Only One - Yellowcard

It was ultimately perfect, the way my afternoon nap ended. Somehow, with too many movies & storybooks poisoning my mind, this kind of serious consequences will eventually happen. I guess it was very much like 007 movies where actions, beauty, hugs, almost kisses ( darn it stupid alarm! Regretted setting it. :( I loathe you! ) happened in perfect sequence. Inevitably.
You think dreams are really our bad desire and is constructed using our imagination? Cause if it is, I am in grave danger of love deprived deep down. Freaky eh? :/
I especially like that whole escapefromthetrain, walkingintherollingcoldmountains, usclungingtoeachotherforbodyheat & howifellasleepinyourarmsfromexhaustion parts. Again, those dreams were so surreal that everytime after I was awaken by some stupid interruptions, I just could not recall how the face of the guy looked like. I guess I'll just have to hang around for a little while more while I wait for Mr. Right Guy to come around and fill in the face of Mr. Mysterious in my dreams :(


This morning, Ms. Su 'woke' us up with an impromptu individual quiz. I don't really get how she grade us but I got like a 1.5 out of 5. Seriously. And I thought my points were quite good and hitting the main thing I was supposed to talk about. On my paper, I saw her wrote, 'politicians - very good' . Well, my topic was on the general election. As what my brother and sister said, in her class, its cake to pass, but hard to score an A. I just wish that she would be lenient enough to pass us all so that we don't have to waste another 300 bucks & time for another session of Malaysian Studies next semester. :(
My stats really scored full marks. Wee~~ Maybe I should major in Mathematics instead. But yeah. Its really something cause I haven't been scoring full marks since a looong time ago. Since primary I guess??
Yesterday, Dr. Annie bombarded us with a disastrous news, which is the mid-term examination for Psychology will be held on the 9th of March ( Tuesday ). The first quiz had already knocked down our wall of confidence and now, this exam will test us on a total of ten modules and 200+ pages. Enough to kill us already. Seriously. With the English quiz on paraphrasing and summary coming up next week, assignments due date nearing. I really wish to have 48 hours per day to brush up on things. I really have to work with quicker pace. Today during break, I spent time in the library completing my Stats assignment and also reading my Psychology Journal. Guess what?? I spent almost one whole hour staring at the journal and only managed to finish one and almost two pages of the 11 pages journal. Great! -.-
I was paying attention to the songs I was listening to actually. Those were instrumental songs though in my playlist then. :D


I officially opened my ang pows today. Broken the usual routine of waiting till Chinese New Year is officially over. But I couldn't wait no longer anymore! Unusual from previous years, I received quite a few Sing' Dollars ang pow. Which is great! I get double or more money than I can get in Malaysia. Just imagine, $10 is already RM 21.45 already, based on current currency. Cool! :)

Today at school after third period, all the hallways in the school were filled with the awesome bubbles you can catch on your hands. Everyone just ignored them until one kid yells, "GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!" At the same time, every person in the hallway starts catching the bubbles. I was late for class but I feel it was worth it. MLIA.
Love, eve


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