just as our heartbeats, your breaths synchronize with mine;

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

As a complete contradiction to the song currently in my playlist, today was more than great. Ironic isn't it?

The day started with really heavy downpour. Chilly wind and gloomy sky. Weather like this makes me emotional yet weather like this is just perfect for cuddling with the warm sheets on that superbly comfortable bed. Bliss.
Biology lab today was a kill joy unfortunately. Reason being that I have to leave that place I can't get enough of to college for lab. :'(
Nevertheless, today's lab was a little different and fun mainly because it was flexible and we get to walk around the area to hunt for monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants (flowers and leaves). Back to the lab to examine the leaves under the light microscope. Saw some pretty cool leave patterns. Rather enlightening

Pizza Hut for lunch with Justin at Damansara Jaya delivery branch. Didn't have the set meal for two so we resolved something else. Got my hands on that new pizza with six different kinds of cheeses. Very satisfying (only applies to people who use hands to eat pizza instead of forks and knives). *:)

Remember where I talked about the Hennessy Artistry event on the previous post? (scroll down if you wish to confirm that you're blind)
Yeap so the post by Justin is up! Click Here

Hmm... something about snuggling up is unfathomably satisfying and addictive ♥
Aite I'm zoning out as I work on this post. Lots of long pauses in between each sentence just so you know. So weird.
Oh I love this song --> Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson
Plus, I'm so in love with the lyrics of Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Girls, don't it just makes your heart flutter? Cause it does to mine :)
Happy Halloween Earthings!

&because there will be no reasons left for me to hate you whenever I stare at your beautiful face.

Till then lovely,

All About College…

Hmm… close to 11 months since I entered college and of course, I have made some observations and drawn some pretty weird conclusions about college slash university.

1. College is such a small compound so it is not astonishing to meet at least two friends of yours when walking down the corridor or around the common area. As for me, I always bump into my A Levels and Foundation friends and of course, greet them as we brush pass each other. Yet, this frustrates my ADP friends as they think I know everyone in college and some even claimed that I am showing off how popular I am. I had a big facepalm moment. Oh yes.

2. When bumping into friends, I realized, small talks that we initiate always revolves around these few things.

“Are you having break right now” or “Do you have class right now”

“What time is your class” or “Do you still have class later”

“So what subjects you taking this semester”

“Are you having your exams now”

“What is your major” or “What course you taking”

Nevertheless, I love small talks! :)

3. College is all about glamour. Even the words they use to describe the daily basic things are fancier than average. Example?

Quiz = Test

Assignments = Homework

Lecturer = Teacher

Cafeteria = Canteen

Lecture Hall / Class = Classroom

Break = Recess

4. My friends, especially A Levels friends, are talking about university applications and completing personal statements. Heck I haven’t even started applying at all. I am panicking I guess? I don’t even know what I am supposed to do. *cries*

5. This semester is pretty hectic I would say. Biggest reason being that I have quiz every single week, which means more studying than usual. Pfftt I wish I could go back in time where I only study when there’s major exams around the corner. :(

6. I have two college friends who are very much similar to me. Not in fashion sense, but music. We would sing songs to complete our sentences or even start singing a random song together. I love hanging out with them cause we just love to SING! Besides,they are people I can afford to go crazy with. Gilbert, with all the impersonation of Agent Salt and him being my boss; Amanda, with all the cool and fancy fist pounds and the most random topic we talk about.

7. Oh college is where I pick up random tunes from people around me and get the songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Things get ugly especially when I have a quiz on that day:

question one: which of the following is a false statement of…


*scratches head* *rereads question*

question one: which of the following… “feel.like.i’m.living.a.teenage.dream…”

*arghhh… rereads question*

Just so you know, I had a hard time finishing the paper. It was a struggle.

Lesson learnt: NEVER get a song stuck in your head before sitting for a quiz or exam. It will cause fatal consequences. Attempt at your own risk.


If you are thinking it only affects my exam, you guessing it wrongly. Even during class, the song can be pretty annoying.

Lecturer: Therefore, it is clear that when… “Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Dumbledore!”

(tries to shrug it off…) *continues listening*

Lecturer: So it can be concluded that… “Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley! Hermoine, Hermoine…”

*bangs head at table*

In the end, I learnt nothing in class. Very good Pei Ning. Way to go!

Lesson Learnt: NEVER get a song stuck in your head before a lecture. It will cause fatal consequences. Attempt at your own risk.

8. Assignments due dates are closing in and I haven’t started on any yet! Kill me already.

9. Favorite hang out spot at college – Wisma HELP, level 9! :D

10. I don’t always have sufficient sleeping time ever since I enter college because everyone is a nocturnal! Everything comes alive at night.

*looks at the clock* 1am? Oh its okay. The night is still young… *continues fiddling with ze laptop*

People always think that the most painful thing is losing someone you love. The truth is… The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, forgetting that you are special too.

taa~ lovely.

ms. sunshine *:)

Rain - Mika

Hmm... back to square one. Can't seem to find the right words to start this post.
Been writing a lot and deleting everything I wrote for so many times I feel a little frustrated now.
Anyway, I went to sleep at 11.30pm and woke up 2 hours later feeling groggy, hungry, hot and very much awake. Went to kitchen to dig for food and found digestive biscuits!
Ate five pieces of it and two pieces of bread with peanut butter spread. I guess I'm full and satisfied right now. *:)

Hennessy Artistry was just now. Hmm... Justin went for it and came back sober.
Should I have gone with him?
Nah... too late for regrets now since its OVER! Gotta stay tuned to his blog for updates about that event. :)
Here's the link if you haven't got it - http://yeejinlim.blogspot.com

Hmm... I'm slacking off gradually. I'm not actually studying when I need to.
I have Philosophy quiz on Monday and Research Methods quiz on Tuesday yet I haven't really read any of it a bit at all. I'm so scared yet I'm not working hard enough.
I guess I'll have to pull myself together and work really hard tomorrow. Hope I will still have the time since I might be out half the time celebrating my sister's 21 birthday.

On the brighter note, I have been learning a new piece; soundtrack from Final Fantasy.
Sister gave a very discouraging feedback saying that it sounds like a very gloomy and sad song, something you will most probably hear in a funeral. :(
Anyway, her comment didn't bother me that much since I still like that song very much and manage to learn it within a week; which is very fast compared to learning other pieces. Heh... well, more like because I can't seem to control myself from going back to the piano every two hours, hoping to perfect the imperfect and awkward playing.

Woot. Didn't realize the time. Its 3.33am right now. Shouldn't I be sleeping right now? Hmm... he is sleeping, everyone is sleeping. I guess now is the best time to study. Quiet and serene with no one to disturb. But I guess somehow I'm tired and am certain I can't stay awake for long. Should I attempt to study a little before hitting the sack or dive into bed just like that? Ishh... decisions.
Hmm... Of all the times when I'm free, my Research Methods lecturer don't upload the chapter for us. Until moments before when I checked, she uploaded it finally but I don't have the time to read up already. I guess not everything goes your way and its time for me to learn that shits happen in life.
Oh gosh realized the crap I'm talking about? I apologize because this is what happens to me when I am in a state of serious sleep deprivation. Shall be signing off right now!

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I is what I had no control over.

Toodleloo, Love. *:)

Chicken chop & fairy dust

A while back, was in college for extra classes and evelyn was also there so lepaks for a bit
Yea went to starbucks and met a friend there.
Sorry bout the watermarking..lazy to remove XD

Itu kawan that we met at starbucks 

 Itu saya, camwhoring as usual

I know, the title doesn't make sense at all.

& as our fingers entwine, rainbow shines ♥

King of Anything – Sara Bareilles

There are moments where I am not entirely sure if I am doing the right thing. I guess it would be better to have at least the thinnest barrier to mark a territory which I name – Safety

Last Saturday was the random barbecue party at Justin’s place. Out of the blue, it was planned during a lunch break at the underground cafeteria of Wisma E&C last Monday. A Facebook event page was then created at night. Random much huh?

Went to Justin’s place after our Biology replacement class in the morning which lasted till 11.30am. Stopped by Giant to grab some stuffs. Began setting up around half past four. :)

Night started off with some finger foods like the deliciously made garlic bread while waiting for the arrival of others and most importantly, the meats. :D
Well, I can’t tell you exactly how delicious that garlic bread was but I am certain that approximately six of us finished the whole tray of it. Of course, we left another tray for the rest. *:)
Look at the happy faces… :D
I have no idea how to write this post so I shall just end it with some pictures after doodling a little more. So James was being James, enjoying himself at the barbecue pit while Sarah, Lynn at the other pit. Amanda and Michelle were hanging around that pit waiting to grab bites after foods were ready being them food-craving selves.mini-IMG_0757
At one point, the marshmellows were brought out and many of us crowded around the pit. Love how the marshmellow will flow out and melt in your mouth after you bite deep into the crispy outer layer. *squeals* :D
Soon after, the card plus drinking game began with people getting drunk within split seconds; somebody like Woon Kheng. Some were just tipsy after a few shots.
That table was the most happening and noisy compared to the rest of the compound. After the game, Mayuri was sober, dancing and prancing around along with the beat of the music in her hyped up state; Phil was drunk and felt the necessity to convince the rest of us that he was not drunk just tipsy slash sober; Cassandra was very drunk till she knocked out a few times with some really crazy laughter in between each subconscious and unconscious state.
It is amazing how just Tiger beers, a bottle of Whisky, a bottle of lousy red wine and half a bottle of Tequila can create such madhouse. pffttt…
Cassandra was laughing hysterically, whining and puking so much that some of us freaked out a little. Lots of running around fetching Chinese tea for drunk people and clearing up the after party.
Waited till Cassandra’s heroic brother to come in his distorted “black horse” - proton wira to get the drunk princess before we all headed home about one in the morning.

Sad for me, suffered migraine for the night and the rest of the next day. Pain was excruciating that it affects the acuity of my senses. :(

It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
PeiNing & YeeJin


Quote of the Day: A fair reputation is a plant, delicate in its nature and by no means rapid in its growth. It will not shoot up in a night like the gourd of the prophet, but like that gourd, it may perish in a night. - Jeremy Taylor

Countless of sleepless nights left me a breathing skeleton. Been trying to stay up late at night to study for Human Personality but to no avail. Sleeping on the black couch in my living room for two consecutive nights. Gentle spin of the ceiling fan instead of the air-conditioned room. Everything, just for one trivial reason - studying for Human Personality. :(
You know, I must me nuts from the moment I made up my mind to major in Psychology. I must be crazy.
Midterm was extraordinarily tough. I realized, all the cramming and stress I picked up when studying, all for nothing. The questions turned out to be majority application of theories and critical thinking.
I died. Bet some of my coursemates died too. We died.
I just want to get good grades so that my credits are transferable! :(

I am in desperate need to get more sleep. Bad news is, the rapids ain't over yet. I still have Biology quiz on Monday and Philosophy quiz on Thursday. Not a week to look forward to.
Nevertheless, I can't wait for the barbecue party at Justin's place on Saturday notwithstanding the Biology replacement class in the morning on that day itself. Sigh...

Btw, congratulations to all the rescuers for their pouring efforts to save the trapped miners in Chile. This inevitably marks the rebirth of 33 previously despaired lives. This is more than mere miracles. Gives me chills at the sight of how everyone rejoice when those miners stepped out from the capsule to reunite with their loved ones. Gives me goosebumps at the sight of how happy tears streaked down faces of the spectators. This incident is definitely a historical one. One in a million, it is.
Also, this is one of the top searched news in Google. I'm looking at a webpage where people in the whole wide world are constantly updating their twitter on this rescuing of Chilean miners. Just so you know, updates are still swarming in like crazy.

Last night, my boyfriend and I attended another school's football game.
His best friend was talking about how hot the girls were and how perfect they were.
My boyfriend brushed off the comment and whispered in my ear, "You're the most beautiful girl here and I love you."


mixed feelings;

fatigue, is me

I obviously don't have sufficient time to actually finish up my studying and look at the time now! Its already 10 minutes past one and I'm still up, trying to study but to no avail. Guhh... situations like this just makes me feel like cursing at the wind. !@#$%^& to the wind...

I signed in to blogger, with the plan of ranting a little before proceeding to more cramming, just to find Justin blogging. How is that possible? One step ahead of me... grrrr
So here I am, listening to the beautiful harmony of the sniffing :)
While blogging, with my textbook spread out before the laptop.

Research Methodology midterm is less than 12 hours time. Brain dead moment. gg dot com dot my dot org dot gone case bbq wtf omg laser gun piew piew piew...
Heh. Could be longer but I don't want to have people staring at their computers with the wtfifeellikedyingoutoflameness face hung up on their faces. :)
Well, I guess that's about it. Human Personality is on Thursday afternoon.
I still have four chapters to go.
I am studying very slowly. Like a turtle. I'm a toadstool... :(

Back to studying then catch some sleep later. Till then~

Evelyn signing off. Peace out.


Clearly I don't have the flare Evelyn has for titles..
and I'm pretty sure I cant write as creatively...

These days very stress...
cause exams all over the place and being in the same class as Evelyn
I can tell you she sangat stress...
Me, not so much..
Since this is a personal post I don't have pics for it..sorry
I hate this stupid feeling of wanting to do everything when we are rushing for something, its like some bad human defect.
Okay rant over..need to continue studying...this is bad for health..mrawr...


break from hiatus.

Hello peeps!

I always seem to be clarifying why I slack in blogging and the so-called legitimate reasons I have don't always vary so I'm just gonna shut up for now. :x

So as the previous post suggested, my blog has finally gotten itself a guest blogger. yay!
I bet some of the dumbest question is lingering in your heads right now so I'm going to try put you out of your miseries. This YeeJin dude is from my college, doing the same course, same major as I am, sorta. He is a really cool person to hang out with and we eventually got closer to each other weeks after we first got to know each other in my second semester - Sociology class.
Need not say, he's a really talented blogger and heck, makes me so envious of him and hence the inclusion of him as being part of my awesome space. *grins* A rather sociable person, he is, though I realized he likes his own private space more. Is that good or what? hahaha...
Anyway, I hope all of you out there will be happy with this new thing in my blog. I'm sorry if you don't but just so you know, I'm not going to kick him out of here any time soon, or perhaps, ever gonna kick him out, so please just bear with it thank you

Life has been going quite well with some pretty weird emotional swings here and there which led to not anger but silly teardrops. Nevertheless, that does not prove that I'm just another weird, paranoid, imbecile kid going through phases because I'm certainly not one of them. Oh and I have the worst dilemma of wanting to laze around, be a potato couch or get my ass of the aforementioned lazy attitude and study for this week's mid-term. I want to make sure my grades are good enough to be transferable. Just like all the other times when exam is nearing, it really sucks to be on the horns of a dilemma. Really.
Oh what am I still doing here. Of all the other times when I can blog, I chose today, now, when I am supposed to be studying! Well, I guess there's always exception to special days like this - 10.10.10!
Know what? I would schedule my post to publish at 10.10pm later at night but that would be so wannabe though I really like special days like today.
Happy 10.10.10, living beings on Earth!

Funny thing is, we were progressing so fast that before I can gather my mixed feelings, we are already happily together right now. :)

Oh heck I really have to stop being so indulgent and start studying. Till then... kthxbai


Korean food at Ampang, other side of the world.

Hello, not Evelyn here...
I'm YeeJin and I am guest blogging to keep the blog alive..
well sorta...

Anyways about a week back, brought Evelyn to go makan Korean
since she lives on the other side of the world and luckily korean food was on my side ^^

I guess she liked it?
Didn't manage to try soju tho..
I don't know what else more to say.


Kisses better than medicine.

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