Leo Installation 2009

Faith Hill - Lost

As a not-so-active member of the Leo Club in my school, I couldn't help but to shrug when I was asked about my involvements and achievements in the club for the past three years. In fact, the things I have done or contributed to the club is so limited that they could be counted using the ten fingers most of us have.

On the 25th July, 2009, we had our annual installation and that was my last time wearing that jean vest of mine to school and in public. Anyway, attending this installation made me feel myriad feelings : For being so proud as a LEO because of the great installation and for being so embarrassed as a librarian for the librarian installation sucked to the core.

Anyway, performances were great. Great selection for the new Board of Directors. Great installation. Cheers!

Pictures worth a thousand of memories.




Pictures credits to : Pau Ling, Mei Yi & Su Qi. :)



Love, Eve.


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