Hero - Mariah Carey

Sometimes I have this contradicting feeling building up tension inside me. Oh let me tell you, it can be so deafeningly intense that it clogs up my mind and clouds up my senses. Don't you have it too?
Of course, when there is input, there has to be an output. Imagine a sine graph all the way. That is how my emotions go about. Building up, peak + explode, great fall, devastated, slowly picking myself up again, being normal for a moment, building up, peak + explode... you get it. Here's a graph from the internet for your reference in case you want to relate to me better.

Just moments ago I posted up a random tweet (partially related to my emotion then) "If I ever kill myself, you are dying first." and life_coach_bot (whoever that was) retweeted my tweet and told me not to do it (not to kill myself in case you don't get it). Wow. Do I really sound so depressed like I am going to kill myself any time soon?
I am really sorry if my depressing tweets (which sometimes are really random tweets) create discomfort.

Just Stand Up - Many singers

I am not going to lie about some facts of life. And now I'm speaking about karma. You know? People always say "karma is a bitch" and some "karma is a bitch if you are one". 

Truly it is. Nobody is perfect. So everybody makes mistakes and karma will come back and bite everybody's ass. So why be afraid?
Live life people!
Here's a piece of advice : If you want to do something, you have got to take it all the way. If you fall, fall hard. Because when you get up in the end, you will earn name and respect and become a true fighter. At the end of the day, you might even be someone great!

So what are you waiting for? Stop hesitating and put your thoughts into actions! Nope I did not ask you to go ahead and kill that person you hate all your life though. Have fun :)

Woo... As this comes into shuffle Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi, indeed have a great one!

EvelynLee *:)


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