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Wow. I really have to applaud myself for slacking of blogging even though I was having my holiday previously. Class recommenced today, so woot! Its back to square one again. Whatever it is it ended. Sadly. But fortunately at the same time too! I have been missing my friends a lot these days, albeit there's no guarantee that we would be in the same class this coming semester. I miss youuu, especially Gilbert. God. I realized that both of us have A LOT in common. I like to be around you, but don't get me the wrong way please. As you said, I am like your little sister and I feel like you are a lot like my big brother too! :D Me like this rare sensation of being around guys like you
Anyways, when I am writing this post, as you all may already know, or probably not, I HAVE ALREADY PASSED MY DRIVING TEST the past Monday (16th May 2010). I was elated, need not say. So two weeks before that, I still find myself extremely fresh and innocent about driving manual car, nervous of course, seeing that I have always taken switching gears while driving as a tough tough job. I practically feared it to my bones. On Monday (2nd May 2010) I was introduced to manual car and since then, my eight driving lesson begins. I only had two lessons that week while on the second week of May, I worked my bones out learning driving every single day except for Sunday, which is the day before my actual driving test. Looking back at it, I really hated the grueling, the sweating and the pain of turning the steering wheel. My hands even have blisters as a result of forceful rubbing and friction caused by the mere action of turning the wheel, not to mention pulling the stiff handbrake. :(
Every morning, I struggled to get up and out from the cozy bed. I bounced up to off the alarm I set every morning and continued sleeping in a snoozing mode. I can't afford to miss any driving lessons at all seeing that I have a dateline to meet. No one is there to make sure that I wake up too. Oh its bad. Its like a training camp, disciplineee yada yada. By the time I make it back home, my body is all soaked with sweat, sticky. One word to describe - EWW! So this went on for eight times, till I get sick of it.
My first lesson was definitely my first time for manual cars. Well, I could say that it wasn't at all that bad with the exception of the panic I had and a few times of engine failures. :D
I certainly can manage the stopping of the car but when the traffic light turns green, my mind went blank immediately and all I knew was to make the car move. My first mistake was to let my feet do whatever they like with the pedals. Slowly, I was kind of getting the hang of it with the exception of my instructor, forever instructing me what to do when I'm on the road driving. Every single step to be done, he'll tell me. I was worried that I was going to be too dependent on the instructions and eventually fail my "on the road" and forced myself to think what to do next before the instructions come. Well, there are formulas on How to tackle Driving Test 101. :D Following the instructions will be the biggest incentive to pass driving test. Oosh!

Finally, the day has come to test my driving abilities after those lessons taken. Number was 50. First up was slope. Man, I can tell you that I wasn't really nervous or anything. I felt nothing, or maybe over confident? I had been hitting the right spot every time I practiced and therefore, felt pretty confident about it. Nevertheless, I failed my first try. Overshot. So the kind kind JPJ guy gave me a second try ( which he totally had to according to the mistake I made or I will just complain to his boss to get a second try ). I let the car slide back down the slope, aimed for the perfect spot and let my feet jam down the accelerator. The car pushed its way up and I stepped hard on the clutch and break simultaneously. *shoots confetti* I did it. The rest went well, including the parking and the 3pt turn. Man... It was cake. I passed section B just like that. (:
Section C was the driving on the road thing. The whole thing went pretty well from the beginning where I got up to a car and the JPJ woman requested another with better air conditioning - car no. 2. Everything was good until when I turned back into SDC at the small roundabout when she started screaming in my ears " TEKAN MINYAK! TEKAN MINYAK! " My mind went blur and I just let go of everything. There goes the engine. " Kamu ni orang. Suruh tekan minyak tak mau tekan minyak. Skarang engin mati. Tekanlah minyak. Kan saya suruh you tekan minyak. Tekan minyak la. Apala ni. " I was fuming inside, hot at both ears. So even after the car stopped, she continued mumbling and ranting about how "stupid" I am. She even asked me to sign faster! That's the part where I had enough. Seeing that she already passed me, I just went down the car without saying a word of thanks and slammed the door not hard but quite hard. I opened the back door to get my bag and slammed the door shut once more without turning back to look. Ha! You won't be able to imagine the satisfaction boiling in me mouthing "what the ****" after closing the door besides passing driving. (:


So here I am, extremely anxious, terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied by my first class in Social Psychology. Well, more like I have already missed a week of Psychology lessons but that was inevitable. The only notice was from that small print sentence in the time table sheet. No one noticed that. So yeah. The first thing the lecturer brought up today was ASSIGNMENT! That was not the end of it. He then proceeded by telling us that the assignment is due this Friday before 5pm. WHAT?! I didn't even have time to feel the pressure befall upon me. So then, someone voiced out by saying that this Friday is gonna be Wesak Day, which is a public holiday, so its a holiday, which means we can't hand up our assignment on that day! Suddenly, I felt like somebody just rescued me from a crocodile infested river. At least minimal light ray penetrated the fallen rock, which darkened my path. I love Buddhism all of a sudden. Now, the due date has been extended to Monday before 12pm, which leaves us more time to work on the proposal. Pheww... *exhale* More to come! More to anticipate! ):
Principle of Sociology was okay. The lecturer is Mr. Franz. He's hilarious! Well, he's an American despite his name which made me have the pre-perception of him as a France. I just love the accent. So authentic. However, it put me into wondering why are the American's or British's or Australian's accent so prominent and significant in real life whereas they are not in the movies or in the TV. Makes me wonder.

My relatives from China are here. Unfortunately, they only speak one dialect - Hokkien. Whenever they try to start a conversation with me, I could only stare blankly with many question marks surrounding my head. I am sorry cause I may seem rude but its inevitable. I couldn't really understand Hokkien despite being one myself. Fail. I don't despise the language or the people, its just that the way they communicate or the language itself sounds pretty rude for people who doesn't understand it. (: Well, I guess it goes the same to Cantonese. Its just that I understand the language perfectly, albeit still find the way the people speak to each other was as if they were fighting or quarrelling.

Love, evelyn


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