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Last Saturday ( 5th of February ) was supposedly SASA's barbecue night. Arrived before 6.00pm with Ivory. One sight of the condominium, we knew the exact reason why was it called Rivercity. It was right beside the "dirty & polluted" Gombak river. Anyway, that was not my point.

So the sky was all gloomy and dark with occasional lightning and thunder, drizzle which stopped after split moment, strong wind which is able to lift up short skirts. I was doubting we could actually have a barbecue party since the weather forbids. Soon after our arrival, others began to arrive too and we gathered and chatted outside by the pool but moved in under the shades after it began raining cats and dogs. That did not disrupt our conversation either.
The barbecue plot was wet and certainly impossible to barbecue but we helped ourselves with a little of the fried meehun and some sandwiches.

The ice breaking game wasn't that fun at all unless you were luckily chosen and punished. :D Such fortunate person like me obviously could not run away from littlest things like this. So my name was picked along with four other people and the question was, " How many hours of intern do you think SASA-rians should complete? " What the heck? I don't even know or wasn't even sure that we have to do an intern! So I ended up in a very very scandalous punishment which I think most of you will be like, " What the hell? Pei Ning! You actually did that?? " Well it was not as bad as it sounds like but for your information, I actually did my punishment with a guy, a total stranger at that time. I don't even know his name until I checked through Facebook just to find that he is Eugene? I guess its him. But yeah. Pictures will pretty much explain what I have been through. :)

Me + Everybody = SASA-rians 2010!

So yeah. We were stuck playing many lame games which I don't even find them fun or whatever but yeah. Its just another thing to bond and to pass time.
Alright. Back to business. So time management was lousy. Yeah. They should have put the election section right after the dropclothandshoutname game instead of making us play games we don't find amusing at all.
P.S. : Sorry if my piece of mind offended anybody but as I say, its a piece of my mind. TeeHee!

Vice Presidents. Rachel & Naomi.

Anyway, I found out I was really the only person studying ADP in SASA 2010. Seriously. That practically makes me kinda cool. Stands out. :D And also according to a guy whose name is Trixton or something? Yeah. He said I was best known as The ADP Girl in SASA, which I don't find it quite convincing afterall, since asking quite a few which have no idea about this. Perhaps he was stalking me all these while? NAH~ He is in Foundation? But what I am 100% sure is that his class would be at main block while mine is all at Wisma HELP except for Computers tutorial class which is... well... in main block. But that is only like 2 hours the most per week?
Owh! Come on Pei Ning... Stop being paranoid. :)

Yeah so that was it. The SASA barbecue night. It didn't turn out as good as I expected but at least there were a few moments worth laughing out loud. Peace out! :D


So today was the day of my presentation. Seriously. I was so relax and chilled yesterday night that I was watching You Tube all night instead of practising. I was actually so engrossed with Ryan Higa's videos that when my computer shut down by itself for no valid reason, I realised that it was already 1.15am in the morning. So i just gave up on the attempt of wanting to practice and SLEPT! This morning, I knew I couldn't run away from it but to practice once more before giving my shot in front of Mr. Marzuki. Alas, I have forgotten quite a big portion of my presentation but phew... it came back to me just once practicing.

Owh. Just random but its 11.11pm now. Making a wish. :D

Yeah. So Mr. Marzuki said I didn't rush like the others and was in control. I was nervous but surprisingly not feeling cold. :/ But yeah, he said I have to improve on speaking, just like any other times which I don't really get how can I do that and also my eye contact. That's about it but overall, I got a whole 9 over 10 marks. GREAT! *shoots confetti at myself* It is somehow a great motivation yet. Ahh... psychology comes in again.

Owh. Another random. Its 1.11am now. Making the same wish again. :D

Yeah. Its a superstitious thing but yet its amazing how I see 1.11 or 11.11 almost everyday. It sort of became common for me already. Oh well... You might be wondering what took me so long to write this post but frankly speaking, I was busy packing my clothes for Chinese New Year since I am leaving very soon like the others? Yeah I am. Miss me.

I am acting as if there's no lesson in the morning cause I am still awake! I guess I am going to doze off later in Psychology class. *yawn* Yeah. Dr. Annie is kinda boring. Just like how Pn. Ang used to do when she taught me Moral in Form 2. Like singing lullaby when they start speaking in class. :) Oh. I better get ready for bed now.

But before that, take a look at my all time favourite video. You Tube removed all of the related ones so I've got no choice but to set down for this lousy quality video. Its the Argentine tango by Mark and Chelsea ( So You Think You Can Dance contestants ).

That's all for now. See ya after the Chinese New Year! Taa~ :)

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. Be the best version of YOU.

I realised
I beamed at almost every sentence you wrote

Love, eve


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