She will remain in us forever..

She was one of a kind
Like a rare flower
Which blooms in the middle of rankly growing plants
Which are pale like the dead

She was one in a million
Who was able to make one aware
And wake up from their fantasies
To come back to the reality
Back to the correct pathway

She was the one
Who was different from others
She was the one
Who shared her experiences in life with generosity
She was the one
Who treats every students like hers
And loves them with affection

She was like a mother of the whole world
She was not only a great mother to her daughter
But also a mother of all students
A mother of nature
A mother of every single thing
Every single thing you can find in this mighty world

She brought me to the world
To a whole new world of knowledge
And i want to thank her for that
And let her know
How lonely i felt without her guidance

I hope she will be able to hear me
I will precious every moment we spent together
Thank you Teacher Helene

Rest in Peace
Teacher Helene


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