Funny as it seems;

Gypsy - Shakira

Am I partially blind? Or a hundred percent blind?
The truth is, I always smile with no valid reason even by just looking at your silhouette.


Hellooo! These days, I have been reading many of my friends' blogs. Just then, I realized that I myself have not been entering my blog very often, hence explains the procrastination in blogging and updating myself about my friends. Dropped by at Sarah's blog and noticed that she has already posted something about our outing to Sunway Pyramid. Well, my bad. I am a lazy girl
In the morning, after my driving lesson, I went home and took a shower. I am no ordinary girl. Preparing myself to look presentable will not take more than half an hour of my time including shower. Dressed in my little pink see through kimono-like top and my pair of denim Levi's, I left home skipping in my Adidas sneakers when Sarah's Matrix parked in front of my stainless steel gate. Journey there was rather laid back while we chatted and I caught up a little with Gilbert. There were occasions when we left Hiran behind the topic while speaking in Mandarin, which I felt rather bad about.
We strolled around the mall aimlessly while Sarah filled us in with how she is going to meet her boyfriend soon, leaving us alone down at the skating rink. Unconsciously, we were actually heading to the skating rink itself and stopped to watch some professionals practicing down there. Glancing pass my shoulders, Sarah was busy text messaging Wayne, her boyfriend while Gilbert was indulging himself with heaps of "what if-s" and many impossible ideas of him getting back at Wayne. I was sorry to say that Wayne, was not the ideal guy I would want to be with if he goes on with his attitude. He was shy, reluctant. I think I'll stop here.
So then, I went skating with both the guys. Frankly speaking, they were struggling, especially Hiran. It was epic, seeing his gawky figure constantly trying to find a balance, I couldn't help but to smirk when I'm on my own on the other side of the rink. Gilbert in the meanwhile, I would say, was way better than Hiran. He actually was trying really hard to skate properly and eventually was able to keep up with me. It was my first time too, although my performance on the ice was way better than I thought it would be. I watched with much envy when the others glide gracefully and effortless pass me. I scrutinized their gestures and movements, just to realize that the way I was going on with skating wasn't entirely right. Oh well, I don't expect much from my first time. Not a perfectionist. :D

Hung out at Secret Recipe. Shared two pieces of cake with Gilbert. It was funny how we were trying to figure out ways to divide the cake into equal pieces. That pisses Gilbert off a little but I DON'T share food with anyone sorry. We had a blast chatting and Hiran acted weirdly like an outcast. More like he is outcasting himself. Maybe he's just experiencing another of the guy version of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome ( PMS )
Sarah is back! We went for a movie after that - A Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy is coming for you~ That didn't bother me. I had a good night sleep, totally unaffected by the movie. It was a nice one though. (: Got to compliment on that. Had Sakae Sushi after that. It was a happy outing overall. :D
Kinda lazy to write any longer. :/

Party dresses just make me miss childhood even more.

Love, eve

It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need you now;

Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert


Wow. I really have to applaud myself for slacking of blogging even though I was having my holiday previously. Class recommenced today, so woot! Its back to square one again. Whatever it is it ended. Sadly. But fortunately at the same time too! I have been missing my friends a lot these days, albeit there's no guarantee that we would be in the same class this coming semester. I miss youuu, especially Gilbert. God. I realized that both of us have A LOT in common. I like to be around you, but don't get me the wrong way please. As you said, I am like your little sister and I feel like you are a lot like my big brother too! :D Me like this rare sensation of being around guys like you
Anyways, when I am writing this post, as you all may already know, or probably not, I HAVE ALREADY PASSED MY DRIVING TEST the past Monday (16th May 2010). I was elated, need not say. So two weeks before that, I still find myself extremely fresh and innocent about driving manual car, nervous of course, seeing that I have always taken switching gears while driving as a tough tough job. I practically feared it to my bones. On Monday (2nd May 2010) I was introduced to manual car and since then, my eight driving lesson begins. I only had two lessons that week while on the second week of May, I worked my bones out learning driving every single day except for Sunday, which is the day before my actual driving test. Looking back at it, I really hated the grueling, the sweating and the pain of turning the steering wheel. My hands even have blisters as a result of forceful rubbing and friction caused by the mere action of turning the wheel, not to mention pulling the stiff handbrake. :(
Every morning, I struggled to get up and out from the cozy bed. I bounced up to off the alarm I set every morning and continued sleeping in a snoozing mode. I can't afford to miss any driving lessons at all seeing that I have a dateline to meet. No one is there to make sure that I wake up too. Oh its bad. Its like a training camp, disciplineee yada yada. By the time I make it back home, my body is all soaked with sweat, sticky. One word to describe - EWW! So this went on for eight times, till I get sick of it.
My first lesson was definitely my first time for manual cars. Well, I could say that it wasn't at all that bad with the exception of the panic I had and a few times of engine failures. :D
I certainly can manage the stopping of the car but when the traffic light turns green, my mind went blank immediately and all I knew was to make the car move. My first mistake was to let my feet do whatever they like with the pedals. Slowly, I was kind of getting the hang of it with the exception of my instructor, forever instructing me what to do when I'm on the road driving. Every single step to be done, he'll tell me. I was worried that I was going to be too dependent on the instructions and eventually fail my "on the road" and forced myself to think what to do next before the instructions come. Well, there are formulas on How to tackle Driving Test 101. :D Following the instructions will be the biggest incentive to pass driving test. Oosh!

Finally, the day has come to test my driving abilities after those lessons taken. Number was 50. First up was slope. Man, I can tell you that I wasn't really nervous or anything. I felt nothing, or maybe over confident? I had been hitting the right spot every time I practiced and therefore, felt pretty confident about it. Nevertheless, I failed my first try. Overshot. So the kind kind JPJ guy gave me a second try ( which he totally had to according to the mistake I made or I will just complain to his boss to get a second try ). I let the car slide back down the slope, aimed for the perfect spot and let my feet jam down the accelerator. The car pushed its way up and I stepped hard on the clutch and break simultaneously. *shoots confetti* I did it. The rest went well, including the parking and the 3pt turn. Man... It was cake. I passed section B just like that. (:
Section C was the driving on the road thing. The whole thing went pretty well from the beginning where I got up to a car and the JPJ woman requested another with better air conditioning - car no. 2. Everything was good until when I turned back into SDC at the small roundabout when she started screaming in my ears " TEKAN MINYAK! TEKAN MINYAK! " My mind went blur and I just let go of everything. There goes the engine. " Kamu ni orang. Suruh tekan minyak tak mau tekan minyak. Skarang engin mati. Tekanlah minyak. Kan saya suruh you tekan minyak. Tekan minyak la. Apala ni. " I was fuming inside, hot at both ears. So even after the car stopped, she continued mumbling and ranting about how "stupid" I am. She even asked me to sign faster! That's the part where I had enough. Seeing that she already passed me, I just went down the car without saying a word of thanks and slammed the door not hard but quite hard. I opened the back door to get my bag and slammed the door shut once more without turning back to look. Ha! You won't be able to imagine the satisfaction boiling in me mouthing "what the ****" after closing the door besides passing driving. (:


So here I am, extremely anxious, terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied by my first class in Social Psychology. Well, more like I have already missed a week of Psychology lessons but that was inevitable. The only notice was from that small print sentence in the time table sheet. No one noticed that. So yeah. The first thing the lecturer brought up today was ASSIGNMENT! That was not the end of it. He then proceeded by telling us that the assignment is due this Friday before 5pm. WHAT?! I didn't even have time to feel the pressure befall upon me. So then, someone voiced out by saying that this Friday is gonna be Wesak Day, which is a public holiday, so its a holiday, which means we can't hand up our assignment on that day! Suddenly, I felt like somebody just rescued me from a crocodile infested river. At least minimal light ray penetrated the fallen rock, which darkened my path. I love Buddhism all of a sudden. Now, the due date has been extended to Monday before 12pm, which leaves us more time to work on the proposal. Pheww... *exhale* More to come! More to anticipate! ):
Principle of Sociology was okay. The lecturer is Mr. Franz. He's hilarious! Well, he's an American despite his name which made me have the pre-perception of him as a France. I just love the accent. So authentic. However, it put me into wondering why are the American's or British's or Australian's accent so prominent and significant in real life whereas they are not in the movies or in the TV. Makes me wonder.

My relatives from China are here. Unfortunately, they only speak one dialect - Hokkien. Whenever they try to start a conversation with me, I could only stare blankly with many question marks surrounding my head. I am sorry cause I may seem rude but its inevitable. I couldn't really understand Hokkien despite being one myself. Fail. I don't despise the language or the people, its just that the way they communicate or the language itself sounds pretty rude for people who doesn't understand it. (: Well, I guess it goes the same to Cantonese. Its just that I understand the language perfectly, albeit still find the way the people speak to each other was as if they were fighting or quarrelling.

Love, evelyn

Already Gone.

Wedding Dress - TaeYang

Hey was the first word, the starting point
It all began from there, story of once upon a time
Random as it may seemed to be, yet
All amounted to a tacit confession
Never erased from the space of the memory

I never thought things would progress at such pace

Giving me a hard time to keep up with the current
I never realized that 1.11am no longer plays a role
Vivid memories linger with things getting better in time
Every day is a new day to look forward to with you

Unfortunately, things don't last just as flowers wilt
Pretty and beauty soon taken over by pettiness

Over you may seemed to be impossible, but
Never underestimate the strength that I can possess

Yesterday would just be the past which exists
Only in the memories which stay
Ultimately suppressed from affecting the future to come

Goodbye and good luck for now you need it
Opposite of you is where I stand, with the
Oval shaped balloon replacing the heart shaped ones
Dripping from the sky, the rain is falling
Beams of light broke free from the layers of thick grey clouds
Yearning for brighter days ahead without you
Easing moments without the used-to-be-obvious-obstacle, YOU

I'm sorry if my complicated life is inconvenient to your perfect existence.

Love at first sight
Over at the last glimpse


Letter to Juliet.

Secrets – One Republic

How can I possibly put them into words?

My feelings, my emotions

I've tried umpteen times but to no avail

Those that I written on the pieces of scraps

Felt so shallow and inconsequential to me

The black ink stains which combine to form words

The sentences which do no reflect my inner soul

Felt to me like they too were merely doing their job as independent individuals

Where have they been gone?

Their true self with feelings and soul

Instead of being trapped in their solitary confinement

She has changed to be heartless

By the countless times of let down

Crushed hopes, shattered memories

All turned out to be not just a nightmare

Those which were thought to be illusion

Were no longer hidden implicitly

But surged out as a blast like in a 3D movie

It seems that she knew right from the beginning

From the moments that dragged on

That she would end up in broken pieces

It is something that she needs right at the moment

Love is all that could do

To replace the heartbreaks and tears

Love as mighty as it may sound

Will bring light to her dark path

And cast a warm loyal shadow

To accompany her through the damned alley of dark

So that she is no longer alone

As now, the letters in the sentences join to form bonds

Unbreakable bonds

That was how a letter of confession was written

Just like the letter to Juliet from Romeo

The letter of love

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

It all seemed so surreal, for once

But when I turned my back away from you

Everything felt like pieces of precious ornaments

Thrown and shattered on the impact with contact with the ground

Love, evelyn


Pyramid - Charice ft Iyaz

Disclaimer : This post is a selfish, indulgent one. These feelings may persist, till I find my way out of the maze.

All of a sudden, I feel like shouting, "OH MY GOD! LET ME GO FOR GOD's SAKE!"
As a naive, typical teenager, I dream a lot, probably too often. Night dreams, day dreams, unrealistic dreams, fairy-tale-ending dreams. You name it. I guess this is why I often have way too high expectations and hope that everything will turn out to be right. Well, this is obviously something utterly ridiculously implausible and impossible. Pretty much on the verge of being absurd if we were to live in this world. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. Not to mention how Jesus or whoever holy enough is a perfect being. And I guess you probably have heard this too many times that you are nauseated by the sight of those pathetic phrases. You can say that I am a dreamer, just like how Talyor Swift claims herself to be in White Horse. Every night, when I finally get to rest my cheeks against that soft pillow just above that comfort sheets of mine, I begin to let my imagination run wild. Conscious or unconsciously. It is inevitable in a way. I would start to imagine how tomorrow might be and how I want it to turn out to be like. I imagine things that have happened today or in the past and how it should turn out to be like and eventually start regretting. I imagine how the many things in my life should turn out the way I want them to. Its all about me and my imagination. My senseless, unrealistic ones.
That is probably why, sometimes I think I should start thinking realism.
But before that, here are my darkest wish list:

- World peace
- A world with no such thing as race or cultural gap
- I never grow up, which means Peter Pan syndrome
- I am a guy instead of a girl
- Life is merely 1+1=2 kinda simple arithmetic questions
- I have nothing to lose at all. In other words, getting best of all worlds
- Time freezes at moments I cherish best and allows unlimited replays
- I never live at all. ( Life is so easy yet complicated, its a handful. )

Its all I can think of now, but those wishes simply tell you how childish and stupid I can be. I may be book smart like you guys perceive me to be. I may be tough looking and cheerful all the time, I do have emotions. Sad ones. I do have my dark side. Lets just say that the sun don't shine forever and keep the sky bright all the time. You say you know me. Tell me then, how can you do that when I myself is not sure who I am as a person? Time changes everything it seems. And I guess my research paper was totally right - Teenagers are going through turbulent times of their life and need guidance from role models. Heck yeah.


Things are getting out of control. Sometimes, I feel that it is perfectly fine to lose it. Everybody lose it. It's just that others might think of me as of in a bad way when I lose it. It is just too tough, too much to handle.
I am so tired of everything. No doubt that you have been there for me all these while, lifting my spirits and even catching me before I fall into the deep trench. Nevertheless, I guess whether I can stand up again, ignoring the burning sensations of pain, it is all up to the vulnerable soul within the small me. I am deeply sorry and feel remorse to have put you through this, inevitable forcing you to the same path as I am now. Seeing that you are worried and concerned about me, the pain inflicted on my heart was twice the impact on yours. I know I should be a grown up by now, seeing that I have already stepped up and out from the comforts of high school life. I should stop whining, instead, learn to live up the spirit of a true fighter. Fight for pride, not for victory
According to Sigmund Freud, father of Psychology, my ego is definitely not quite functioning, allowing my id to dominate, manipulate and suppressing my superego. Well, or is it the mental conflict which is too much for my psychological ability to handle and my defense mechanisms are turning their backs towards me at this point of time. You know, I feel like I might get mental disorder someday when I reach my limit and kill myself. That's gross, ain't it? Nah. I am a coward, not afraid to admit it. I can't possibly bring myself to commit suicide. So relax on that issue I brought up. But as you know, when one is crazy, they wouldn't know exactly what they are doing right? So I might just accidentally kill myself. Haha. (beware of this kind of forced laughter)

7 Things - Miley Cyrus

Contrary to what people usually say, I do indeed think that we can live without the person we love. But it’ll surely be a struggle.

Communication is the name of the game
Unfortunately, certain people just don't get it

Love, evelyn


Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Yesterday was a great day. Why? Its another shopping session with my parents. Well, my sister had to be a stay-at-home-bunny as her exam is too near from now. Star Hill Gallery and Pavillion. First, we dropped by to explore watches. Expensive ones. For those who have no idea what are the expensive watches other than Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega etc. There are far more expensive brands. Just take a walk around Star Hill Gallery. :D
So, I have been wanting a new pair of heels and preferably, a nice black pump. Something like this...
After some time spent strolling round the mall, I saw this at the Aldo shop. Well, that guy over there got me my size and guess what? My right foot fits perfectly while my left was smaller than the pumps by a size. I had doubts about the sizing of the heels and requested for another pair. It turned out to be the same. Epic. Now, what a devastating discovery I made today. My left foot is smaller than my right by a size. So if I were to buy that pair of pumps and wear it, I might have to stuff tissue paper in front. Great... I am retarded. Spotted another similar pair at Nine West too, but the price was more expensive. Anyway, the one at Aldo cost a lot too - RM273 after discount. Forget about it...
I came home and measured my feet. It is the same! What the heck? So maybe that guy didn't actually get a new pair, instead, put the ones I tried back into the box in the store and dig them out again in front of me. Wow. Thanks dude. Great service.


Oh gosh. What a lousy update. An indulging one. Bear with me. Its not going to happen again. I hope? :/

Today, I made the acquaintance of a lady from Ireland. I spent well over an hour asking her ridiculous questions to which I already knew the answer just to hear her accent. MLIA
( I guess that I might do the same to anyone from a different country ) *chuckles*

I trust anybody too much all these while
That's why I get hurt all the time
But when I stopped trusting
You taught me how to trust again

Love, eve

Straight up now tell me are you really gonna love me forever;

What You Waiting For - Mizz Nina feat Colby O' Donis

Hola! Everybody... So my exam is now officially over. That three papers a day thing was insane. Yeah. It was... :(

So... Yesterday after exam, I was fatigued. Extremely lack of sleep. Nonetheless, I managed to pull myself together for a late night outing with my fellow classmates. Well, one reason was that I never hang out with them and always refuse to join them for an outing. So if even after exam I won't be able to join them, my head is going to get chopped off. Like seriously. Hahaha~
I was there, playing the piano since 7.15pm while waiting patiently for them to come pick me up from my house. It was not till my hands are so tired and my eyes, blurred from all the note reading that I received a message from Gilbert saying, "We're coming for you now. (: (: (:" Well, that message practically made me smile.
However, it seems like they are having problems with traffic you know. Its jam. The whole of LDP. So it took them quite some time, prolly an hour plus to reach my house. The epic part was that they couldn't find the exact location of my house. They didn't look at the road sign at all before turning into a junction.
Cassandra went, "Hello, Evelyn, can you walk out to your door and see whether is it us outside your door?" Well, they were obviously at the wrong house cause I don't see any cars anywhere along the whole street. Jokers. So they went on searching. Two cars were searching for my house. Hiran's BMW came right after I got up to Sarah's Matrix. So then, off we went to The Curve
Sarah was hungry while suffering from ass pain sitting in the car for more than two hours. We strolled down the place where there will be a bazaar during the weekends scouting for any restaurant which is willing to serve us food since it was already 10.30pm. After buying the movie tickets at Cineleisure, Italianies was kind enough to cook us some food since they will be open till 11.30pm. Yeah. So everybody ate something except for Cassandra, Amanda and I. We were only interested with the bread with olive oil and vinegar. :D Nyomnyomnyom...
Next was the movie, Haunted Room. Well, I think it was me who suggested that we watch that movie and because of that, I feel so guilty now. You know what? That movie sucked to the core. Seriously. It wasn't some scary movie as it seemed and I think children below 18 can also watch it cause it was that pathetic. Instead, we were so amused by how we can actually relate all the symptoms and traits of Schizophrenia to the main character of that movie. It seems like she was suffering from a mental disease and ended up in an asylum. So yeah. We were screaming and shouting "Schizo" throughout the movie. Thank God the other people there was not pissed by our noisy and silly behaviors. Headed home after that. The night ended great.


Vanesse. The lunatic photographer. She takes everything and anything. We diagnosed her as suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Amanda. This is bad. We were talking about how skinny she is, on the verge of becoming anorexic. Skin and bones that is but not as bad as you perceive it as. We diagnosed her as probably suffering from Bulimia Nervosa.

Hiran. He ordered a weird drink. It looks very Hawaii, at the beach kinda feeling but the thing is that it is greenish-blue in color. That drink. So I was saying that it looks like some toilet detergent thing and he scowled at me. "Hey! I am drinking this okay?"

Me. Mine was mango juice. So I defended myself by saying that he can describe my juice as some yellow and contaminated urine. HAHAHA. "You... What about Sarah's?"

Sarah. She was drinking watermelon juice. "Err. Diluted blood?"

Gilbert. 100% concentration. He was busy eating. Didn't really involve in our conversations until he was done with his meal. Stomach filled. Satisfied. :) I just love his attitude. Somehow...

Cassandra. Rachel Ray. *Talks to Gilbert* "This is filling. Cause they have lots of cream in it. Order this la. One is enough." :D Precisely. Thumbs up. Your suggestion was the best solution.

A visit to a cinema is a little outing in itself. It breaks the monotony of an afternoon or evening; it gives a change from the surroundings of home, however pleasant. - Ivor Novello

So catch up with you guys some other time. My holiday will be quite busy, meaningful hopefully...

Love, evelyn

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