the fourth day.......

Well, on the third day, we went to four places =).... Tian Long Ba Bu Studio, Butterfly Spring, Ancient City and Xizhou Town. Honestly, those places are also quite nice, however, its not as nice as Jiuxiang and Stone Forest. =) Anyway, enjoy the pictures i took in those places... This place is part of the Tian Long Ba Bu Studio... I just love the sakura tree... I am sooo lucky because the tour guide said that the sakura tree normally don't bloom at this time of the year. ^_^\/ That guy at the back of me in black and white jacket is the guy I mentioned- Zhen Yau... This is the lake near the Butterfly Spring... The scenery also very nice with sakura beside the lake... This place is the walkway to the Butterfly Spring... Those bamboo trees are pretty huh... This picture was taken in Xizhou Town where I get to taste the 'Bai' people's 'San Dao Cha'. The first serving was nice but the second and the third ones was to sweet... not nice at all to me...

This place is the Tian Long Ba Bu Studio where they took a very popular film here, but I don't really know what movie is that...

the second day...

We went to stone forest and the Yuantong Temple. The stone forest is actually made up of two sections, the big stone forest and the small stone forest. All the stones are actually under the sea million years ago. Cool huh? Some of the huge stones collapsed during earthquake and stucked between some of the big stones. They say if you are a mean person, when you go beneath the rock, it will fall . Me and my sister before entering the stone forest. Back then a person carved 'Shi Lin' on a big stone just at the back of us in this picture.
Look at the whole view of the stone forest, incredible huh? Thats why i tell you is incredibly beautiful, agree?
This is one of the model of the temple totally made of bronze.Cool leh...

wanna know something about my trip to China?

On the very first day in my trip, its a birthday of guy named Zhen Yau. Haha... and the tour leader bought a cake for him to cut in his room....so lucky !!! Well that day we went to aplace called jiuxiang.Tell you what, the place was incredibly beautiful....the mountains, the rivers, the caves, the waterfalls...can just make me say ...WOW!!!!Me in the middle with my sister on the right and my cousin sister on the left. The cave is actually the flowing path of the river water thousands years ago.
The water of the waterfall is from the top of the mountains, therefore the water is very clear,unlike here, all rivres polluted.
This is natural like the other one in Italy, if i'm not mistaken...

China....two more days to go....

So... I'll be going to China this Sunday(10/12/2006) and will be coming back only on the next Sunday(17/12/2006) which is also my birthday....yey!!!Soooo....it will be a good day for me at the 17th.I heard that it is around one degree celcius over there so if i'm lucky enough, i can probably see snow!!! So,i guess i'll blog again when i'm back from China. Happy holidays to everybody, miss you all....

Hey , seems like the previous blog is not the last one before my holiday trip....

the limited edition mouse pad....
and the limited edition ruler....

Hey guys , seems like what i said in the previous blog is not true .

Actually , I didn't know that i got a price for joining that 'how to chase away a monster' contest although its just a consolation price . And you know what its just a mouse pad and a ruler of 'Monster House' , limited edition . Well guess you just see the picture .

Ok , thats all , hope this is not the last one before my trip ....

December .... finally you are coming!!!

After such a long wait , finally , December is coming....
Hey!!! China , i'm coming.... Singapore , i'm coming .... birthday , i'm going to celebrate....Christmas.....wwweeeee.......all my wonderful presents......New Year.....i can't wait .....
After all , i'm overwhelmed with the coming of December , because thata when i'm really going to enjoy my entire school holiday .

So , what have you guys planned to do this holiday? Don't forget to tell me during school reopen, ok?

Well , i get to know that yuen hee is going to move to a new house somewhere in the middle of December . I just hope that new house is a better , quieter , more peaceful ad more confortable place to stay in .

Ok , i think i don't have muc things to write about like the other people . If i am not wrong , think the next blog of mine is after i came back from holidays . For those people that really feel boring during holidays , maybe you can try this website - http://www.miniclips.com
There are hundreds over interestng games you can play from and its free .

So i guess i see you guys around .

i went shopping.... yey!!

that was what we had for lunch...yum...
picture of a cow....mmoooo...
Wow...look at the stars...

Look at this big christmas tree..

Yesterday i went shopping with my family to Ikano , Ikea and The Curve... and see those christmas decorations.Hehehe......I found something....guess what.....some of Ikano's christmas trees is recycled using last years....hahaha......i knew their secrets....hehehe.....

Anyway , what make the trip special is the lunch we had at la gourmet house....hahaha....the plate very special also... everybody's plate is different from the other's . So..... special or not?

Today , some funny incident happened .... there are two husband and wife , both brought their maid and a baby and went for breakfast at taman Megah . After that , the husband drove a mercedes bens and went off and the wife follow her friend's BMW and went off , leaving the maid and the baby behind crying for about 4 hours . At last , two policemen passed by and send both the maid and the baby to the police station.... Everybody still do not know what are the couples thinking .....

yey!!!! i got my birthday present......although its a bit early this year....

my dolly doll.... cute?

Surprisingly , i got my birthday present earlier than i expect...yes!
This year , i go a present from my beloved friend , Shuning , guess what i got? Haahaha , its something like to decorate your finger nails . I really like that present although its a small present , but it mean a lot , you know?
I also get a drawing from Xinwei . She gave me the drawing as my birthday present .

Other than that , i got a CD Player from my auntie . Yes!!! I finally own a CD player i longed for , although now everybody wants mp3 , mp4 , handphone , some more the newest play station 3 , but its ok for me , as long as its a present , i'll accept .

So how is everyone's holiday? Mine is extremely boring , can't wait for december , can't wait for the trip . Ahhhhh , can't even wait for school reopen !!! What ?! PMR ?! No way!!! Hahaha , i think i'd better enjoy the holidays , so next year can work harder for PMR exemination .

yey!!! shuning , u brighten my day...

look........the results of jelly....in an egg shell?

A very meaningful day!!!The happiness come from Shuning's house...

happy... eating ....enjoying the popia , chicken wings and salads ...... yumyum....
this is the popia i made.... nice leh....hahahah....
jennifer and megan having a whale of time... wwweeeee.......i making popia , my own popia...... they still preparing......
thats the preperasion for popia...see? a lot of things...

Today after edu smart tuition , i , megan , and a friend of shuning (sry i don't know her name) went to shuning's house to make 'things' (tell you later).....

Its so fun that it never go boring . Yuen hee went there later as she has something on... and xin wei came after we arrived . AAhhhhhhh , i wished time can stop in that very few hours in shuning's house .

Well for other pictures , u may have to refer to the next blog!!! Sorry , because my computer can't load pictures for now....

Week of November 13, 2006
Your spiritual zone is still a very potent area. The veil between the worlds seems to be parting more often these days, giving you glimpses of other dimensions of consciousness. As you love adventure, you may find this very interesting and rather unnerving as you are being pushed out of your comfort zone. If you meditate or are involved in any other spiritual practice then you are probably involved at quite an intense level. Your dreams will be very vivid and it would help you if you were to write them down at this time.

Sun Sign
There continues to be a major emphasis on your friendship zone which is bringing you the chance to meet up with new people. Making new contacts seems to be the name of the game. Keep up with the networking, or begin if you haven't even started. Someone may have a word of advice for you on Monday – or you may receive an unexpected piece of information which encourages you to take action. Don't stay at home, as you are going to miss out on a whole lot of opportunities if you doown at this time.

Sun Sign
You can't hide even if you wanted to. The cosmos seems to be trying every trick in the book to get you into the spotlight. Whether you are in the public eye or not, you are being noticed. Hopefully you are enjoying the attention. Monday may bring the chance of an unexpected pay rise or a bonus out of the blue- so don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever you are doing you seem to be in the thick of it - you are in the centre performing whatever needs to be done.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Your hard work on the job may appear to be finally paying off, dear Aries, as all signs indicate that a raise, promotion or other form of advancement is coming your way. Your ambition and concentration has led and will continue to lead to significant accomplishment, which is not likely to escape the notice of those above you on the hierarchical ladder. Draw satisfaction from your achievements and continue as you are.

Sun Sign
There is still a major emphasis on your travel zone and hopefully you are taking full advantage of this. Your focus is on the long view, the blue yonder and not so much on those events or issues closer to home. You too are full of surprises and may decide to get in touch with a friend overseas – if it feels right do it. Vacationing seems to be on your mind and the need to take in the bigger picture and to appreciate what you have because you now appreciate what others have - or don't have.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Studying in solitude may appeal to you today, dear Taurus. A new interest has captured your imagination, and so you may decide to sequester yourself at home or in the library learning about it. Your concentration is high, as is your perseverance, so anything you begin today is likely to succeed. The downside is that you might strain your eyes or give yourself headaches trying to accomplish too much at once. Pace yourself.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Old memories welling up from the past today could trigger a desire to get in touch with old friends, dear Gemini, or with relatives whom you haven't seen for a long time. Some of these recollections could be bittersweet, bringing pain experienced in the past to the surface once more. Don't hang on to these ancient grieves. Work them out in your mind, then let them go. You might experience a deep-seated relief, and could even feel a little lightheaded.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Social events that are likely to be business-oriented could take up a lot of your time today, dear Cancer. You could either be planning them, or you could be actually attending. If the latter, however, it could well be more than one. You are feeling especially outgoing at this time, so you should make a good impression and possibly even make a few new friends. However, it's also important to remember to take some time for yourself.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Your innate charm and good manners has brought you good relationships with both coworkers and superiors on the job, and today you might find that this has served you well, dear Leo. Authority figures may seem a little intimidating, but hang on to your self-confidence. Hard work and dedication has also brought you some corporate kudos, and therefore it is quite possible that you might hear of forthcoming advancement career-wise. Onward and upward!

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Work on projects of your own may be very much on your mind today, dear Virgo. They could involve studies of some kind, or they could involve the arts in some way. Or you might be considering innovative ways of earning extra money. All signs are that any enterprise begun or continued today is likely to succeed, so go to it. However, it is important to give whatever you're working on a lot of thought before presenting it to others.

Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
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Sun Sign
November 14, 2006
Kicking ideas around with colleagues today could lead to planning social events of some kind, bringing important people together in order to ensure cooperation on ambitious projects. You might find yourself in a number of meetings, dear Scorpio, or spending considerable time on the phone. Your mind is especially business-oriented today and thus you'll be operating on a very efficient level. However, remember the niceties. Express a polite interest in those around you - even if you don't feel up to it.
Shuning and Chika!!!
A present from Chika's family to my family
Chika and the Petronas Twin Tower!!!
Hahaha...she pretty or not?

farewell dinner for YE student exchange
quite sad actually for the YE Chika to go back Japan..........sobz........

happy holidays!!! While you can ........

Hello everybody!!!!!!! Hows holidays going so far? I bet some of you have gone for a holiday , am i right? But who cares?


Tonight , surprisingly my parents brought me to secret recipe for dessert!!! Amazing huh?
Guess what i had there? I had blueberry cheese cake , marble cheese cake and chocolate fudge . I've tried all those including caffe mocha . Worse than expected , the mocha that i tried is worse then coffee , oh my gosh , i would never want to try mocha or cappucino or anything related to coffee , out of my way!!! Yes!!!

When i was there , there was a lady who was so selfish . She came alone and occupies a four person table . Then she accidentally push her cup of pepsi and 'splash' all it goes to the floor , she ask for replacement . Haiz , hopeless.....feel like giving her a punch on her face!!! Hahahaha......Just joking......

Time is passing so quickly like a rocket , SPM is coming soon , very soon , and pity me and my sister ....... Haiz ......... Today , i was actually planning to go 1U with my parents , but i can't leave my sister all alone in the house , so , plan failled ........ As for my sister , she is quite stress studying for SPM , but what to do , still have to sit for that stupid exam , opps , did i say stupid? Hehe , sorry ......

Anyways , i just hope that my sister can get good results for her SPM examination and hope that everyone enjoys their holidays!!!


Copyright by evelynleepeining.

Everyone , enjoy your holidays.........


I am ssssooooooooo not agree with the class outing being cancelled!!!!!!!Why is it cancelled? I still did not know why isit cancelled as i did not attend school during wednesday , and yet nobody told me why it was cancelled.I still don't understand.......Why? Why?


I am so can't wait for december as a lot of great thing will happen on that month.We have Christmas , my birthday , my brother's birthday , some more can celebrate new year 2007 , and i'm going to holiday , including CHINA n SINGAPORE . Yey!!!

Anyway , i hav not much things to write , so sorry. but thanks for visiting my blog . Bye!!!

Happy holiday.............

Hi everyone who reads my blog!!!!!!!!!!!Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sure you all are very excited to read my first blog rite?

REPORT CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally Pn. Baljit came back so Pn. Santhi would'nt need to be the one incharge of 2A's class's report card!!!!!!!Yey!!!!!!!!!

For those who missed the librarian bbq nite, u really missed all the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What i like most is the bbq part!!!!!!!(although i'm a noob in bbq)hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
And the treasure hunt!It was totally cool(although my group ws considered noob).LOL.

For 2A's ppl, you all going to the class outing?That one on friday(10/11/2006)?
Cuz you know wat..........i'm going with you guyz!!!!!!!!!!Yey!

You all going anywhere for this coming holidays?
If not,i'm gonna compani you in msn!So you won't feel bored!

Anywayz...........thanks for reading mr blog and happy holidays to all......Miss you all...........muakz!!!!!!!

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