst still - heartless

Listening to Nobody's Perfect by Milley Crust


Today, indeed, was a busy day as predicted. My parents and i were busy cleaning up stuffs and threw those useless things from the kitchen cabinet.

Of course, the victim of the day, as usual, is me. I had to bring all the rubbish from the kitchen out of the house to the garbage can. Unfortunately, the things in the cabinet were too much that they actually occupied the whole kitchen so my parents have to sort them out slowly and give me packs and packs of rubbish one by one. Poor me have to go in and out of the house so many times. I have counted!! Should be more than 30 times in total. The whole process is nothing but walking in and out of the house and i felt like i am undergoing some athletic training.

When it was finally over, i sat down and start reading my story book ( it was the exciting part when i stop to help ), there goes again, my mum asked me to fold clothes so i got to fold to prevent getting scolding from her although my legs are about to break apart anytime. I think they are going to ache tomorrow.

So there goes my Friday without a proper breakfast and lunch...

Listening to This is My Now by Jordin Sparks

Christmas hope..

It is nothing but giving
Giving to others
No matter who are they
No matter what are they

On this very day
He will give
She will give
You will give
They will give
Everybody will give
Give their heart willingly
Without selfishness

When someone is left out in a corner
Practically not realised by everyone
No matter how much he gives
There is no return
Like a blown away feather
Never coming back
Unlike the boomerang
Coming back after you threw it away

So there he is
So lonely by himself
Waiting for someone to give
Someone who cares for him
Someone who is kind hearted

He sob without a sound
Cry without a tear
Afraid to scare people away
All he wants is somebody to love
And somebody who loves him
That's all he hope to receive
On Christmas day

Listening to Do It Well by Jeniifer Lopez

What happens continued version.

What happens when one is heart broken?What happens when one changes underwear like nobody's business?Frankly speaking its my neighbour's... SHHH...

What happens when one's mother is not rasional when it comes to choosing a name for her daughter?
In hokkien it means crazy woman...

What happens when Hindraf cares for the people?
Amalkan 5 M...

What are the cats doing?


Listening to Real Girl by Mutya Buena

One U...

I went to OU with Fong Jiuan and my sister to celebrate. We went there at 10.30 am and started walking till 12.00 pm then we head to Genki Sushi for lunch. At first i was so hungry that i can gobble down an elephant but after eating a few sushi, i was full again..

After walking about half an hour, we went to the cinema for Enchanted. Man, it was great, funny and the girl is so innocent. After coming out from the cinema, i was hungry again so we went to esquire kitchen to buy fa guin. Then i feel that it is not enough so i went to buy rotiboy. I'm such a big eater.

Guess what, i met Min Yap, Wui Teng, Siew Choo and Gervaene there leh. Today when i was in OU with my mum, i saw Wui Teng again. So i went to him again.

Our conversation:
Me : Hello.
Him : Hello.
Me : Why are you here?
Him : Because of him. * points at a small boy he is carrying*
Me : Oh. You sleep overnight here?
Him : Yea, as if.
Me : *laughs*
Him : Why are you here?
Me : Because my sister is here.
Him : Then why are you here yesterday?
Me : Because it is my birthday.
Him : Oh.
Me : Then why are you here yesterday?
Him : For fun loh.
Me : Oh. *hammer knocks on head* @.@ chickens without feet, pigs without tail, donkey without ass..

So that's all.. And my birthday cake from Fong Jiuan's mum...

Listening to Shape of My Heart be Backstreet Boys

The day before my birthday...

On Sunday, i actually did almost everything that i don't want and don't like to do...

Early in the morning i have to wake up early and accompany my dad to HELP University College for the actuary science talk and it last the whole morning. After lunch, i have to follow my parents and grandparents to Bentong to visit my not-so-close-relatives.

I was bored to death there then my mum asked me to pluck groundnuts. I was like " Huh? groundnuts?" So i went there unwillingly to deal with all the muds covering the groundnuts. Then i finally have my own time reading my storybooks.

About 6.30pm, we went out for dinner and they were all very noisy. They were chit-chatting, drinking beer, karaoke, doing the yum-seng thing. OMG!! At the moment i just can't stand the noise and cover my ear. It was the first time i have been into an enclosed area that is so noisy.

Then here comes the worries. They asked my dad to drink brandy and i knew my dad is not a good drinker and i began to worry of my dad because he will be the one driving us home later. So i ask him not to drink but the kind of force him to drink so i can't help him either. If i'm not underage, i will definately drink for my dad even though it taste awful.

So some of the dishes were nicely decorated and one of them with a pig's head on it. Oh ya, the fruits were delicious.

Listening to The Potential Break Up Song by Aly & AJ

My birthday!?

My dad's and my birthday is coming!! Its the same day though... My brother's birthday also coming, but he is away in Japan enjoying his homestay there... Therefore i will not see him till January... I'm gonna miss him since no one will bully me and love me as a brother until he is back...

By the way, i celebrated our birthday with my grandparents and fong jiuan's family in Victoria Station again yesterday. I ordered Seafood Cocktail and Chicken Maryland for myself and i think they already cost about RM 30.80. Man!! Its so expensive... But that's life...

So my brother left just now and i am lonely once again as my sister is busy preparing her coming exam in January. I actually skip my last 15 minutes of theory lesson to send him to airport you know but it seems like he don't even realise my existence in the airport... I don't blame him though...

Listening to The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls

What happens?

What happens when one is feeling high?
What happens when one is crazy? What happens when one is love struck?
What happens when one is romantic?
What happens when one dies?

Listening to Break Anotha by Blake Lewis


There goes my holiday. Doing nothing after everything has ended.
My PMR!!!
What else can i do? Well, i still got my theory class, which is sooo boring that i don't even feel like doing the homeworks... =.=

Christmas decoration!!

So far, i've seen christmas decoration of 1U, Ikano, The Curve, Pavillion, StarHill, Queensbay Mall, one of the plaza in Penang.... Did i left out anything?

But i still think 1U's is the cutest, nicest although The Curve's one is quite nice, i don't fancy the cottage...

Hmm... why am i writing so short post?

No idea...

Bye bye ~~

Listening to No Promises by Shayne Ward


Actually its not a big deal going to Penang because i have been there before... but its a big deal when i get to swim!! It has been a long time since i last swim.. two years plus i think...


After swimming...

One thing incredible... i ate 'chow kuey tiao' every meal without fail... that was because Penang's one are more delicious than KL's but of all i find only the second last one i ate was nice... What to do? That's life...~~

And one thing about Ipoh... you can't afford to miss the 'nga choi gai'... it's so delicious and everytime i go Ipoh i will surely go for it... to me...

Went to Queensbay mall... saw the upside down christmas tree...
This is the one...
That guy's from China... doing the 'lai tong'...

In Penang...

Overall it was a cool trip... thanks to the swimming pool...

Just woke up... eating 'tau sar beng'... drinking milo also...

Listening to Tattoo by Jordin Sparks...

Its over...

Finally, its over... I've been waiting for long, my diploma... now i just hope i will pass...

So i was there very early. About one and a half hour before the exam. Thanks to my teacher, asking me to go early in case there is accident, road block or what nonsense... It was so hot there and there is no proper waiting room... Just a tiny little fan blowing.

I went in and saw my examiner. He is so cute and round, like a potato man. His hair is very short so the shape of his head is obvious, round... He is quite friendly but he killed me with a question for the viva. I don't know how to answer him then he calmed me down by saying don't worry... T.T

By the way, i went to 1U for dinner and saw the christmas decoration. So cute!!! I like the soldiers and the keys... It reminds me of my childhood...

Here are some of the photos...

This is very cute...

1 word


Its coming...

My piano exam, its coming soon. This Wednesday is the end of the world.

Today i had a exam recital with four other students including my sister in my teacher's house. It was scary and i did so badly in my first piece because of the stupid trill that i can't get right all the time. I was pissed!

Half way when i was playing, i sweated. I really have sweat coming down to my cheks and it was so irritating. After i finished that piece, i wiped it of but when i was in other piece, it came down on the other side. =.=

So i am hoping for no serious mistakes during the exam, good examiner and passing the exam.

Listening to No One by Alicia Keys...

Waiting to be discovered

You were always there when i need you
You made me feel complete when you're with me
You made me feel secure when you hold me
You made me a girl when you surprise me with gifts
You melt my heart when you kiss me
Where are you now?

What you see when you first open your eyes in the morning?
Do you feel what i feel?
You throw your hands up in the air
Hoping to grab something you have lost all these years
Feeling sorry for all you have done

Are all these real?
Or is it just some illusion
Making you nervously arouse?
Maybe you thought of blaming others
To escape from your mistakes
Deep in your heart
You knew the naked truth
Waiting to be explored

Why are you so cruel?
Why are you so cold hearted?
Have you ever think of me?
Do something for me?
Or at least care for me?

You knew from the starting
I am the only person who care for you
Be there for you
But why do you ignore me?
You make me feel like some shadows
Hidden from the world we living
Waiting to be discovered
Knowing the day will never come

I was left here
In this miserable place
I am still here
Waiting to be discovered
I am waiting...

Rate this... A.S.A.P

I just hope that i can get some comments from people to help improve my pieces... So help me...

My day of pink and white...

I went to Yi Xuan's house today to learn how to make pineapple tarts. When i got there, i was shocked. She actually live in a corner house! I didn't expect that. Not to say i think she is not rich but never expect her living in a corner house. Maybe i'm just being jealous...

Anyway, i thought Xin Wei and i were the last ones to reach there but we ended up reaching there first. Yi Xuan did a bad job in giving direction. She says, turn when you see Petronas but the Petronas she mentioned is 100m away from the junction we were supposed to turn in. Poke her...

What i pity most is our hands. They get dirty at first, then sticky, then oily. Nevertheless, the result was satisfying so i don't mind. If not, the first one i'm going to kill is Yi Xuan. However, she's been real busy entertaining us ( especially Jennifer ) in the same time, doing most of the work. Thanks Yi Xuan!

I really need to thank Xin Wei's dad for sending me home. He's kind. Xin Wei, will you thank him for me again?

Back to the topic. I went home and my family had already tasted the tarts and they say... NICE!!!

Now its the sorry time. I'm really sorry for not playing basketball with you people but i really don't feel like sweating so when i go up to Xin Wei's dad's car i won't be stinky with sweat smell. Its embarassing actually. Sorry. I really do hope i can play with you people.

Chasing the flies...


Just now.. after my japanese class, my parents brought me to Swensen for ice-cream..

It was 'cool' with the long wait and the air-conditional blowing straight to me... Well, life's like that. By the way, guess who i saw there. Its Wei Kein! But he was so cold to me, i mean he never smile at me. =.= Maybe that's him during work..

I was still waiting then i saw Tian Xiong walking past me with his parents and brother. Cool eh? I see two people in that shop. HAHAHA...

Finally the ice-cream was here. It was so cool until i forgotten to take pictures of the Giant Earthquake ( that's what they call ). By the way, it melts moment after it arrived, about five minutes i think? It was nice especially the thin mint because i've never eaten that for so many years.

So, that's all for this post. Oh ya, i want to wish Jun Xing happy birhtday.

Bye bye.

This post is mainly for a person...

This post is requested by someone you may know and you may not... Her name is FOO FONG JIUAN... Actually, she is quite a thick-faced person. " You blogged about your sister and didn't blog about me???" That was the first thing she asked me when she saw me ( we went to Pizza Hut for dinner )

So i'm here on a mission - BLOGGING ABOUT MS. FOO
I've got lots of things to say about her...

One main thing about her - darn afraid of ghosts
She is afraid of ghosts. In fact she will even cover her ears when you are telling her ghosts stories. That's normal though.. You know sometimes there are ghosts advertisements on tv right? She will cover her eyes with pillow and her ears also... Then she will start asking you have that advertisement over? We like to make fun of her of course so we said yea, over... Sometimes she gets tricked which is funny but sometimes when we are telling her the truth, she don't believe us after getting tricked for so many times...
Something annoying about her..
When we go for a trip together, she likes to squeeze in between my sister and i during bedtime. That makes us so frustrated. But we like it because we get to tickle her till she gets tired and 'angry'. So we thought of hugging each other tightly so she couldn't squeeze through but we never thought of her squeezing from our legs!! She's good in all these nonsense. I SURRENDER!!!
How i know her...
I still remember it was an afternoon when my mum brought me to her house. I was so bored then she brought me her collection of polly pocket to play. Although her mum asked her to study, she manage to sneak out from her room and play with me. It was so fun then my mum said it was time to go home and she actually gave me all of those polly pockets. I am still keeping them of course and they are in one of my mum's cupboard. Sometimes when i open the cupboard to find things, i will still peek in to the paper bag to look at those cute houses... ^^

Very easily pleased...
She gets excited very easily. When you say something to her, she will laugh and she also has a bursting laughter. She will laugh and laugh then suddenly she will turn to you and say, " Need to be serious..." Then after being serious for a few seconds, she will continue laughing.. A bit sweat sometimes... =.="

So that's her.. MS. FOO!!!

Some Equation...

Here is an equation... hope you like it...>>

no study = fail
study = no fail
no study + study = fail + no fail
study ( no + 1 ) = fail ( no + 1 )
study = fail
So how you like it?
Study = Fail
So don't study!!!
Just joking~~

So close yet so far...

This post is mainly for my beloved sister...

Actually i fought a lot with my sister and sometimes we even cried after the fight which made us look stupid... want to fight yet want to cry... However, it took us a very short time to talk to each other again... (the longest is i think about half a day?) For now, i never fight with her for quite a long time and i am really glad because most of the time i 'lost' to her.. sometimes i actually let her 'win'...

Despite the fact that we are always fighting, we still have times when we are good to each other... Sometimes we are so good that we even play before going to sleep and we make so much noise that my mum from her bed room will come over and see what we are doing... She will be the one disturbing me until i get so tired and sweaty... but i love it because we are getting along so well...

When we are overseas on a tour, we will occupy a room with two beds but both of us will slip into the same bed and sleep next to each other. Its not that we are scared or something, its just that it is warmer to sleep together. Sometimes we even hold hands when we are sleeping. For the last trip i went without her. I felt so lonely sleeping on the bed without her.

Last night i cried again but this time i shed happy tears... It has been a long time since i cried with joy... I don't know why i cried but my sister just kissed me on the forehead and wished me good night and i cried... wierd right? Maybe it was because she never did that to me or maybe seldom... But i cried seriously... I cried till my eye lids are so heavy and till i closed my eyes into my dreamland...

Sounds so emotional right? Anyway, i want to wish my sister all the best in her exam tomorrow... I shall give her my luck for once...

I love you, zhe zhe...

Pavilion>> Doughnuts!!!

Today i went to Pavilion for the first time...OMG!! Its was so posh!!! Everything there was so expensive!! All the branded stuff ... ish... like i have that much money to buy the stuff there..And yea, i found a weakness about that shopping mall : Its so hot over there, almost like sauna..

After walking on my high heals for about two and a half hour, my sister and i went to line up to buy doughnuts. You can't believe it until you see it.. The line was so long and it took us half an hour just to buy 12 doughnuts and my parents and my grandfather were at starbucks enjoying thenselves... =.="

After we bought the doughnuts, we went to starbucks to join them and they were eating muffins and drinking coffee!! Man!! I was starving at that moment!! I just couldn't wait to eat the doughnuts then my mum said, "If you are hungry, you can eat the doughnuts.." I was jumping
with joy!! I grabbed one doughnut and eat it.. It was so delicious that i couldn't care less about my image.. My sister also cannot resist the dougnuts.. Only my dad was like " What's so special about these dougnuts.." After that, we walked for a while then my mum said the fitting room there were very big and nice. We went to one of them and see.. WOW!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! There are sofa's in there too!! Like how many fitting rooms have you seen have sofa's in them?

We went to Star Hill after Pavilion and went straight into Louis Vuiton ( LV ) shop. The bags there were too, so expensive and it is so much more expensive than those in Pavilion. After we walked for a while in Star Hill we went back into Pavilion. '-'

I really need a leg massage now after a long day walk on a high heals... blueks. Shouldn't have wore that.. xD


Yesterday when i was still half awake, my mum came back from hospital with my grandparents and chased me to see snake... then i was like snake? What snake? *bluring* My mum ran out of the house after getting down the car and ask me to wake my brother up to see snake... I was wondering what's so great about snake...

Without knowing there is snake in my neighbourhood, Travis's house ( yea, our taman SEA's Travis) i just follow blindly then when i reach his house, there were quite a number of people there including our neighbourhood guard... I see no snake!!!

Then i heard them saying the snake was hiding in some place then i went to see... its was dark so i only saw part of it's body... then i was like, '' Cheh, what's the big deal?" My mum said it was a python, a baby python... i said nothing so that my mum won't be angry or something...

Then i saw one of the guard came back with a group of 5 fire fighter but they are not here for fire of course... when they came down to catch the snake it was not there... They search and search but nothing they got... then they thought we fooled them... Then suddenly one of them saw the snake... everybody went to see then another one shouted, " It went outside!!!" Everybody ran out like crazy again...

When i got out, i saw the snake was in the drain swimming then one of the fastest fire fighter who got there first caught it with a long stick they use to catch snakes... He pulled out from the drain and put it in a bag... They left after that...


Happy Deepavali...

I want to wish Happy Deepavali to all.. Today i read the newspaper and saw a lot of good phrases and i don't know why but i actually took my precious time to copy all that i can see...

Just hope you will spend time reading because i think they are quite meaningful...
  1. Lighting the way - Star
  2. Let's bask in the light of those who have made it possible for us to progress this far -TMnet
  3. From within them the lamp of wisdom will come alight and dispel darkness from their lives - Petronas
  4. The greatest light of all time is not the light that surrounds us, but its the light within us - UEM
  5. Let the lights of Deepavali bring more into your life. Let it shower you with wealth. Let it bring good health. Let it brighten your lives with joy. Let it fill you and your loved ones with goodness - AmBank Group
  6. The lamps are many, the light is one. As we embrace the joy of Deepavali, we are oncew again reminded that we each carry a spark from the one light that unites us - Astro
  7. Deepavali, the festival of lights, is a triumphant celebration of light over darkness. Lets celebrate this moment of victory with hope and the promise of new beginnings for every Malaysians - Carlsberg
  8. Love is sometimes unspoken. This season of light, let us nourish the special ties we share with family and friends - Nestle
  9. There comes a time when one stops searching for the light, but instead becomes the glow that others follow. Let us remind ourselves that great achievements are possible when the light from within leads the way - Sime Darby
  10. Love always brings you home - Proton
  11. Shine your inner light with empathy and sincerity - Perodua

Palace of the GOLDEN HORSES!!!

That place is pretty cool, like a palace... but imagine a person creating a place like that, how old you think he is? For me, i think he will be an old man like our late Tan Sri Dato' Lim Goh Tong but he is NOT!!! My dad says he is only around his 50's... Well that shocked me...

I thought and thought and finally came out with a conclusion.... as long as you have money, you can make things out in such a young age.... ( that's what i think, correct me if i was wrong ) but this exclude our late Tan Sri Dato' Lim Goh Tong of course...

Talking about late Tan Sri Dato' Lim Goh Tong, sorry to say but his grandsons are real nerds, geeks maybe... They could be rich in their pockets but not their looks... hahaha... sorry but i can't help it...

By the way, back into my topic... I actually went to have a high tea and a buffet dinner in that place... its kind of cool actually, i've got the feeling of eating in a palace!!! Don't you think its great? But its expensive eating there.. you know... Its kind of 'class' though...

Here are some pictures took there..

Look at it... so great... If i were to live here... hehee...The food.... delicious... * slurp *Coffee set...Yummy, looks good, taste good too...Aww~~ sweet..

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