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Hola! Everybody... So my exam is now officially over. That three papers a day thing was insane. Yeah. It was... :(

So... Yesterday after exam, I was fatigued. Extremely lack of sleep. Nonetheless, I managed to pull myself together for a late night outing with my fellow classmates. Well, one reason was that I never hang out with them and always refuse to join them for an outing. So if even after exam I won't be able to join them, my head is going to get chopped off. Like seriously. Hahaha~
I was there, playing the piano since 7.15pm while waiting patiently for them to come pick me up from my house. It was not till my hands are so tired and my eyes, blurred from all the note reading that I received a message from Gilbert saying, "We're coming for you now. (: (: (:" Well, that message practically made me smile.
However, it seems like they are having problems with traffic you know. Its jam. The whole of LDP. So it took them quite some time, prolly an hour plus to reach my house. The epic part was that they couldn't find the exact location of my house. They didn't look at the road sign at all before turning into a junction.
Cassandra went, "Hello, Evelyn, can you walk out to your door and see whether is it us outside your door?" Well, they were obviously at the wrong house cause I don't see any cars anywhere along the whole street. Jokers. So they went on searching. Two cars were searching for my house. Hiran's BMW came right after I got up to Sarah's Matrix. So then, off we went to The Curve
Sarah was hungry while suffering from ass pain sitting in the car for more than two hours. We strolled down the place where there will be a bazaar during the weekends scouting for any restaurant which is willing to serve us food since it was already 10.30pm. After buying the movie tickets at Cineleisure, Italianies was kind enough to cook us some food since they will be open till 11.30pm. Yeah. So everybody ate something except for Cassandra, Amanda and I. We were only interested with the bread with olive oil and vinegar. :D Nyomnyomnyom...
Next was the movie, Haunted Room. Well, I think it was me who suggested that we watch that movie and because of that, I feel so guilty now. You know what? That movie sucked to the core. Seriously. It wasn't some scary movie as it seemed and I think children below 18 can also watch it cause it was that pathetic. Instead, we were so amused by how we can actually relate all the symptoms and traits of Schizophrenia to the main character of that movie. It seems like she was suffering from a mental disease and ended up in an asylum. So yeah. We were screaming and shouting "Schizo" throughout the movie. Thank God the other people there was not pissed by our noisy and silly behaviors. Headed home after that. The night ended great.


Vanesse. The lunatic photographer. She takes everything and anything. We diagnosed her as suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Amanda. This is bad. We were talking about how skinny she is, on the verge of becoming anorexic. Skin and bones that is but not as bad as you perceive it as. We diagnosed her as probably suffering from Bulimia Nervosa.

Hiran. He ordered a weird drink. It looks very Hawaii, at the beach kinda feeling but the thing is that it is greenish-blue in color. That drink. So I was saying that it looks like some toilet detergent thing and he scowled at me. "Hey! I am drinking this okay?"

Me. Mine was mango juice. So I defended myself by saying that he can describe my juice as some yellow and contaminated urine. HAHAHA. "You... What about Sarah's?"

Sarah. She was drinking watermelon juice. "Err. Diluted blood?"

Gilbert. 100% concentration. He was busy eating. Didn't really involve in our conversations until he was done with his meal. Stomach filled. Satisfied. :) I just love his attitude. Somehow...

Cassandra. Rachel Ray. *Talks to Gilbert* "This is filling. Cause they have lots of cream in it. Order this la. One is enough." :D Precisely. Thumbs up. Your suggestion was the best solution.

A visit to a cinema is a little outing in itself. It breaks the monotony of an afternoon or evening; it gives a change from the surroundings of home, however pleasant. - Ivor Novello

So catch up with you guys some other time. My holiday will be quite busy, meaningful hopefully...

Love, evelyn


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