I feel like a joke in life. I do poker face all the time. Am a joker and Batman's scared of me. Me thinks >:)

two years;

Heal The World - Micheal Jackson

Yeah. As you can see, I am listening to all MJ's song and watching This Is It showing on tv.
I can't believe it has been two years already, since the death of one of the greatest creation of God.
Michael Jackson, he was indeed, a genius and purely talented. That signature moonwalk of his? Genius.

Here are the two dance moves of his that I love so much and can't get enough of...

Oh look at the beautiful silhouette :)

Plus, I love the swag he puts on when he walks on stage during his songs <3
MJ's second death anniversary. Rest in peace.

A true fan of MJ,


When We Die - Bowling For Soup

I feel a lot today. More than ever.
I was playing the piano, after a hiatus of almost a month. I thought it would definitely deteriorate, my playing, however, it turned out otherwise. It was as if my fingers have minds and memories of their own, running so swiftly through the black and white keys.
Song after song I played, without a pause in between. It was incredibly nice, for once, I loved my playing. Till one point, I made a mistake and subsequently everything comes to a halt. I tried to pick myself up from the mess but to no avail. So I was sitted there, hands rested on the keys, eyes staring blankly at the empty music rack.
This had my mind racing. I thought, maybe its just like relationships, started off sweet, smooth and spontaneous, then things get rocky in the middle, then finally boom! Gone. My heart sank to the thought. Why does it always have to be like that? It wasn't a very long pause, but a mind can think so incredulously fast you wouldn't know. I picked my thoughts up and throw them into the temporary mind trash can like a good girl would, picked up a phrase and continued with my playing. It ended well enough to deserve a standing ovation. I thought I could be a script writer, a movie director and the actor of my own movie! I always think that, its called the self-serving bias I guess, thinking I'm all good and probably, the best duh.
In fact I'm not. And I feel inferior because of that most of the time. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it anyways. Oh how much this post contradicts with the previous one. As I have said, I have one hell of a contradicting mind, didn't I?

Still healing from the hole in my mouth. That makes it so much more holey, or holy if you prefer :P
Eating with my head tilted to one side is kinda cute... and annoyingly tiring! It is effortful :'(

Till I grasp on to the writing spree again. Shall resume to my music and 1421 book.

LeePeiNing *:)


Hero - Mariah Carey

Sometimes I have this contradicting feeling building up tension inside me. Oh let me tell you, it can be so deafeningly intense that it clogs up my mind and clouds up my senses. Don't you have it too?
Of course, when there is input, there has to be an output. Imagine a sine graph all the way. That is how my emotions go about. Building up, peak + explode, great fall, devastated, slowly picking myself up again, being normal for a moment, building up, peak + explode... you get it. Here's a graph from the internet for your reference in case you want to relate to me better.

Just moments ago I posted up a random tweet (partially related to my emotion then) "If I ever kill myself, you are dying first." and life_coach_bot (whoever that was) retweeted my tweet and told me not to do it (not to kill myself in case you don't get it). Wow. Do I really sound so depressed like I am going to kill myself any time soon?
I am really sorry if my depressing tweets (which sometimes are really random tweets) create discomfort.

Just Stand Up - Many singers

I am not going to lie about some facts of life. And now I'm speaking about karma. You know? People always say "karma is a bitch" and some "karma is a bitch if you are one". 

Truly it is. Nobody is perfect. So everybody makes mistakes and karma will come back and bite everybody's ass. So why be afraid?
Live life people!
Here's a piece of advice : If you want to do something, you have got to take it all the way. If you fall, fall hard. Because when you get up in the end, you will earn name and respect and become a true fighter. At the end of the day, you might even be someone great!

So what are you waiting for? Stop hesitating and put your thoughts into actions! Nope I did not ask you to go ahead and kill that person you hate all your life though. Have fun :)

Woo... As this comes into shuffle Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi, indeed have a great one!

EvelynLee *:)

The day I extracted my wisdom tooth.

And this song shuffles into my playlist
Tragedy - Beegees
No I didn't cheat it really did start playing when I start writing

The morning I extracted my wisdom tooth more like it.
So, I woke up in the morning to the same song I wake up to every time when I set my alarm.
I absolutely hate it when we fought the night before and I go to bed feeling mad yet waking up to our song the next morning. Sigh.
Went down stairs for breakfast, which was supposed to be very filling since I'll be pulling off my teeth and not able to eat for a while, I only ate two pieces of wholemeal bread. No appetite. Its Saturday morning, so I watched some cartoon obviously. Kim Possible namely. Brushed my teeth properly and changed into a red shirt. Ya know, red for blood spill. Coincidently, the few more people I met after that seem to be wearing red as well, my dad, the maid opposite of my house. Heck she was wearing red shirt and red pants. I almost got a heart attack thinking the world has gone wrong and today might just be the end of the world. I have great imagination. Like a child. The next thing that came across my mind was the red shirt army O.O
So I had my tooth pulled out. I absolutely hate the gag reflex. And now the bleeding won't stop :'(
Now nothing but waiting till it stops and the numbness to go away then the pain kicks in and FML.

Anyways, I camwhored a little with my tooth. Precious one. And here's my collection.
Yeah I collect all my teeth but four of them (my first time pulling teeth in a dentist clinic) because I didn't know we can keep our tooth :'(
If you're not a fan of these kind of stuff and even find it gory. Kindly leave this page immediately.

Yeah. I love my teeth so I collect them. Some broken into half but I put them together in the picture so you can see which are the broken ones :)

Till I meet the tooth fairy tonight! Shall be sleeping early.

PeiNing *:)

What's it like having a period?

My music playlist shuffles to...
We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

How is it like many will wonder. Especially males and yettoreachpuberty females. Well, this is an interesting question. Let me break it down for you if you care.

Disclaimer : This information is entirely based on accumulation of complains I receive from other female counterparts which may or may not apply to my own or to the general population so do not worry too much about it or if you care, leave this page immediately if you do not feel comfortable with this topic.
The 'I's in the below context not necessary refer to me, the first party.
The 'you's in the below context not necessary refer to you as well so don't be so paranoid or self-conscious.

First, you start getting cramps, on the first day of period especially. Not like the kind of bad normal cramps. It's 'HOLY **** SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD I WANT TO CURL UP IN A BALL AND DIE I HATE MY LIFE' cramps. You also get back pains. Or even feel weak in both your legs. It's not the worst, but it's just extremely uncomfortable and not fun to sleep with.

Blood also pours out of your vagina. And I'm not exaggerating when I say pour. Stand up, Niagara Falls coming out of a hole in your body. Cough, Niagara Falls. Sneeze, Niagara Falls. You also have to deal with the paranoia everyone will see because it soaked through your pants. To avoid this from happening, you either have to wear a diaper-type thing or shove something up your vagina and leave it there for hours. It doesn't feel good either. You still get the paranoia that comes along with it as well. Best advice for a girl having her menstruation: no bright colored pants or skirt especially white.

On top of it all, you're somehow angry, horny, depressed, hungry and in extreme pain all at the same time. And when you're on your period, it's the anger that you want to stab someone. Horny, Horny. You want to either die or eat everything in sight. And we have to do this for a week straight, once every month. Do the math, we have 12 out of the 52 weeks in a year... suffering -__-
(though my period seldom really cause much of a problem actually so I don't really understand how bad period can be)

So... Is that a good enough explanation?
Face it that's a life of a girl.

Hoping this doesn't offend anybody, I sign off with much pride.


Fly to the moon.

Thank You For The Music - ABBA

Whether it was flying to the moon or flying towards the moon, the feeling was indescribable. I can assure you that I was in awe. The moon was as captivating and as mesmerizing as the beauty of the legendary portrait of Mona Lisa. The anticipation eventually brings hope, as I stared hypnotically at the mysterious satellite. As it slowly disappeared from sight as the plane changed its course, my attention was drawn slowly towards the fading reflection of the moonlight on the strong aluminium wing. The impeccable masterpiece of God was worth the time for admiration, just like the creation of mankind by Michelangelo, the flawless piece of much appreciated and examined work of art that was buried deep down in the amazing structure of the sistine's chapel in the Vatican City. I could never imagined myself being drowned in such peaceful state of mind, as if i have reached a new state of enlightenment of life, a step closer to achieving nirvana maybe. It was a good drown however. If i ever want to kill myself, this should be it, just like the man, who was so in love with the beautiful scenery of the bay at Naples that he was willing to give up everything he owns just to have a good death there. It was a good death. Indeed.

Bringing back the dead to life,

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