Day Dream..

Many people day dream
That goes to me
I realise
I dream more these days
I dream and dream

Everytime i dream
I dream of the same old thing
Which makes me smile
Or even grin from ear to ear
This isn't a normal pleasurable dream
But something special
Something i find hapiness

That dream brings me life
Brings me strength
Brings me laughter
Brings me everything i could not get in reality
It brings me near to somewhere
Somewhere i can ever hope to go
Waiting for me to reach for it

Listening to Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Katherine Mcphee

Bee Zzzz...

Omg!! I really am so preoccupied by the things going round in Form 4. There's tuition, school and most of all the works..

So the librarian interview will be on Friday and this will be my first time interviewing people. So eager to meet those people. Shu ning's sister and Hui Ee's sister are joining librarian this year!! And Jo Keat's sister.. she's pretty..

So since its quite late now, i have to go and sleep...grow!!!! And prevent from getting eye bag...

Pei Ning signing off...

One Good News.. for me..

Guess what? My hard work is worth it.. After practising piano for so long despite PMR, I passed my Diploma exam!! I'm overwhelmed.. I can't believe i can pass this exam because it kind of hard and a lot of people had failed this exam..

I been learning piano since 4 years old until now.. Been taking Yamaha exam and ABRSM exam but guess what? I never got a Distinction for all the exams except for Grade 8 exam for ABRSM. That i cried with joy.. And now? I passed!!!

I can't really remember but my teacher said that if you passed this Diploma, you will get some kind of title for your name like Dato' kind of title but obviously the title given is not Dato'... So i have got to ask him and confirm with him about this...

So yea.. as long as i am happy its fine..


After waiting for so long for my picture to get framed, today is the day!! My dad brought us to IKEA for lunch then we head to buy my frame!!

YEY!! Although its just a cheap IKEA frame, it is really nice.

I'm overwhelmed now with the picture hanging on the wall and school re-opens tomorrow!! I just can't wait for it.

Bayu Timor!!!

My dad brought my family ( except for my brother ) to Bayu Timor for lunch. It was the first time i've ever been there and it was very nice decorated!! I like the environment there so much although the food is not that nice.Pirahna!!! AHH~~~

The founder of this shop is very brilliant. He actually make the place as a restaurant and a place selling furniture and nice things to decorate your house. It is so cool... and i like the coffee table there.
My food!! Its a chicken chop with black pepper sauce...

3~2~1~ Happy New Year!!!

On new year eve, i went to a friend's house to a countdown new year party. So it was quite boring at the starting and after that there are games for childrens, small kids and my sister and i were asked to play along and the games are so childish so we sneaked into the kitchen to join my parents.

After that we went to the upper most floor ( there are 2 1/2 floor ) for karaoke. There are two old man holding the mic singing all the way but their voices are hidious. We couldn't stand any more so down we go again. We went back to the living room and we found out that the last game wasn't that childish so we played. To my surprise, i won that game although that game uses mind and very confusing.

So i was the first-runner up for the whole game session as i got a lot of stickers because of the game. I got a mini-version hamper as the price.
The prices i won...

"yummiest" food around the world

Just a wierd post from Cindy, which is me, which is Pei Ning's sister.

The yummiest food around the world.. Will be~~

* drum roll *

pig nose with curry sauce is damnnn freaking nice!!!

And, the donkey ear with minced rabbit leg is delicious to the MEXICO!!!

hmmm.. yum yum..

Thank you and bye bye..

Cindy signing off...~~

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