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first of all, sorry for the long hiatus. thanks to my English writing lecturer my writing spree has been severely damaged. the experience was not a pleasant one. i used to cry insanely many times over it, even just thinking about it makes me tear profusely. so many times that my eyes was puffy the entire Saturday. that is what you get when you have a crazy lecturer like mine, always laughing at her own jokes despite them having no humor content at all. weirdest laughter in the universe that makes her sound like she is having the most difficult time catching her breath and breathing. weirdest shit ever.

recently, the fire alarm has been going off very frequently. thanks to irresponsible Adirondack residents. of course people are pissed, including me. because of those people we had to leave our comfortable room, stopped everything we were doing and were left stranded out in the cold, possibly small drizzle as well. the experiences were not fun at all.
first, someone burnt the popcorn in the microwave. i still wonder how much more infinite human stupidity can be. by merely pressing on that "popcorn" button on that darn microwave, you can successfully cook your popcorns without taking the risk of burning the entire building down and possibly kill someone out of it. i still wonder what is so hard about that.
then the next day, it has to be our RD (residence director) to have that same evil intention of burning someone to death. it was so tragic. apparently she was trying to cook something in the beautiful extremely big apartment of hers and the oil had gotten way too hot that it started smoking like crazy. guess what? the entire hallway still stink despite the past of the incident two days ago.
yes, it is that bad. plus, you can imagine how bad the air ventilation is in this building. boo...

this post, obviously is a rant post. besides ranting about the fire alarm going off, of course i would like to add more about my english lecturer but right now i am controlling the flooding of my brain so as not to appear like a total bitch bitching about my lecturer. that will be so low (well i already sorta did at the beginning, oh wells).

pinkie promise the next post will be a happy one (insert smiley as you please)


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