I've tried so hard. Just let me go.

Ne-yo - Mad

Lying down comfortably on the flower bed I breathed in my favourite lavender scent
Loneliness gradually drowned my fragile heart.

My body went numb of the piercing cold
Vulnerable and insignificance was all i felt
Until your warm hands reached out to mine
And that was then I realised, that
You have always been right beside me.

Before you showed up in my trivial life
Fairy tale was all I had in mind about love
Ideal, flawless yet unreachable
As for now, I see and realised
I have never appreciated you till you're gone
But now that i have you back again
I will cherish you for the rest of my life

The fact that I finally bow out gracefully
And stop telling you how much I do love you
Res ipsa loquitur
Let the truth speak for themselves
Let actions show affection

We don't often realise what we have till we lose them. Don't make the same mistake as those who have already made it.
Poem by Kelvin Loh and I

Love, Eve

Paula Abdul Quits Idol.

With the posting on her Twitter account on Tuesday, 4th August, 2009, she announced that she will be leaving the most-watched reality show in the world. " With sadness in my heart, I've decided no to return." *Gasp*

Paula had served as one of the judges in American Idol, along side with Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi, who joint in to be a panel last year for 8 seasons before coming to this shocking decision. Of course, some people take this a different perspective and suggest that it is not such a devastating news after all.

Paula, whose contract has ended last season, was utmost confident that she could get her contract renewed and continues to be part of the show just few days before announcing her decision on leaving idol. Although the producers of the singing show and Paula herself refuses to discuss about this matter, rumours have state that the main reason to Paula's decision was because of her dissatisfaction towards the pay she will be getting after renewing her contract as it was known to be less than Ryan Seacrest's, whose renewed contract worth $45 million and Simon Cowell’s, whose pay is enough for him to buy a mini island.


I am the highest paid reality television host to date!


Get out! My Island. ROAR!


Can I have my job back please??

Despite all the guessing, the truth lies beneath the heart of Paula’s and the producers’. In fact, her leaving actually brought smiles to the faces of my family members as we think that her days in idol is insignificant and unnecessary. Her comments are not practical and are practically useless. The good-person-wannabe, praises almost all the performances by the contestants and even for those who performed atrociously. Fortunately, her absence in idol opens doors for several celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry to serve as guest judges in the reality show. *cheers*

Looking forward to watching the brand new season of American Idol!

ca. 2006 --- Paula Abdul --- Image by © Andrew Macpherson/Corbis Outline

Adiós Paula!

Love, Eve

Leo Installation 2009

Faith Hill - Lost

As a not-so-active member of the Leo Club in my school, I couldn't help but to shrug when I was asked about my involvements and achievements in the club for the past three years. In fact, the things I have done or contributed to the club is so limited that they could be counted using the ten fingers most of us have.

On the 25th July, 2009, we had our annual installation and that was my last time wearing that jean vest of mine to school and in public. Anyway, attending this installation made me feel myriad feelings : For being so proud as a LEO because of the great installation and for being so embarrassed as a librarian for the librarian installation sucked to the core.

Anyway, performances were great. Great selection for the new Board of Directors. Great installation. Cheers!

Pictures worth a thousand of memories.




Pictures credits to : Pau Ling, Mei Yi & Su Qi. :)



Love, Eve.


Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

According to this website, I look like Ueto Aya, one of the Japanese actress who was also the main actress in the drama series Attention Please. Love that drama and you should watch it too!

Anyway, curious which celebrity you might look like? Go check it out yourself. :)

Love, Eve.

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