Celebrating the 100th!!

This is my 100th post since November 2006. It is one of my greatest achievement since my blog has been dead for many many times and check out the archieves... there are missing months because it was dead for a few months with no posts updated...

So this is it!!

Another good news is that i have taken off my braces after 1 year and 2 months!! Whoohoo~~


Its weekend again!! Going to enjoy while i can before the examination comes...

Going to Secret Recipe now!!

Bye Bye!!


School starts tomorrow.. All the stress coming back once more..

What to do??

Formula 1 !!

F1 new season has begun!! The first race will be held in Melbourne, Australia. I am a big fan of Ferrari and also a big fan of ' anti Alonso ' club... I am just hoping he lose this season badly and Ferrari win big... *evil laughter*



I was at my home sweet home sitting down comfortably on my favourite sofa listening to my MP3. It was 12.00 noon when i was listening to The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls. Just then, i heard a van stopped in front of my house gate. I thought i was imagining it then curiosity encouraged me to look. I peeped out from my house window and saw two grown men stepping out of the van. I thought they were looking for my neighbour then i remembered they had moved away last two months!!

They walked towards my house gate and rang the door bell and it was the moment i fear most. They called and rang the bell again. I recalled my mum once told me about a home alone girl's experience and what she did. I calmed myself and ran upstairs and reached for the phone. I called my mum and while it was dialing, i was praying hard and hope she pick up the phone. Alas, she refuse to answer the phone where I found out why later ( she was at the bank when i called her ). I panicked. Fear was creeping down my spine and i without me realising it, it took over my helpless soul.

Suddenly, something striked me and i reached out for the phone receiver without further thinking. Before i manage to pick the receiver up, the phone rang. I was shocked. I ran towards the window and peeped out. I saw one of them was holding his handphone pressing it towards his ear. I bet it was him calling. I waited anxiously before the phone stops ringing then i dialed my dad's handphone number.

Finally, somebody is talking to me. It felt like a hundred year since a person i know last talked to me. He calmed me down and asked me whether do i have some aunties' phone number since they stay quite near to our house. Then i realised i do have them but they are all in my mum's phone book and it will take a long time for me to look up. Once again, i was disappointed. My tears wet my cheeks as i speak to my dad through the phone. He promised me to call my mum.
I just nod and said a silent prayer.

Right after i put down the receiver, the phone rang and scared the hell out of me. I ran down the flight of stairs to look at the caller tracker and saw that it was my mum. Through the phone she just said, " It's the delivery man... Open the door! quick! " So potong man... the guys were delivery men...

I wiped my damped cheek and rushed out to get the small, little and light package. Not long after the men left, my mum came back. She says she was at the bank and couldn't pick up the phone. She opened the package and took out a small envelope stating " JUSCO VOUCHER ". OMFG!!!! I worried for nothing!! Maybe something ( for a tiny little jusco voucher ).

So that was it... It happened this morning... I hate delivery man now... Still like to be alone at home though...

Curently listening to Second Chance by Faber Drive..

Henry Chow...

Funny video...

Must watch!!

A move to Change!!

Just now, when i was eating supper with my family in SS2, we heard that there's a talk at the medan selera SS2 so we went there to listen.It was by DAP!! Oh yea!!

The talk was so inspiring and the people there all so semangat, so aggressive, but not in a violent way of course!! The talk was definately lively! The candidates were all very good and they are able to make the whole crowd listen to them and cheer when it is time! I really envy them. Surprisingly, i cheer along! HA! I am to the opposition side this time. Sorry BN!

There is one funny quote during the speech:

When BN ask MCA to JUMP!!
MCA will ask : " HOW HIGH?? "

And a sentence from a funny mail:

BN stands for BN - Barang Naik

So i hope DAP win big this time...


A new Zodiac sign!?

Guess what?? I found out a brand new thing from the latest copy of Reader's Digest ( English )today!!

There's this article about the zodiac sign thing saying that we have been living in the wrong sign for years. They found out that the new sign for people who was born between the 29th of November and 17th of December are actually having the sign called " Ophiuchus ".

So there you go... The newly discovered zodiac sign!!

She will remain in us forever..

She was one of a kind
Like a rare flower
Which blooms in the middle of rankly growing plants
Which are pale like the dead

She was one in a million
Who was able to make one aware
And wake up from their fantasies
To come back to the reality
Back to the correct pathway

She was the one
Who was different from others
She was the one
Who shared her experiences in life with generosity
She was the one
Who treats every students like hers
And loves them with affection

She was like a mother of the whole world
She was not only a great mother to her daughter
But also a mother of all students
A mother of nature
A mother of every single thing
Every single thing you can find in this mighty world

She brought me to the world
To a whole new world of knowledge
And i want to thank her for that
And let her know
How lonely i felt without her guidance

I hope she will be able to hear me
I will precious every moment we spent together
Thank you Teacher Helene

Rest in Peace
Teacher Helene

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