whom i loathe.

1. I absolutely loathe people who think they know everything in the universe and obviously do not accept other people's opinion. They act like a boss around you and point you to do stuffs like nobody's business! I am not your dog fyi...

2. I absolutely loathe people who can't take criticisms like a man. Gandhi forbids people like these.

3. I absolutely loathe people who are insecure about themselves, constantly seeking approval and acceptance.

4. I absolutely loathe people who think they suddenly become one of your closest friends when you go elsewhere for vacation and ask for souvenirs.

5. I absolutely loathe thick faced people who ask for birthday presents like a boss. Stupid people like this should rot in hell. Whoever said to buy presents for such A-holes like you? eff off lah. (people like this only make friends with benefits and no things else stay away from bastards like them)

6. I absolutely loathe people who doesn't know how to take care of people's feelings, who doesn't know what they are supposed to and not supposed to say. I understand the importance of speaking out your feelings, but if what you feel may be offending to other people, find a better way to say it or just stfu! Your effort is not appreciated you're supposed to do it on you own USE YOUR PEA-SIZED BRAIN TQVM!

7. I absolutely loathe selfish people who only make decisions to their maximum benefits. It is advisable for people like this to move into a planet and survive on their own.

8. I absolutely loathe two-faced people. Waaa... I really want to bash them up man I tell you. Tak boleh tahan. Menyampah betul.

9. I absolutely loathe people who speaks sarcasm. A moderate amount as a joke is tolerable and may be entertaining at times. But, some people have this narrow and eff-ed up heart they always like to think otherwise about people. So they speak words with much intention to portray their apparent intelligence and to mock others. The eff? Get a life and get a philosophy sensei to open up your eff-ed up and clogged mind or dig an eff-ing grave and eff-ing die in it!

10. I absolutely loathe people who does all the wrong things and still manage to get away with it. Screw praying to God all day and act all religious when you don't even have the right way in life. Why bother putting up the facade when every one else in the world knows what's really on your mind? Pffftttt... eff off seriously!

11. I absolutely loathe people who accuse you of that you are not and of things that you have never done. When you feeling so innocent and helpless, THEY FEELING SO EMPOWERED AND ALMIGHTY ON THE OTHER SIDE! the eff? What happened to justice?

I wouldn't bother putting a disclaimer because if you are one of those, REALIZE it already or you can go stuff your head into the toilet bowl and flush it away. I wouldn't bother saying sorry for all the cuss words because I am not sorry for saying em. Bare with it or eff off my PERSONAL PAGE! It is my right to say whatever I like here.

Rantings over.


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