Only One - Yellowcard

It was ultimately perfect, the way my afternoon nap ended. Somehow, with too many movies & storybooks poisoning my mind, this kind of serious consequences will eventually happen. I guess it was very much like 007 movies where actions, beauty, hugs, almost kisses ( darn it stupid alarm! Regretted setting it. :( I loathe you! ) happened in perfect sequence. Inevitably.
You think dreams are really our bad desire and is constructed using our imagination? Cause if it is, I am in grave danger of love deprived deep down. Freaky eh? :/
I especially like that whole escapefromthetrain, walkingintherollingcoldmountains, usclungingtoeachotherforbodyheat & howifellasleepinyourarmsfromexhaustion parts. Again, those dreams were so surreal that everytime after I was awaken by some stupid interruptions, I just could not recall how the face of the guy looked like. I guess I'll just have to hang around for a little while more while I wait for Mr. Right Guy to come around and fill in the face of Mr. Mysterious in my dreams :(


This morning, Ms. Su 'woke' us up with an impromptu individual quiz. I don't really get how she grade us but I got like a 1.5 out of 5. Seriously. And I thought my points were quite good and hitting the main thing I was supposed to talk about. On my paper, I saw her wrote, 'politicians - very good' . Well, my topic was on the general election. As what my brother and sister said, in her class, its cake to pass, but hard to score an A. I just wish that she would be lenient enough to pass us all so that we don't have to waste another 300 bucks & time for another session of Malaysian Studies next semester. :(
My stats really scored full marks. Wee~~ Maybe I should major in Mathematics instead. But yeah. Its really something cause I haven't been scoring full marks since a looong time ago. Since primary I guess??
Yesterday, Dr. Annie bombarded us with a disastrous news, which is the mid-term examination for Psychology will be held on the 9th of March ( Tuesday ). The first quiz had already knocked down our wall of confidence and now, this exam will test us on a total of ten modules and 200+ pages. Enough to kill us already. Seriously. With the English quiz on paraphrasing and summary coming up next week, assignments due date nearing. I really wish to have 48 hours per day to brush up on things. I really have to work with quicker pace. Today during break, I spent time in the library completing my Stats assignment and also reading my Psychology Journal. Guess what?? I spent almost one whole hour staring at the journal and only managed to finish one and almost two pages of the 11 pages journal. Great! -.-
I was paying attention to the songs I was listening to actually. Those were instrumental songs though in my playlist then. :D


I officially opened my ang pows today. Broken the usual routine of waiting till Chinese New Year is officially over. But I couldn't wait no longer anymore! Unusual from previous years, I received quite a few Sing' Dollars ang pow. Which is great! I get double or more money than I can get in Malaysia. Just imagine, $10 is already RM 21.45 already, based on current currency. Cool! :)

Today at school after third period, all the hallways in the school were filled with the awesome bubbles you can catch on your hands. Everyone just ignored them until one kid yells, "GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!" At the same time, every person in the hallway starts catching the bubbles. I was late for class but I feel it was worth it. MLIA.
Love, eve

Oh no. Is that all?

Fireflies - Owl City

Chinese New Year this year has been awesome. Hectic, but with whole loads of fun. Plans and events just kept on showering upon me and crashing at my feet that I don't think my one week break from college is at all enough. Well, I could not contain my excitement any longer! Here goes. :)

Okay. Remember that two open houses I mentioned? Well, the afternoon's at Mr. Ow's home wasn't anything special but what caught my heart was those decorations! Those things he got at home were piling up and almost make walking freely impossible what more skipping around? But those things are really chinesey and that made his house looked very much like a museum. :)







The open house in the evening was the opposite from the afternoon's. It was a blast! With Janice, Julie, Jash and my new found friend, Ian! Wow... We chatted, played Mafia, exchanged songs using bluetooth. Okay. So I was going to say that the house itself was so extravagant with the Balinese architecture and furniture plus the stones and accessories imported from Thailand and of course Bali itself and some even from Cambodia. The open air concept wasn't that good though, turned out to be a little too stuffy and warm inside making the air conditioners as if not functioning at all. The firecracker was epic failure. Not only it has to be lit three times, the end of that also can't be burned. :(


















Sunday was great notwithstanding the house chores I did in the morning with every other family members except for my brother who is currently suffering from the extreme coldness and exam tension. Evening is when the fun began. Dad drove us all down to Kota Kemuning to join Uncle Lizard and his younger brother for dinner and Bai Tian Gong at midnight. Lit up quite a few "rockets" and also two boxes of small fireworks plus one extra big firework. Was magnificent since I am kind of a fireworks fan! But sorry to say, the fireworks were not as good as the ones I saw back in Paloh. Owh. I didn't talk about it yet. Well, it shoots up too high up into the pitch black sky, explodes and spreads out and down way too low, giving me that kind of endoftheworld feeling. But I like those. Can't get enough of them. :)
I have never seen so many firecrackers lit up consecutively. Never. So after those two uncles' ritual ceremony, vegetarian at one side and non-vegetarian on the other ended, four firecrackers were lit and eventually broke the tranquility of the night. From far, fireworks echoes could be heard, making the whole situation really like KL is in the middle of a war zone.
At 1.00am. Things were not quite ended yet. We chatted while waiting for aunty's mum to dissect the grilled pig. After filling our hungry stomachs with those sumptuous and scrumptious pork, we headed for home at 2.00am. Gosh! Just so you know, my class starts at 8.00am in the morning.

Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment.

Love, eve

Today was a Fairytale.

I Dreamed a Dream - Susan Boyle

Hmm... I don't get why Taylor Swift's songs all made it to the Billboard Top 100 even though they are just normal with only simple rhythm.
I personally think her songs are nice. Pleasant. Dreamy. Surreal. Disney.
She is somehow my inspiration. Her songs, although seemed utter impossible and definitely not applicable in real life situations, but the happilyeverafter endings somehow give us a ray of hope in the midst of disillusionment of innocent children. As Adam Sandler said in the movie Bedtime Stories, there are no happy endings in real life. And as I grew up and learnt more things, I was most frequently let down by this place of ultimate reality, cruelty. A world without miracles.
Disney cartoons are false portrayer of life. Enchanted, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.Ohmygosh. :/
But they really do work for young children. They should actually change that U status of these kinda of movies into a newly created K status which is strictly for CHILDREN BELOW 12 ONLY!

Being emotional is not my style. But yeah. I do have feelings too. I am still a human at least. Despite the late night thing going on which makes me half vampire already. All right. A rare fact of me. I actually like the taste of blood. Sometimes when I have wounds in my mouth like ulcer or bleeding gums cause by that stupid wire gauze braces slash retainer of mine, I actually suck blood out of them and taste it. Its so rare and authentic the taste of it. nyomnyomnyom! :)

I actually realised something really childish. You see in MSN, when your status is green instead of the red which means you are busy, you are actually telling your friends that you are AVAILABLE! :D
Don't quite get it? Hmm... which means you are not in any relationship and its okay for people to go for you. :) Ultimate cuteness! *squeals*


Ever since I have gotten back my Psychology quiz marks, I have been contemplating. What has gone wrong? It seems like the answers I was confident of didn't turn out to be right. I got like a miserable 14/40. Oh gosh! I must really think again whether I should study Psychology. Cassandra told me that she saw my Stats marks. Might be full marks. So maybe I should do maths instead. Since its what I like and enjoy doing huh? :P
Chinese New Year is still fresh to me. Its so awesome this year. So indescribable. Saturday is going to be busy. Absolutely. Got two open houses to go to. My dad's colleague's in the afternoon and my dad's ex-classmate's in the evening. I'll definitely bring the camera along. Pictures Pictures! :)


Owh! I didn't tell about my house's plan has changed! Yes and yay! After soo many years. New lights have been added making my living room a total romantic kinda atmosphere. Loving it to the core. Sneek peeks. :D





You will stop living if you stop believing.


The way you walked towards me was as if you were completing my incomplete circle. You led me to the dance floor and did that Argentine dance routine which i fitted in perfectly albeit never attempted. We were so flawless together like Prince Charming and his princess in a fairytale castle of a far far away kingdom. P.S. I love you.

Love, eve


Hey Soul Sister - Train

The Ox year has passed. A break from the usual mundane routine to usher a new year is pertinent. And therefore, I attempted things I don't usually do for Chinese New Year.

Back to Malacca for reunion dinner with my paternal grandmother and stayed till the 2nd day of CNY was what my family and I did for the past years, except for a few exceptional ones. Heading back to Paloh, Johor, mother's hometown was vital too! According to the typical traditional way of celebrating CNY. :D
This year is awesomely different from the other new years. No more the usual lion dance seek around the neighbourhood. No more trying to peep over the tall buildings just to have a glimpse of that stunningly beautiful fireworks. No more staying up late on New Years Eve just to watch that Baba light up that firecracker with much self-indulgence.
For the first time since I was born, I had my reunion dinner with my dad's eldest brother whom I call Ah Pek. He is sort of the MIA person and its almost impossible to meet him even during important festivals like Chinese New Year. He and his family were like strangers to us. We never talked, just some vague, uncertain smiles we exchanged occasionally when eyes met. What's worse was that my grandmother had to make an effort to introduce us to him! Like " Owh, this is whose daughter, this is whose eldest daughter" kind of thing.
Tsk Tsk. Picture That!
I have to tell you Ah Pek, you are such a failure and its like its okay if you don't exist in my life cause it feels like you never. Sorry but its so true. :/

On the first day of CNY, I wore my new Chinese traditional blouse and the skirt Yuka got for me. The outfit I crave for and obviously love it to the core. :)
For the whole day since 9 o'clock in the morning till prolly 9.30 at night, I have been wearing it and loving every moment of it on me. It was just what I like as it is :P
Imagine a girl who doesn't like soft drinks what more alcoholic drinks drink tequila+sprite "POP". That was what I ended up doing on the first night of CNY. It tasted horrible, awful but just for the sake of pleasing those who "forced" me to take it, I did. I got to tell you, I drank two cups of it but those didn't get me all worked up and drunk. I didn't feel dizzy or whatsoever. No feeling. My mum says I got potential. Drinking alcohol. Proven as my sister drank four cups and she was already blushing and her limbs were almost bright red. So I guess I really can take alcohol. :D
Tried red wine too! It tasted awful too. But its okay for me. Didn't take any effect as I had only like a quarter of the glass. The 'lady's red wine' is better tasting for me though and I kinda like it. :)


Second Day... I drove the car under the supervision and instructions of my beloved godfather who was once a car instructor himself. You are the best!
I drove almost 20km down the road to Kluang and practiced some of the basic turning, threepointturn, U-turn kinda thing. Using an Automatic car though. :D
But godfather said I was cool. Was in control of the car albeit a first-timer and its almost unnecessary to hold the steering while I drove. Mum was scowling and being a pessimist of me being soo good as my godfather says I was. Believe it or not, an ex-instructor said I was good! But maybe he was saying cause I am his goddaughter. Hmm...
Owh! An afternoon with Chong Seng, my Paloh friend and his friend was okay... They gamble, I don't. They karaoke Chinese songs, I don't. So I ended up sitting aside listening but I'm cool with that situation. What I love most was still the bike ride. Sitting at the back of the bike and held Chong Seng's shoulder while he rode the bike, feeling the breeze, the awkward vibration of the bike under my ass, the random chats during the ride were plain bliss! It totally brought back the memories where I would sit at the front of the bike when I was young while my elder cousin brother would ride me around and even into the oil palm estate. Thank you loads, Chong Seng. You really are a great dude, cool friend. Can we do it again next time? :P
I mean it though. Miss ya heaps!
An ugly side of CNY. What the heck is wrong with the water supply in Paloh? That's right. There was no water supply to Paloh for like five days and I don't know if there is now since I am back in KL already, the place with plenty of water supply. But yeah! It almost felt like desert back there.
Hot. Waterless.
Cold at night. Still waterless.
Only in the morning ( 1am ) on the 16th February, the water tank came by to distribute water.
Owh... Now I know how painful and inconvenient it was without water supply. I actually bathe only once a day, plus, using the well water of other's house. The well water in my grandfather's house was not that clean. Cool eh?
I guess my skin is not quite used to this kind of well water but suites perfectly for the chlorine treated water I get at home, little tiny pale red dots started to pop out of the surface of my skin. Its okay anyway. They are not even itchy or anything, just a wee bit... ugly. :/


Third Day... I had to head home earlier than scheduled because of the stupid water shortage. I haven't been back to Paloh for almost two years and this time I haven't even had enough of Paloh and because of this dumb situation, I had to go HOME no matter what. Frankly speaking, journey to Paloh wasn't any bit easy at all for people with motion sickness like myself. I couldn't force myself to sleep through the whole curvy journey as I can't miss any of the suddendropofroadsurface which totally make me feel like peeing. HAHA! But those were the things which amuse me since I was a little girl and still do now. :)
You can't feel that on the roller coaster ride. Sorry


So this year, more visiting than ever. Which indirectly means, more ang pows than ever! But that was not the real point of it. CNY is actually a brilliant and ingenious way of bonding relationship between people. Imagine there is no specific day of get together between family and friends. Everybody would be busy with work and studies and when can we actually spend time for each other? Hmm... More thinking to do. It is important for us to appreciate our relationship with family and friends while it last. PeACe OuT!

Its getting late already. Its almost two o'clock in the morning, Thursday. Time to get some sleep before anything. Owh. Chong Seng online now. Haha... I guess I should catch up with him before going to bed. :D Till then. Taa~

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.

Love, eve


Kara DioGuardi & Jason Reeves - Terrified

Last Saturday ( 5th of February ) was supposedly SASA's barbecue night. Arrived before 6.00pm with Ivory. One sight of the condominium, we knew the exact reason why was it called Rivercity. It was right beside the "dirty & polluted" Gombak river. Anyway, that was not my point.

So the sky was all gloomy and dark with occasional lightning and thunder, drizzle which stopped after split moment, strong wind which is able to lift up short skirts. I was doubting we could actually have a barbecue party since the weather forbids. Soon after our arrival, others began to arrive too and we gathered and chatted outside by the pool but moved in under the shades after it began raining cats and dogs. That did not disrupt our conversation either.
The barbecue plot was wet and certainly impossible to barbecue but we helped ourselves with a little of the fried meehun and some sandwiches.

The ice breaking game wasn't that fun at all unless you were luckily chosen and punished. :D Such fortunate person like me obviously could not run away from littlest things like this. So my name was picked along with four other people and the question was, " How many hours of intern do you think SASA-rians should complete? " What the heck? I don't even know or wasn't even sure that we have to do an intern! So I ended up in a very very scandalous punishment which I think most of you will be like, " What the hell? Pei Ning! You actually did that?? " Well it was not as bad as it sounds like but for your information, I actually did my punishment with a guy, a total stranger at that time. I don't even know his name until I checked through Facebook just to find that he is Eugene? I guess its him. But yeah. Pictures will pretty much explain what I have been through. :)

Me + Everybody = SASA-rians 2010!

So yeah. We were stuck playing many lame games which I don't even find them fun or whatever but yeah. Its just another thing to bond and to pass time.
Alright. Back to business. So time management was lousy. Yeah. They should have put the election section right after the dropclothandshoutname game instead of making us play games we don't find amusing at all.
P.S. : Sorry if my piece of mind offended anybody but as I say, its a piece of my mind. TeeHee!

Vice Presidents. Rachel & Naomi.

Anyway, I found out I was really the only person studying ADP in SASA 2010. Seriously. That practically makes me kinda cool. Stands out. :D And also according to a guy whose name is Trixton or something? Yeah. He said I was best known as The ADP Girl in SASA, which I don't find it quite convincing afterall, since asking quite a few which have no idea about this. Perhaps he was stalking me all these while? NAH~ He is in Foundation? But what I am 100% sure is that his class would be at main block while mine is all at Wisma HELP except for Computers tutorial class which is... well... in main block. But that is only like 2 hours the most per week?
Owh! Come on Pei Ning... Stop being paranoid. :)

Yeah so that was it. The SASA barbecue night. It didn't turn out as good as I expected but at least there were a few moments worth laughing out loud. Peace out! :D


So today was the day of my presentation. Seriously. I was so relax and chilled yesterday night that I was watching You Tube all night instead of practising. I was actually so engrossed with Ryan Higa's videos that when my computer shut down by itself for no valid reason, I realised that it was already 1.15am in the morning. So i just gave up on the attempt of wanting to practice and SLEPT! This morning, I knew I couldn't run away from it but to practice once more before giving my shot in front of Mr. Marzuki. Alas, I have forgotten quite a big portion of my presentation but phew... it came back to me just once practicing.

Owh. Just random but its 11.11pm now. Making a wish. :D

Yeah. So Mr. Marzuki said I didn't rush like the others and was in control. I was nervous but surprisingly not feeling cold. :/ But yeah, he said I have to improve on speaking, just like any other times which I don't really get how can I do that and also my eye contact. That's about it but overall, I got a whole 9 over 10 marks. GREAT! *shoots confetti at myself* It is somehow a great motivation yet. Ahh... psychology comes in again.

Owh. Another random. Its 1.11am now. Making the same wish again. :D

Yeah. Its a superstitious thing but yet its amazing how I see 1.11 or 11.11 almost everyday. It sort of became common for me already. Oh well... You might be wondering what took me so long to write this post but frankly speaking, I was busy packing my clothes for Chinese New Year since I am leaving very soon like the others? Yeah I am. Miss me.

I am acting as if there's no lesson in the morning cause I am still awake! I guess I am going to doze off later in Psychology class. *yawn* Yeah. Dr. Annie is kinda boring. Just like how Pn. Ang used to do when she taught me Moral in Form 2. Like singing lullaby when they start speaking in class. :) Oh. I better get ready for bed now.

But before that, take a look at my all time favourite video. You Tube removed all of the related ones so I've got no choice but to set down for this lousy quality video. Its the Argentine tango by Mark and Chelsea ( So You Think You Can Dance contestants ).

That's all for now. See ya after the Chinese New Year! Taa~ :)

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. Be the best version of YOU.

I realised
I beamed at almost every sentence you wrote

Love, eve

After Tomorrow...

Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen

Sometimes, I just can't figure out what's in my mind. Nor what I am doing at this phase of my life.
My friends still gaming, which I think its utter waste of time and that's why I stopped since Form 3. I have been doing God knows what ever since SPM ended and college started. I'm like so screwed up in my life and prolly can't even find time to meet up with friends nor reading the story book Yi Xuan borrowed me early of this year
Hmm. Is all ADP students that busy? Many say they enjoyed ADP and this program ROCKS but to me its like I'm drowning in it. Totally lost in direction. Maybe what I need at the moment is time. Time to adapt. Time to change.
I desperately need a break. Like at least a week break from these chaotic situations or I would just simply die in frustration and fatigues... Fortunately, Chinese New Year came in the right time. I always thought this is bad. Only a few weeks after school started that we have another long week break, then it goes on and on till sem break in April after finals. But suddenly, I felt all things are in the right place, right time. I really got to blend in. Really :/
Presentation's tomorrow. Stats quiz is later in the afternoon. And my first club meeting ( Child Development Psychology Club ) is at noon. Freshman English 1 class has been cancelled. The film is rolling. I have to keep on working till time's out. Fingers crossed.


I don't demand. I prompt. That's what I do. You don't get it, you lose out.

Chris Allen came to Malaysia. Silently and left gracefully. He don't do much of the advertising and promoting his tour here. What makes me curious was that why did he even chose to come to Malaysia? I mean like David Archuletta. Its like of all the country why Malaysia? Not like I am discriminating our country or looking down at Malaysia but it just got me wondering, has he been to many countries already and at last decided to come here to have a look? Or maybe he just wanna visit Malaysia and have his concert at the same time. Hmm... If we get lucky, might meet him in Penang Hawker Center instead. Or maybe at the beach in Pulau Tioman. :D
Argh. I am crapping again. Sorry.

So that's all for now! Taa~

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievements.

Love, eve

Egypt 2009.

Hate That I Love You – Rihanna ft Ne-Yo

The Roman Amphitheatre was definitely one of the greatest destination. It was believed to be one of the places where ancient people used to gather to study like what we modern people called school. There were many big squares which act like classrooms. The structures were so unique and beautiful in a way that I thought it would be great if my classrooms were like that. :D

:Love the curve structure. So mysterious in a way like the dungeons in movies. :D

The papyrus museum was not one of the itinerary but since the time left will be waiting at the train station so might as well do something to make time pass. The person who explained the process of making papyrus paper was not funny but his face has this ability to entertain us. :D

The Tree of Life. Those facing the east ( right ) represents the beginning of life. Anticlockwise, from infant, child, adolescence, adult, old age. The one facing west ( left ) represents the end of life. It has something to do with sunrise and sunset.

The pyramids were visible from the papyrus museum.


One wink from you is enough to keep me thinking about it all day.

Love, eve


Dance With My Father Again - Luther Vandross

In the crowd, my heart was still contained in a chest.
Lonely, alienated.
Need not say when I was alone, even in the comfort sheets,
I would be talking to my own shadow.
Crazy, pathetic, like a psychopath.

I was unwanted in the picture, like the minute dust in the air.
I guess the portrait would be perfect,
And they would be better of and contended,
Without the extra one, the black sheep of the pack.

My heart aches to the extend,
That it felt like it was crushed into millions of pieces,
Each so small that no bacteria would notice it,
So insignificant that it would be just unnecessary
To put them back to one again,
As it would just be frivolous, just like looking for a way out in the desert.

Life worth so much more, than small scars like this.
But when damages are done,
It would not be surprising, when people choose the wrong course of action,
Which turns out to be right for them,
When things are beyond our control,

I realised the word spam cannot afford to lose the letter "A". Otherwise it will bring sorrow and stress to Malaysian students at the thought of it.

Life is such an exhausting process. It is all about making the right decisions and pulling yourself up when you stumble upon uneven path.

I am certainly not a dreamer
But I do love fairy tale endings
Love, eve

Epic Failure.

If You Wanna Be My Lover - Spice Girls

No idea why that "epic failure" stuck in my head for almost the whole night

This post is on Roses are red, Violets are blue...

Credits to my sister and myself.



Roses are red
Violets are blue
Beauty fades
But I'll always love you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
But not as sweet as you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Everything else are dead
Except for the love I have for you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lying on the bed
Thinking of you


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love eating bread
But there's only two

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You lost your head
After the flu

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I was home late
Cause I was stuck in the zoo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want your bed
But I don't want you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
How are you mate?
You look so blue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jump over the gate
And land on dog's poo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You knocked your head
And went cuckoo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Scold the maid
"You stupid fool!"

What makes you think I'm shallow? I am just confused and undecided.

Love, eve

Owh. See ya!

If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys

Today, turned out no one did their presentation. Reason was that Mr. Marzuki changed his mind by switching many other's topics except for a few of us ( fortunately ) like myself, Hiran, Imani,Loh and Derick?? I've got more to worry about now especially for my Quizzes coming up next week. :(
Owh, I think I am so bossy. Mumbling about my quizzes all the time! Bear with me
Afternoon, I was at KPD Block E level 3 waiting for Mr. Marzuki when I looked to the dimly lit stairway and saw Andrew. Didn't expect to see him there but I still waved and went to talk to him. The awkward thing was that he opened his arms wide waiting for me to fall in between.Weird. But that was not the worst thing. My Malaysian Studies lecturer, Ms. Su was watching. Gosh! She must be thinking something... :(
I've never hugged a guy in my life except for my brother and my dad. Disorientated.


After reading Daniel's blog, I realised I didn't update you guys about my piano! Geez! How can I forget such important thing? * bangs head *
But yeah, if you don't know about this already, my parents bought me a new Yamaha exam grade piano last year before my trials. We aimed for the Grand initially cause the price then in the piano fair was quite reasonable. Unfortunately, my home didn't have a place for it to sit. Well, I will in years to come, after I get my own house. YAY!
Yeah, and my old Challen piano was sold, to a family. That piano was actually more than 10
years old but still in great condition. Even the buyer were incredibly satisfied with the current condition of the piano and said it was really very well kept.
It really got a whole loads of sweet & bitter memories as it accompanied me till my diploma, as well as my sister's and till my brother's Grade 8. But due to our higher piano education level, that piano was definitely not suitable for us anymore. In fact, it never was since I was doing my Grade 5 at year 2003. I don't, however think I will be missing the piano based on the feel of playing it. You know, its just too hard for me to control the expression using that as it really felt like I was playing a keyboard instead. Light keys and stuff...
Tough :/
Yeah, so I am being a little nostalgic yet contradicting now...

Just a small thing. Well its actually quite an amazing thing - This February actually have 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays.
This extraordinary phenomenon only happens once in every 11 years.
Embrace it yo!

Can I stop and stare? Because the scenery is breath-taking here.

I had the sweetest dream
And the best thing was that you were in it

Love, eve


Life After You - Christ Daughtry

I got over it! :)
Not for the fear of doing public speaking but for other more worthy things.
CNY is really drawing close. Not that I don't look forward to it any bit at all ( HEY! CNY rocks to the MAX! ), but there's more things to worry about. Quizzes, PRESENTATION! Oh gawsh. I am
dying slowly underneath the piles. Someone pull me out.
Owh! I can get Daniel to do that! He's a real pro at cheering me out with his nonsense. :D

Tuesday is a kinda hectic day for me. Back-to-back classes but the lecturers are always being good people by letting us out the minute they finish their lecture. Sooo good. Owh, especially my tutor, Kevin. He's really really young okay? And cool at the same time. The first time he stepped into the classroom, he introduced himself.
" Hi, is this the PY101 class?? My name is Kevin..."
Everybody literally paused and the noisy class was soon in pin drop silence. We were interested with who this guy is and what is his motif in our class. Could he possibly be one of the students? Why is he introducing himself?
Questions bombarded our minds and soon, the questions were answered. He is our Psychology Tutor. :/
Anyway, my main point wasn't that. He came in today and saw that many still didn't turn up, then he told us to continue talking while waiting for others and he's gonna be outside for a brief drink in his office. As usual, we stoned and looked at him blankly. So he coached us by doing the hand gestures and " GO ON! " then of he went.
Well, he never failed to make us wonder his real age as he still, acts like a teenager himself.


SASA 2010 is really an active badge. They have this Chinese New Year Celebration on the 4th of February and is seeking help from 30 SASA members. I would love to help out but unfortunately, my current situation forbids. I would definitely turn up for the barbecue party on Saturday though. So be prepared for ME! Although I doubt I would be at all outstanding in SASA like how May does. :)
Some just have the nature of standing out in no matter what they attempts. Don't they?

I may not be the best in what I do, but I may be one of the unsung heroes.
Owh, and congratulations to Beyonce and Taylor Swift for the winnings in the Grammy's. Two thumbs up! * shoots confetti * Taa~

Love, eve

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