wanna know something about my trip to China?

On the very first day in my trip, its a birthday of guy named Zhen Yau. Haha... and the tour leader bought a cake for him to cut in his room....so lucky !!! Well that day we went to aplace called jiuxiang.Tell you what, the place was incredibly beautiful....the mountains, the rivers, the caves, the waterfalls...can just make me say ...WOW!!!!Me in the middle with my sister on the right and my cousin sister on the left. The cave is actually the flowing path of the river water thousands years ago.
The water of the waterfall is from the top of the mountains, therefore the water is very clear,unlike here, all rivres polluted.
This is natural like the other one in Italy, if i'm not mistaken...


JeremyLee said...
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ur long trip finally over....at last... kurisumas comin soon... presents!!! i like it!

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