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I Love You This Big - Scotty McCreery

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. - Margaret Fuller

Imparting knowledge is only lighting other men's candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame. - Jane Porter

I like it when there's no electricity. I like the eccentricity of relying only on candle lights, the authenticity of carrying the candle stand everywhere I go.

It is like you're a step closer to the past where electricity has not existed yet, or maybe like the aborigines living in the outskirts, in the jungle, miles away from the hustle bustle of the city.
It is like nothing else when you can just sit down and chill without being in front of your laptop, or the television, but just you and the quiet surroundings. Noticed how the entire place becomes quiet when the electricity just gets cut off? No more sounds coming from the TV, the video playing on the laptop, the songs on the radio. Nothing. Nil.
I like how the shadows of opaque objects are cast on the walls and appear like they are having a festival and partying the night away, dancing along with the flickering of the small fire at the tip of the candle stick.

Nevertheless, when the electricity is cut off, the air cond stops working, the electrical fans stops working, even the ceiling fans seize to work as well! Being in Malaysia, a tropical country, having no electricity is a taboo because without any cooling devices working, we'll probably sweat ourselves to death at the end of the day. It is that bad. Plus, the raging and aggressive mosquitos these days, before you even die of the extremely hot weather, you'll probably get stung to death or itch to death already. Lets just pray hard that those mosquitos that stung you weren't harmful.
Pity those who are rushing assignments or studying for an exam though. Having no electricity is the worst thing that can ever happen to one going through all these things. Can you imagine having all your exam notes all saved in the laptop but your laptop battery is dying yet the electricity is not coming back any time soon? Same thing goes to you rushing your assignments? Can you imagine having to study using only candle lights and you're already so sleepy yet you have to stay awake because you barely read anything and your paper is tomorrow morning? LOL. All I can say is - Good Luck *fingers crossed*

So, there you go! The beauty and ugly of having no electricity. Mehh...

Celebrity fun facts:

I always wanted to get married with just candles! I think candlelight is the most beautiful light there is and there's something very spiritual about it. - Nicole Kidman

You know, maybe I was just born in the wrong time, but I love all things romantic. Puffy understands that. For my last birthday, he covered my hotel room floor with rose petals and had flowers and candles all over the room. - Jennifer Lopez

I'm out for now!

when the alarm goes off.

Hallelujah - Jason Castro

Why the calm song but horrifying title you may ask. Whatever happened the night before was really freaky and I definitely need some religious and peaceful song to calm my frightened soul.
It was three o'clock in the morning when I finally surrendered to the great temptation of the beautiful bed. Fell asleep with much ease from what i could recall.
About two hours later, I was woken up from sleep to this faint sound of alarm which went off (it was supposed to be damn loud but it sounded soft when i was in my half-awake phase). I fell asleep almost immediately after someone disabled the alarm. I bet it was less than a minute later when my parents came into my room to check the outside of the window. Apparently, there were sounds of people running across the roof tiles, very loud too! After a while, there were sounds coming from the roof in the house as well. So freaky I tell you!
In the end, the entire family gathered in the living room upstairs whispering about the incident and deciding what to do. We just stoned there and listened hard for any sign of the slightest movement coming from anywhere at all. It was terrible. Sleep was disturbed, plus, the possibility of having someone breaking into the house. Tragic.
I ended up lying down on the bed in the next room with the door open as guard. Daddy slept on the couch in the living room upstairs as well. I was too vigilant to easily fall asleep. Anyways, dawn breaks and I think everything should be back to normal as more alarm clocks in the neighborhood start going off one by one. I ko-ed eventually.

I was actually expecting one of my friends in the morning as he will drop by to collect something from me. Knowing well that I am not a morning person, I told him to give me a wake up call plus a heads up before he reaches. However, I didn't get any of those (my phone was tragically low in battery and my sim card seems to have problems that morning) and that led to me literally jumping off the bed the moment I heard the doorbell!! I quickly slip out of my pyjamas and into my home clothes and scurried down stairs with my eyes still squinting. It was so embarrassing as Mitchell scoffed at me and was surprised that I was still sleeping when it was already 11 o'clock. But well, at least, it was a good hair day for me and my hair looked perfectly in place when I met him at the doorsteps :)

Anyhow, stupid whatever which disturbed my sleep... *mutters bad words* !@#$%^&

Till the next post then.
Love, EvelynLee *:)

MTV World Stage 2011 cum Snowalk i-City

Don't Cry - Park Bom

bouncing on my chair along with the catchy beat of this song :)

I went shopping with the family on Friday night at The Gardens and mummy bought some stuff. Credits to MasterCard who gave away tickets to Snowalk i-City as well as to the MTV World Stage 2011. I was astonished when mummy passed the tickets to me. Never once I thought I would get the tickets to such a thing.
I personally was not really into things like this but since I have free tickets and manage to convince this great company to come with me, plus, out of curiosity, off i went!
i-City is rather easy to get to actually, with the help of the map at the back of the tickets. Went there using the Federal Highway and manage to get there with much ease. The big billboards they set up to lead to the parking spots were rather confusing though. Fortunately, there were 3 parking lots to choose from and we missed the first two that passed us :D so silly.
Reached there about 4 ish and the crowd was already building up despite the raging heat in the afternoon. Looking at those excited faces of the youngsters there, contrarily, my excitement was slowly dampened. Clearly, I am not such a big fan of crazy crowds.

The entire place was an utter turn off. With people pushing around trying to get closer to the stage and have a better look at the artists, with people puffing on cigarettes, which was obviously prohibited. What was worse was due to my height, all I breathe in was air exhaled by tall people, fanning myself only led to fanning hot and stale air to myself. It made me rather pissy and annoyed. It made me a bitch. So, I dragged my partners from the crowd close to the screen and the stage, back to where the air was more flowing and less crowd after the first band performed by Pop Shuvit, a local band. I would rather see everything from a screen, hear it live from afar, than seeing it in close distance, hear the echo of the beats pump in my heart and vibrate my shorts while suffocating myself to death.
Outside food and drinks were not allowed in the concert area. They just had to snatch everything away from me including the soya milk included in the gift bag from MasterCard. I felt like biting that Tomboy's head off lor seriously!! And the food and beverage prices sold in there are seriously sky high. Its called day-light robbery, or approved robbery in public! Ish so angry >:(
Plus, they sold the MTV shirts as well for RM49 per piece. While the booth beside it was selling the so called official merchandise of 30 Seconds to Mars; CD(RM40), t-shirts and tank tops (RM90/piece). The price was such a turn off, some more the person in charge was complaining about how they won't want to employ female salesgirl because they not aggressive enough. So sexist! *bitch slaps*

Anyways, Pop Shuvit really stood out and got the crowd working and jumping. A great start to the event. Even though the sun was still up and heating up the ground, they managed to heat up the crowd as well! Great work. And the Project EAR was awesome as well. They managed to hit way beyond my expectations of a local band and I was rather proud of their performance of that night.
Beast/B2st was rather okay. Since I wasn't a fan of 'em, I didn't really notice them but I guess they were okay. The dances was kinda quirky and awkward in a way. Not BAM enough to impress. But still, they managed to flatter all their hardcore fans. Not judging 'em.
Neon Trees was the third band to perform. Well, I can confidently tell you, drummers are those whom I find most attractive in a band. And Neon Trees caught me off guard with a female drummer! Wow. She totally rocked that drum set in such a controlled manner despite the crazy crowd out there and her crazy band mates while having fun in her bright red outfit! Sizzling fo' shiz. Plus, the lead singer I have no idea what his name was did a great job introducing each song he and the band was going to perform. Nice job. Overall, though I have no idea what the 4 out of 5 songs they performed, they were good. Almost like what you can hear in studio records. Animals, the only song I know, was performed well too! I like :)
30 Seconds to Mars was actually the highlight of this event, at least, to me. Yet, I was too tired of the thing going on plus, to avoid the crazy traffic after the concert ends, my partner and I decided to leave after Neon Trees

We checked out Snowalk using the tickets I got free as well. I checked online and found out its -5 degrees Celsius indoor. Yet, probably it was because I came from a very stuffy outdoor so putting on the winter jacket loaned from the place was more than sufficient. In fact, I can feel my body heat radiating from the inside of the jacket. Did not button up or zip my jacket for fear that i might die of heat. My nose mouth area was pretty numb though, not to mention my fingers too! :)
Played the two slide like games, one of which was on the snow and the other was on ice. Wasn't quite fun. The snow one was pretty giddy and the ice one was really causing pain in the ass :D
As expected, there were nothing in Snowalk but just a huge ass freezer with some ice carving and we were in it. Meh...


I-City is ridiculous actually. So lame with all the fake maple trees decorated with lights. They should make use of the space for better stuff like to build houses or whatever crap but this!! Hmm... Still, its a pretty good place for concerts lah, and to take pictures wtf. I do wonder who will go to this place in purpose for a day trip or anything. I wouldn't go back there I swear. Unless something comes up and the venue is there -.-

not focused :x

See CK stoning in the background. He damn stone the whole time. So funny lah :D

That's all for now. But before that, check out my polaroid photo captured by MasterCard :)
Could've gotten two shots but didn't know once I get in the concert area cannot go out :'(
And i was thinking of taking another one with my partner or just let him be in the spotlight :)

Oh well, the mango joke :P

Love, peining *:)

body language.

Between The Lines - Sara Bereilles

Today was the MTV World Stage 2011 at i-city, Shah Alam. Woke up at 10am then headed out to the nearest Kayu Nasi Kandar for roti canai! Have to hard core right now since I'll be leaving the country so soon and no more roti canai for me for at least two years. Skipped lunch and dinner. Yao Zhar Guai for supper. I am superb.
Oh well, there were limited food choices at the concert area and they just had to snatch away the soya bean drink that comes along with the goodie bags by Mastercard. How evil!! Anyways, this is just a short preview before I actually post more about that event. It is kind of boring though as the performance line up was pretty sucky. Plus, i-city is bullshit. That creator of this damned place should probably sell umbrellas beside a street for the rest of his life.
I am tired though. So shall sleep after this. Overall, great night, great company, great experience (in a way), met some interesting people, great time spent. Am satisfied and happy.

a well-spent day shall lead to good dreams at night

Till the next post comes,
love, leepeining

to the east ii *:)

Hey Juliet - LMNT

Trip up to the foot of Mount Kinabalu was torturing. Same goes to the trip back down. Thanks to my over-exaggerating motion sickness. It is terrible. Totally spoiled my appetite.
I've made a list of what is puke-inducing:
- curvy and bumpy roads
- smell of car
- getting up and down of the car
- eating something before, after or during the curvy road trip
- stuffy and hot environment during curvy road trip

Anyways, check out one of the points in Mt. Kinabalu. I see my name in there XD


Went to two of the beautiful much resorts on the last day in Sabah; Sutera Harbour and Tanjung Aru Shangri-la Hotel.

Sutera Harbour.


Lying down on the rattan bench under the shady tree in the afternoon, feeling the constant sea breeze accompanied by the occasional exposure of sunlight through the small gaps of the thick green leaves that shines gently at my eye. Such bliss, island getaway. The mesmerizing sea view with the beautiful solitary islands from afar, some little sail boats and small cruise floating on the clear water. The sound of the waves, splattering against the sandy beaches was incredibly hypnotizing as they collapse and retreat from the shore. Oh how the leaves of the coconut tree tango with the rhythm of the wind. No worries, no stress, just bliss and haven of relaxation. This is heaven, the perfect retreat from all the complicated daily emotions. This is my definition of heaven.


 Also, I brought my favorite stuffed toy along. The name's HaiBoBo. Weird name but according to my parents, it was on the box that came with it and they assume it is the name of the toy. Hmm... It may look all weird, old and almost torn, but hey! What you expect out of a 90s stuffed toy? Plus, I hug it to sleep almost every night for the past 18 years and this is only the first time I have brought it outstation. Never once I did even going back to my grandparents' hometown. I just did this time out of pure boredom and because my bag was rather empty and I wasn't too comfortable with that idea so I had to find something to make it more packed :P

That's all for Sabah :)
Hope to go back the next time and hopefully, I'll climb the Mt. Kinabalu! Will definitely train hard and make that another dream come true *:)

Love, eve

to the east :)

Together - Ruben Studdard

It has been ages since I first and last went to Sabah. Counting back the years, it was in 2004 when I was in Standard Six. Still a very young girl indeed. Yet, the memories remained vivid in my mind. Those, so good that I miss that place too much and yearn to return to that place one day. Dream came true, am satisfied :)

Though it wasn't as lavish as it used to be, president suite and sumptuous buffet breakfast, some sweet things remained and time spent with some lovely company made the journey all nostalgic and memorable. Credits to Promenade Hotel and my dad's boss, we got to stay at Marina Court Resort Condominium and dine in at the Promenade Club Floor lounge on the 11th floor. Although the breakfast there do not have as much variety as the buffet breakfast in the lobby, the sunset cocktail is definitely something to savor. Munching on some sweet tooth lover's favorite cakes and cookies while watching the captivating sunset is definitely the apex of bliss and gratification. Did I mention how sunset is always different in Sabah and the view from the balcony at the 11th floor is just perfect without any skyscrapers blocking the entire view including the beautiful reflection of the sunset from the surface of the sea? The colors formed in the sky on the cotton-like clouds are simply perplexingly amusing, just like cotton candies hanging as display in the sky, waiting to be taken down and eaten :)

Another thing I love so much about Sabah is the beautiful beaches. The fine sand that I can never get enough of. I simply indulge myself in the walk on the beach while sea breeze sweeps my hair back and forth gently, feeling my feet sink into the sand where it quickly fill in and over my feet to cover my toes every step i take. How much i sadistically love to cover the holes back home dug by little crabs too! I love the beach and i think i truly belong there :) not to mention how tan I became after just a few hours walking on the beach under the hot sun in the middle of the day :P

Spot the dirt spots on the pictures! Forgotten to clean the lens before taking pictures! What a joke :D

See how beautiful the silhouette was. Original photo taken using my phone without any photoshop :)

Hung around the beach at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai till about 4pm before leaving the place back to the hotel to catch the sunset cocktail. Life's been pretty much carefree in Sabah :)

Something that no one can miss on a trip to Sabah - seafood. They are fresh! Duh...
Plus, on this trip, I discovered one new seafood dish - dong fung lo. Some clam species. It was so delicious :)
Not much comment on the seafood though since not an expert. But all i can say is that seafood is a must when going to Sabah.

To be continued...

Goodnight for now! Its late.

Love, eve

inspiration *:)

Cinta - Misha Omar & Jacklyn Victor

Today, I decided to be a good girl. I cleaned the shelf, i did some house chores, i practiced the piano and i did some calligraphy :)
I admit that I am not the best when it comes to calligraphy, not even close to good, but hey, I think I'm better than quite some number of people eh? At least, when i was back in primary and high school altogether. I remember during a Chinese paper back in Form One, one dude actually called me and asked if i came from China or something because my calligraphy, he claimed, is so nice. I scoffed at that idea, thinking how absurd he is to have thought of such a thing. Mainly because my calligraphy ain't exactly that nice and i don't look like i'm part of PRC.
Anyways, here's some of the outcomes out of today's practice, just thought I would post up some so that I can look back in the future and laugh about how ugly my calligraphy writing and how unskilful i am now :) (i am dead serious about how i'm not talented at calligraphy yet people thinks i'm so good. i've seen better, not being humble)
Could've been better for some, but some are because I'm running out of ink and i didn't want to add so just wrote with a dried up brush. And some because i am just too tired and couldn't be bothered. Anyways, I haven't picked up a brush since Form Five when I went for the state competition at Sunway University College. Words are not in order though, if you understand those words, you'll figure out exactly what i am trying to write :)

For those who went to the same Chinese class as I did, hope my writing hasn't gone bad or something.
Cheers!! *:)



At The Cross - Hillsongs

Sometimes, somethings, even though it is against the norm of a society, it is not necessarily wrong. For instance, when we talk about crazy people. What makes you describe that certain person who behaves differently crazy? Just because he talks to himself, constantly mumbles, smiles at his own jokes, talks to the wall, talks to non-living objects, that alone makes him crazy? Don't you think it is a little too judgemental and stereotypical? Of course, it is not entirely wrong to describe him as peculiar or odd. But, many chose the word 'crazy'. 'Crazy' is such a strong word. So, do be extra careful when using this word as it can be very hurtful to the other party.
Won't you try to understand why he does that despite knowing what others may think of him?
Won't you try to think from his perspective and try to understand him instead of labeling him under the much undesirable group?
Obviously, we are living in the 21st century already. Everything around us is so fast-paced it is already a trouble keeping up with. So, who will actually take the time out to bother so much about something no one gives a shit about? Truth is, everyone will have their time. It is just a matter of time and situation.
Just imagine, if one day, you have this much of unsolved problems and tangled feelings that you need someone to talk to, even though that someone can't be much of a help. But, there's no one around you who is willing to spend their precious time to listen about your petty problems because they are simply too busy with their own business. What will you do? Just simply keep them all in even though you know you can't contain no more? At this point of time, people will deduce that you are going crazy. Know why? Because you start talking to non-living objects yourself and smile with relief after you have done so. Or you could even cry in the process of ranting to the wall or something. What outsiders may think of you? That's right. They think you have gone crazy. They may even go around spreading the news about how they saw you talking to the wall as if it responses to you and crying in the process and laugh about it as a joke!
Hold on a second. Rewind that tape. Rewind that whole scenario.
Didn't you once do that to another person who did the exact same thing as what you are doing right now? Now, think about it. Are you even right in the first place?
If you are still with me, congratulations. You have realized that you are once a stereotypical hypocrite and i hope that you will change that negative thing about you. At least, try. And, once you realize this, who knows, you might find a new philosophy of life? Or feel like you are a step closer to being a better person?
Life is not only about you. It is also about the people around you, the people you interact with. Being individualistic ain't always a good thing.

Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart. - Phil Jackson

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. - Nelson Mandela

Have a good day ya'll...

whom i loathe.

1. I absolutely loathe people who think they know everything in the universe and obviously do not accept other people's opinion. They act like a boss around you and point you to do stuffs like nobody's business! I am not your dog fyi...

2. I absolutely loathe people who can't take criticisms like a man. Gandhi forbids people like these.

3. I absolutely loathe people who are insecure about themselves, constantly seeking approval and acceptance.

4. I absolutely loathe people who think they suddenly become one of your closest friends when you go elsewhere for vacation and ask for souvenirs.

5. I absolutely loathe thick faced people who ask for birthday presents like a boss. Stupid people like this should rot in hell. Whoever said to buy presents for such A-holes like you? eff off lah. (people like this only make friends with benefits and no things else stay away from bastards like them)

6. I absolutely loathe people who doesn't know how to take care of people's feelings, who doesn't know what they are supposed to and not supposed to say. I understand the importance of speaking out your feelings, but if what you feel may be offending to other people, find a better way to say it or just stfu! Your effort is not appreciated you're supposed to do it on you own USE YOUR PEA-SIZED BRAIN TQVM!

7. I absolutely loathe selfish people who only make decisions to their maximum benefits. It is advisable for people like this to move into a planet and survive on their own.

8. I absolutely loathe two-faced people. Waaa... I really want to bash them up man I tell you. Tak boleh tahan. Menyampah betul.

9. I absolutely loathe people who speaks sarcasm. A moderate amount as a joke is tolerable and may be entertaining at times. But, some people have this narrow and eff-ed up heart they always like to think otherwise about people. So they speak words with much intention to portray their apparent intelligence and to mock others. The eff? Get a life and get a philosophy sensei to open up your eff-ed up and clogged mind or dig an eff-ing grave and eff-ing die in it!

10. I absolutely loathe people who does all the wrong things and still manage to get away with it. Screw praying to God all day and act all religious when you don't even have the right way in life. Why bother putting up the facade when every one else in the world knows what's really on your mind? Pffftttt... eff off seriously!

11. I absolutely loathe people who accuse you of that you are not and of things that you have never done. When you feeling so innocent and helpless, THEY FEELING SO EMPOWERED AND ALMIGHTY ON THE OTHER SIDE! the eff? What happened to justice?

I wouldn't bother putting a disclaimer because if you are one of those, REALIZE it already or you can go stuff your head into the toilet bowl and flush it away. I wouldn't bother saying sorry for all the cuss words because I am not sorry for saying em. Bare with it or eff off my PERSONAL PAGE! It is my right to say whatever I like here.

Rantings over.

lacking the mojo.

The writing mojo isn't hitting me these days. What more my boring little life?
Anyways, I haven't been updating about my Europe trip. I haven't been updating about my life mainly cause its BORING! I need to update about my short trip to Sabah. So many pending posts. I don't feel like blogging any more. Lacking the mojo.
I'm not even listening to songs these days! I'm losing myself. My lively self.
I'm down with a cough, and a bad headache last night. In bad condition since Sabah. The seafood was great though. Oh i'm talking crap. Its late now. Sign out and rest i guess. Goodbye!

scraps for real.

Jay Sean's album shuffling...

You know how much I enjoy just being together with you and not doing anything else?

You are handsome to me.
It is a statement. Not a question.

Girl: Beware. I can be dangerous.
Guy: Oh really? Enlighten me if you care.
Girl: I bite when I am upset. Anything I see, I bite.
Guy: Not a problem. You are never to bite anymore as long as you are with me.

Something about your scent that lingers on my palm, my shirt or even the sofa after snuggling with you for a long time. Nevertheless, a long time seems like it's never long enough for me.

Sometimes when I say 'I'm okay', I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me real tight and say, 'I know you're not'.

I absolutely love it when you said you love my smile, that specific smile that you said I don't really show because I am always giving out the shy smile when I am around you.

I am a weird child with weird beliefs, superstition and fetish. I hope everyone is cool with it because if you are a friend or a follower of my blog, you will slowly unveil the weird me. I hope it is not terrifying.

I had a dream last night that this small village I was living in was soon to be conquered by this evil and devilish devil, or phantom, whichever it is. So I was gathering all my food sources to last me and my family for the whole three months. The whole dream was all just about me gathering my food sources and how I kept on scanning the place for evil vibes. That dream made my heart beat so fast even when I woke up into reality. I sadistically love dreams like this.

Today I had another injection. It is the fourth one in a month already. When the doctor asked if I will cry out loud, then I realized I sadistically love injections till the extent of looking forward to having the doctor poke that needle into my thin layer of skin and inject the content within the syringe. I could be a dangerous sadomasochist.

I had a surge of inspiration. Must be the wisdom tooth's exit - Jo Keat Ng

I am sincerely scared of pulling teeth actually. I used to cry so much the night before, before I leave home to the dentist, before entering the room, I had to stop before the dentist will inject the anesthetic. Till now, it is not as severe, but my heart still beats a thousand times faster than normal before pulling my teeth. I am still scared underneath.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Love a vicious cycle. Yet I willingly allow myself to fall back to square one every time.

I like to cuddle. Your arms around me, our bodies touching, I like the warmth I get from being next to you. The occasional kisses on the forehead. The smiles I get when we look at each other. Hearing your breath when it gets quiet. How I can hear your heartbeat when my head is on your chest. I feel safe, comfortable and I smile like an idiot the whole time.

When I start to wonder why I bother tolerating so much of your shit, then I realize that you probably tolerate a lot of mine too.

I'm sorry. Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it is by insecurities acting up. Because I know that I'm not the prettiest, smartest or most fun and exciting. I'm sorry I'm not sexy or anything. But, I do know that no matter how hard and long you look, you'll never find somebody that loves you and tolerates you like I do.

You're one of those people that I need in my life like oxygen. I can't stand not talking to you, I think about you all the time. I need you.

It is when the rest of the day doesn't matter because your morning started like crap. It is when the rest of the day matter because your morning started with a wish and a kiss.

Today, I drowned myself into insignificance and ignorance. They felt good. Every part of it. And then I realize, that something that meant so much to me didn't matter as much now when I take a step back. It is always good to admire that beautiful scenery from afar than being in it. I hope things stays like that as long as they can.

A nice heart to heart chat with someone whom I never thought I would share thoughts with was better than ever. Knowing the fact that my shit can't do much harm to him as well as his can't do much harm to me. Still did not change what I aim for though. I hope my heart is pointing me the right direction. Or, that I am interpreting what it tells me accurately.

Hope you don't mind the random thoughts. I just need to be heard. That's all. Thank you for reading.


marathon :)

Standing In The Rain - Jamie Scott and The Town

There's something that the more you do it, the more you lose. Its is shopping.
It was like I was back in Europe, the amount of walking was devastating. Any normal people would think my family has some crazy walking disease or probably crazy in the head.
Anyways, as the title suggests, I have been doing some crazy walking in the mall ever since I came back from Europe. We still walk a lot and of course, some splurging here and there heh

Sleeping with the earphones stuck in both ears is sure uncomfortable. But what other choices am I left with in order to fall asleep? Thoughts are scanning pass my head one after another at such fast pace, leaving no breaks in between. Such mental ordeal is beyond bearable. Even so, there was no 'shut down' button to turn them off or 'sleep' button to put them on hold. This is when music comes into play, serving as the perfect distraction. As a song that fits my thoughts perfectly shuffles into the playlist, emotions come streaming in, filling up the hollowness within. When words fail, music comes into place and bring out every possible emotion left unsaid, hidden beneath that despicable facade and feigned smile. No more going through the tough times alone. Thank you for the music, thank you for being there for me, thank you for always hearing me out, thank you for giving me the best advice, thank you for making me feel belonged and thank you for soothing my troubled heart.

When a girl says 'I love you', always tell her 'I love you more'.
That'll do. That will be more than enough.

Signing out,

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