Rule My World by Kings of Convenience

This Summer is full of spontaneous events, something that I have severely lacked in my life before him.
Just slow strolls in the night after a gorgeous fire sunset clouds. A romantic tête-à-tête that ushered in tears, that precipitated spurts of delightful aches on that fragile and vulnerable heart of ours. The fog sank down from the realm of heaven to cast a gentle veil over the vast land of tranquil.

Up above the heaven stars shone,
down below our pants soaked.
Into each others' arms, we sank,
into each others' world, we drowned;
into each others' eyes, we became mesmerised,
into each others' fingers, we entwined.

It was you and me against the world,
right at that moment,

Life is unpredictable, isn't it?




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