7月18日                                                                    晴

都差不多一个星期了, 身上的伤痕也慢慢的康复,只留下些少的疤痕。真盼望我尽快地康复。有时真好讨厌我自己。说话不经三思。咳,够了。现在只想挖个大洞转进去,从此也不再重现光明。想逃避,但这不是最好的解决方法。想回家去。我走了!不要再给你添麻烦。


Rule My World by Kings of Convenience

This Summer is full of spontaneous events, something that I have severely lacked in my life before him.
Just slow strolls in the night after a gorgeous fire sunset clouds. A romantic tête-à-tête that ushered in tears, that precipitated spurts of delightful aches on that fragile and vulnerable heart of ours. The fog sank down from the realm of heaven to cast a gentle veil over the vast land of tranquil.

Up above the heaven stars shone,
down below our pants soaked.
Into each others' arms, we sank,
into each others' world, we drowned;
into each others' eyes, we became mesmerised,
into each others' fingers, we entwined.

It was you and me against the world,
right at that moment,

Life is unpredictable, isn't it?




Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying - Belle and Sebastian

I don't think I'm an extrovert. I think on the introvert and extrovert scale, I fall right where it is skewed towards the introvert side. Oh did I mention how scared I feel every time I meet a stranger? Striking up a conversation and keeping it going was never my forte. I am awkward like that.
I don't think I'm memorable as well. Just little cues that I pick up from talking to different people make me realize how I'm always the one who comes and goes off people's mind. "She's okay." That's about it. I think I might actually like that, but there's always exceptions.
I am probably not the most self-confident person out there because of all these little insecurities that I have about myself. I'm not perfect. After all, who is, right?

Just want to regress back to my bubble of ignorance and bliss.
Would you let me be?

Pei Ning

Summer Solstice:

My Ideal by Kenny Dorham

First day of Summer.
What this implies to me is that there are only two things: Sunny; hot, Thunderstorms; humid.
Oh wait. That sounds really familiar. That sounds exactly like Malaysia, all over again

Recently, I got the chance to really explore Plattsburgh in depth; something that I didn't get the chance to previously. I realized, this place that I called home for two years now, is actually a very scenic destination for a nature lover like me. I also realized that to be able to optimize your time here in Plattsburgh, to see as many interesting sights as possible, you will need to take the Road Less Travelled. Of course, there is a lot of walking and sometimes hiking, complimenting my plain curiosity and my love for adventure, getting my Converse kicks dirty and wet, all those are worthwhile. Memories will soon be embedded, along with the dust and stains picked up along the miles, in between the threads of the fabric of the shoe.
This is the life of an adventurer, An Explorer.

Stargaze. Who would have known? Who would have appreciated?
Just the little perks of life that will forever be tattooed into your heart, your mind, your soul.
One, Two, Three the count of three,
Lighted up the sky of Spring.
Lifted up sorrowful worries,
Leaving behind a grin of glee.
For once, I didn't have to pretend that the Airplanes in the night sky are like Shooting Stars. For once, once again, my wishes came true. Trice consecutively, criss-crossing through the dark universe, where these beautiful deaths fell from eternity. The night was perfect. Still. Serene. Dry grass. Great companion. Nothing beats the nonchalant chattering, while our heartbeats synchronized orchestrally in this plain wide field of an Oval. Nothing beats the imaginary slow dance at the gazebo.
Night was young when it wasn't.
Frozen in time, when the world wasn't.
Just You and Me, taking a step at a time.
Breathing in the state of divine.

"Sometimes life is about the ability to believe in where you are going even when you're not sure what lies ahead."


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