The air of urgency.

Invisible - Clay Aiken

In more ways than not, I should be panicking by now. Today I was sitting at the comfy sofa being a couch potato with the remote control in my hands. Unconsciously, I was switching the channels constantly by pressing on the little buttons with my thumb, occasionally frustrated when advertisements filled the screen for every channel. :)
The screen blackened for split seconds then 8TV popped out at the screen. The news reporter shocked me by saying, " Chinese New Year is just two weeks away." DARN! :/
That means quizzes are next week and who knows if any lecturers plan to put some quiz this week? ohhemmgee
Seems like Mr. Marzuki really looking forward for my presentation on Thursday but Heck! I'm not ready yet! I'm still scrambling around with my reaction paper, my slides, my speech et cetera. I was wondering if I can tell him that I am not ready to present my things but if he insisted on me doing it for saying something like " Its okay, give your best shot. I like people who are spontaneous. " or so, I am then really a dead meat. I just hope he can give me more time. Time is all I need for now. And he should understand that patience is a virtue :(


Breaking Dawn. Yi Xuan, I am so sorry to tell you but that book is still left there after few weeks of hiatus. I just don't have to time nor the mood to continue since that book is so incredibly thick. I guess I'm gonna have to continue during the Chinese New Year since then I hope there's no quiz coming up after the week long holiday.


OOH! And for SASA, there will be a barbecue party on the 6th of February, 6pm till 10pm at Rivercity Condominium. Pretty excited and thrilled. To me, barbecue is always one of a kind activity since I was many times intoxicated by my past barbecue experiences.
Barbecue just makes me wanna smile more :D

Love, eve

Its essential now. Like its part of my routine already.

According to You - Orianthi

First, I am way off my studying schedule. I am slacking, procrastinating, doing whatever I think its not worth doing at the time but I can't help it. Its pulling me off track. Not a good sign. My quizzes, I can't afford to fail them.
You know my Malaysian Studies first quiz? It was a group quiz but Cassandra and I were the only two working our ass off and I was the one who went up to present that whole thing. I was really nervous at that time ( I was never good in public speaking ), the air-con was making me shiverring my socks out but somehow managed to earn my group and myself a whole 1.5 marks out of 4 marks in total. I don't know what or who was the main problem but FYI, my group already scored the highest of all four groups in total. If this thing goes on like that. All our other quizzes and finals are like that, GG dot com. Seriously. No joke


Secondly, what the heck am I thinking right now? I mean its so normal that I get hooked onto something that I love doing but this is definitely not a good thing. I mean I don't even have a clear grasp of my elusive mind so what makes me want to do this more than anything else? What makes me look forward to this moment everyday more than anything else? It's like everything just dimmed down after its over. And I realised ever since it has started, the same wish I would make everytime when I see the clock showing 1.11am . It just did anyway and I was still making the same wish I did few weeks ago! I am losing my mind a little. Maybe I should resume to my studies instead or go to bed and stop acting like I am a vampire for real


I had a dream last night. More like this morning. Recently in one of the Psychology classes, I studied a basic thing about Sleep & Dreams. But when I dreamt yesterday, I wouldn't be sure whether was it a dream or was I imagining it all after it started a little. Maybe it was what I
wanted so badly these days and I was thinking about it almost everyday that I even dreamt about it. I am sure though that it started as a dream but after a little while, it might have turned out to be me who was the one who used my mind to control the outcome of that sweetest yet nostalgic dream or it might still remained a dream. You probably would not understand a word I wrote previously but it is what this should be. Dreams are just part of our desire, they are still what we conceive and presume as and they are still our minds, playing tricks.

By the way, I realized many talked about dreams these few days. Perhaps its Dwayne Johnson coming over as a Dream Fairy this time round? :)

I just need a solution. A simpler way out from this chaos.
It is a secret
And you should keep it as one

Love, eve

Different World. Different Perception.

Tonight - Jay Sean

I entered the hall with much reluctance. The sight of the pair of shivering wrinkled hands and his nervous and awkward body posture inevitably made me want to step up to comfort him. My throat was thick, heart was wrenching. My eyes were fixed on him, but my mind wondered, thinking myriad unanswered questions. Minutes passed and he was still in the center of attention, but somehow he managed to calm his nerves and started to get used to be standing at his position. He was Mr. Albert Wang.
One glance at him, many would start to build false perception towards this man. Why? That was only because he was mentally ill- Schizophrenia. He shared his life experience without feeling embarrassed any bit at all. To him, a life full of lies will be one forbidden by God. To him, lies can fool everybody but one's soul and God above him

Why can't more people show empathy towards people who are suffering from mental disease?They are just like any other patients suffering from those common chronic diseases. Mental illness can be cured, if put under professional care and treatment. We should not judge one based on their color, nor what they are, but their heart
I was especially touched when I shook and with him. " Thank you Mr. Albert. It was very moving and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. " That sincere smile which carved across his pale cheeks was enough to keep me motivated and perked me up for the day.
It is true that the good always prevails in the end.

P.S : You might want to look at this (about him) and this (about a 7 year old girl suffering from the same disease)

The happiest people do not necessarily own the best of all. They simply appreciate what they find on their way.

Was it just me
or my love was left unrequited?

Love, eve

Beware. Shopaholic.

Blessed The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

Last year really killed my weekend shopping routine with my family. Exams and all. *shucks them all away* What did I do? :/
So yesterday, the usual weekend routine was back to the run. Headed to Sunway Pyramid. I actually thought that I won't have many many new clothes for the nearing Chinese New Year but least I would expect, I actually came back home with bags & bags of goodies. In fact, I bought the most clothes among my family members. Cheers! :D
Wearing my high heels was definitely a wrong move. We walked and walked and walked for the whole of eight hours and practically covered every part of the mall. From old wing to new wing then back to old wing then to new wing again. From this level to the next level then WATTABISH! :/
Fortunately, my heels was not killer heels and its only three inches although it is still sufficient to kill me already as I am not a high heel person plus all the long walk. But that heels is the only thing that can match the outfit I was wearing ( don't ask me what because I would be too lousy in explaining and in the end you would still not know what I was wearing )! * shrugs * And right till this morning, I was still suffering from the after-heels-painful-feet. :(


College was awesome today! Not like anything special happened but I just felt like this was a great day compared to the others. Despite that fact that I had to wake up early at 7.05am and follow my sister whose class started at 8.00am to college in a I'm-still-so-sleepy look hanging on me face, I still enjoyed today's everything (well, almost)! :)
Went to Level 5 of Wisma Help which is best known as ADP students' hang out place and sat there for one whole hour A.L.O.N.E. . Well, not that I am a loner or something but it was still so freaking early and I doubt anybody would go to college at that time except for to attend early morning classes. * YAWN *

At 9.00am sharp...

* packs things and rushes to the library to the computer after registering * :D
That's me!
Yes, there are computers for students to use in the library unlike SMKTS's lousy and old library. :P
Assignments, reaction paper, journal critique, quizzes... etc. They all have one similarity. Which is adding stress to my life. What the heck!? So I was cracking brain juice, messing up things in my mind just to get my reaction paper done. Why the hurry? Initially, I thought my individual presentation was due this Thursday until Mr. Marzuki ( my Freshman English I teacher ) told me he said next Thursday. So screw it... But the good thing was that I have extra time to work on it! Yay!
And also it is kinda freaky when Daniel would update his blog and I normally see it one hour after he does that. He thinks its freaky that he sees me online every time he goes online too! And its kinda freaky that we actually went online at almost the same time this morning. FREAKY! @.-
But thanks to Daniel, my time at the library wasn't that boring as he kept me entertained while I kept him entertained at the same time. Surprisingly, he never heard of " I love you, you love me. I kiss you, you mati! "
Anyway, went to look for Mr. Marzuki at KPD Block E. I was like living in a cave for years and didn't know that students can enter as we like if we intend to look for any lecturers. When my friends bravely pushed the door open, I followed cowardly inside while constantly reminding myself, "Get prepared for scolding. Say sorry and scoot off." :/
Besides, I found out something peculiar about Hiran, my Sri Lankan friend, was that his name was unusually long! There was an extra "Generation" name other than his family name. Funny.
I am still feeling a little embarrassed about my clumsiness in Computer class. I was like from stone age and know close to zero about the Microsoft Word 2007? Not like I never used MS Word but the version in my computer is still 2003. Not updated. It was Hiran who helped me out. TQ. And sorry at the same time. Forgive?


I wish you would never speak to me.
But at the same time,
I'm dying to have a conversation with you.

Love, eve.

Parting Ways.

Collection of Lady Gaga's famous - Sam Tsui

This was supposed to be posted up a long time ago. Like right after graduation but I didn't have time for that. This has been in my phone under Notes for so long. Fungus growing already. So here it is. Specially for my high school mates.
Enjoy! :D

Like meteor, like fireworks
Time flashes pass our doors
Dimmed down and could be seen no more

Such pity, such petty
Life can be without buddies
Without ya'll life would be such mess

Albeit the gruelings and stress
There are moments I cherish best
Jabbering, babbling, I would be
As chuckles and laughter, I would bring

Now that all those sail to an end
Different paths, different bends
UK, America, Aussie, Japan
Strange and unfamiliar they no longer be
As those are some places to pursue dreams

Cross junction is where we part
Another will we meet in years
Joy and cheers accompanied with tears
Teases and wishes filled both ears

So long my friends
I wish you the best
Forget me not
Or I'll spank your ass!
* chuckles *

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Jigsaw puzzle being messed up
Glass bottle being shattered
That's what we are becoming
We are breaking apart

Love, eve.

Future Love.

White Horse - Taylor Swift

Mixed feelings was all I had towards the idea of donating blood. Nervous, anxious, excited, curious etc.
You name it! :/
Besides benefiting the patients and filling up the blood bank for emergency purposes, I can actually get a FREE vaccination for Hepatitis B after a few times of this kind act.
Thumbs Up! :D
As all the other blood donor, I filled up the form for blood donation upon arrival and did the usual thing before donating blood such as weighing, check blood pressure and did the blood test. ( I'm blood type O! Universal Donor. Generous nia! )
Anyway, I was soon on the half sit half lying chair awaiting the arrival of the moment. I stared down hard when the nurse injected the first needle into my arm. Who knows what it does but when she inserted the thick needle, I looked away. Didn't want myself to get freaked out or something. :/ Anyway, that was not my point of topic. Apparently, my vein is a little too small that the nurse could not get the needle inserted at the right position or whatever.
Complication. That was. :(
My blood was flowing so slowly into the packet that the balance reading was increasing at one ml at a time instead of ten like others. I was like, " Gosh! This is taking forever. " But all I could do was to smirk. -.-
NOTE THIS ---> This was not the worst part of it.
The nurse just had to mess around with that needle just to get my blood flow a wee quicker. Just so you know, it hurts so much that I had to imagine I was screaming my lungs out. She was constantly pulling the needle out, pushing it in again, rotating the needle, pulling it upwards then pushing it down again as if it was a malfunction hydraulic pipe.
I was actually eligible to donating 300ml of blood and in the end, the nurse gave up when the reading showed 250ml. Phew. Thank you.
Unfortunately, the pain didn't just let me go at that point. It continues on and on till now. Occasionally giving me the slight sting. The large patch of blue black and red blood clot is making my pretty arm real hideous right now. But what to do? To save the lives suffering out there. this is nothing compared to the pain they are going through.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.


Love, eve.


Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert

The dreadful alarm seems to like to go against my wish to snuggle into my comfort sheets. But this morning, I was exceptionally fine with the quick beats of my alarm. That was because I had to get up early to wash my hair. Not that I hadn't wash my hair for months or whatever but my hair was so stiff and unorganised last night that I promised myself that I'll wash it early in the morning before heading to college for my Psychology class at 8.30am.
Pass :D
It turned out to be quite good as I received a few positive feedbacks about my hair being so unusually straight. I always do whenever people see me after I wash my hair. I hate it when I washed it in the evening and after a night sleep, it was horrible again. I guess it is what William Shakespeare meant when he said,
"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date"
Not self-praising though :/
Nothing lasts forever in this world, not even the greatest kingdom ever founded in the earliest days. :(


I like the word ' dawn '. Not that it signifies anything important in my life but to me, dawn is like the new beginning of everything, start of a new day. Occasionally, my disturbed sleep pattern will cause me to wake up at the darkest hours in the morning where things are completely pitch black. Take a look at the alarm clock just to find that its still 4 in the morning.
I've tried, staying up all night to study and I find it quite amusing as it was the time where everybody else were warm in bed and indulging themselves with sweet dreams. It sort of gave me the sense of serenity and tranquility despite the tired eyelids which were about to give up opening anytime. I can actually think well as it was pin drop silent although my mind are about to shut down anyway.

So its me, doodling from college while waiting for time to pass. Taa... :)

P.S. : I'm going to donate blood later in the evening. :D
Restless as I sit in front of the blank sheets
Drawing irregular circles in the air as I contemplate
My mind was wondering like a stallion
Everything came flashing past like a fast forwarded slide show

Love, eve.

Anything in Everything.

Lets Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro

Yesterday was the co-curriculum exhibition. The usually quiet and solitary Level 5 of Wisma HELP was soon packed with seniors and freshmen by noon. The opening of the lift door inevitably exposed us the the noise of the students coming from the inside of the room.
The sound of music by the Choir Club could barely be heard even through the loudspeakers. The
enthusiasm in the students could be seen as the new students crowded around the many booths set up by myriad clubs while the seniors were busy giving out brochures and promoting their clubs. Chaotic that is. :/
I strolled around while browsing the booths with my friends, occasionally stopping to listen about the activities carried out by some of the potential clubs. My eyes were soon fixed on this American Eagle Club, the club my brother used to be in . There was this guy whose face looked extremely familiar was staring at me as if he was seeing ghost. Similarly, I could not help but to gawk at him while waiting for my slow mind to process. I can almost imagine the miniature of me panicking in my brain, ransacking the folders from the old boxes trying to retrieve the name of this ultimate familiar face I had seen at the same moment.
No doubt, I failed. :(
Just when I was about to walk away with much pretentious as if none of those awkward moments had happened when...
" Sean's sister! Come and join American Eagle! Your brother was in this club so you should join too!"
In the meanwhile...
" No Evelyn! You should not! You should have your own opinion instead of following your brother's footsteps! Come on!"Cassandra jerked my arms while shouting at me.
:/ Torn in between.
" No peer pressure but I will take a look around first and will decide later." And, I walked off without joining any of them. I decided that I want my decision to be independent of any influences and to my likings.
In the end, my decision landed on the Child Development Psychology Club since it has got to do with psychology and also involves activities which can contribute and beneficial. I was practically convinced with this club and is looking forward to attending their meetings and see more into this club. Sure I do love to sing and dance but the Choir Club and the Dance Club are those that I would not choose to join. Reason? I don't know myself but I am pretty sure those are not the choices I want to make. :D
It really takes time for one to realise what's good and what's bad. Who are friends, who are the enemies.
There were sayings:
Beware of friends rather than enemy.
I find it quite true when you should know that you can believe no one entirely other than your family members. :)

The eyes reflect the soul of your heart.
In the darkness through the veil
You whispered words of comfort into my ears
Are those real, the words I hear?
Or was it mere, a fairy tale?
Love, eve.

Where's The Love??

Time For Miracles - Adam Lambert

Sometimes the cruel facts of nature got me wondering what is actually going on in this world.

Lets see.

If you are not aware of this, people in Haiti are in such desperation that they have to fight with each other in order to get food, water and all the other basic needs provided by voluntary bodies.
They should be there for one another and this deplorable scenario should not be happening at all!
Turning the globe around and you will eventually be amazed by how many unfortunate events can strike mankind at the same time. In China, people are suffering from the unbearable coldness. The extreme climate change and the heavy snow fall for many consecutive days are enough to cost human lives!

Imagine how the world has changed because of our inhumanly acts which causes vast destruction to mother nature! One hemisphere of the Earth can experience extreme coldness while another have to bear with the unbearable heat waves and even drought! Both are equally dangerous and can cause big damage to humans natural body cycle
Then, just yesterday, the lugubrious faces of the Penang Chinese school inevitably portrays the ultimate sombre mood for mourning the death of a teacher and a few students. Imagine the tear-streaked faces of the deaths' family members. Imagine the funerals which the students would never thought of attending to

Life is so unpredictable that the Angle of Death could come knocking at your door anytime they wish. So at this point of life, does it matter if we seek our way to a materialistic life and not bother about the need to find a balance to this kind of lavish life with the basic principles of our lives?

Just look around. Scrutinise the things that you have taken for granted all these while.

Ask yourself:

How long have you not look at the beauty of the clouds which form irregular shapes in the sky?
How long have you not realise at a particular night, whether the moon is full or new?
When was the last time you hug your parents and tell them that you love them to the core?
When was the last time you offer your help to someone needy?
How long have you not stop and take a breather?
How long have you not lie down on the bed and tell yourself, ' No alarms for tomorrow. I'll wake up when I open my eyes whenever it will be.' ?

I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it.

Love, eve

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly.

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Life was pretty normal, albeit the absence of my brother at HOME. Prolly its because I am so used to have him away from HOME. You see, the month of youth exchange thing and stuff. But no. He don't actually contribute at HOME so no vast difference was made in my life. Except for the slight ache I have in my heart when I looked at the things he left behind. Plus the times I put myself through, contemplating that he will only be back two years later to use them.

Oh yeah. I just realised the song I am listening now totally match the situation I am going through now! Cool... :D

Anyway, the readers of my blog are decreasing from day to day. I guess its because of the lack of interesting thing I talk about in my blog.

So, the cool thing is - I found out I am a friend of a real princess. YES! You didn't register wrongly. She's a royal all the way from Zimbabwe. Cool eh? But she told me she will not be able to cause a hoo-ha in the city. BUT she definitely will in the outskirts. That only is cool. Well, who the heck gives a damn about a princess in the city? At least she's more like a celebrity in the kampung... :D

And I have another classmate who was made in Sri Lanka. Gosh. I can tell you that he not only look Malaysian but he's quite cute too. Yeap. Can consider cause he's quite a gentleman from what I see so far. Anyone?

PLUS. There's a 10 or 11 year old genius in my class. YEAH! Not like I am happy about it but yeah, its another cool thing. EXCEPT, I think he has got a little attitude problem. Not to compare him with us grown-ups but he is a little different in terms of attitude compared to other children.

Before I sign out, I just want to send my condolences to the people in Haiti. All my prayers and supports are with you.

It takes true courage to stand up when you fall down. Life ends when you choose to stay lying on the ground.

Love, eve.

Tik Tok ontheclock.

Blame It On The Pop - Various Artists

Disclaimer : This post is entirely of my random rantings. So if you think I am too old to complain or too lame to post rantings in my blog, move the arrow with your mouse to the top right corner of this page and click on it. Never come back again. If you just love the way I whine like a four year old child, go on! :D

Time is flashing pass real fast. I don't want to try to sound like a philosopher here because I realize there's many other posts of mine which start with time flies, time is flying pass my life, time is whatever crap I mentioned. But if you hadn't realize, I have a feeling that 24 hours a day is definitely not sufficient for the loads of routine and tasks to be completed. It is depressing with the idea of it.

So, from day 1 of college till now day 4, marks the near end of the first week of class in college. Many threw me the same mundane question which sounds like " How was college?" " How do you like college so far? " " When did you start college? " " Which college do you go to? " Albeit the repetition of these questions, I find myself giving the same old reply of " It was okay. " " I go to HELP University College. " " Oh I started this Monday. " Period. Nothing much I can say.

As you know, college requires each own efficiency or you will just drown into the deep blue sea and consequently, wasting your parents money. There is no more tolerance on how you can pay up your outstanding fees after the dateline like how we used to back in high school ( although the good girl I am don't ). Or there is no more how the lecturers want you to pass up tutorials work or assignments. It is in your hands to decide your performance in college.

Another thing that I realized was college is not as easy as you think it may be. There is no fixed time for lunch break, school hour or whatsoever. So if you have classes which goes on and on without any breaks in between, too bad for you have to pull yourself up and stay awake for the classes or just SCREW IT! Not only you are going to miss out the things the lecturer teaches that day, the lecturer is going to have bad impression on you if you skip classes or trying to doze off in the mids of class. Not good.

Not to kill some joy but college has its fun part. Its just that sadly, I have not undergone them yet. I believe I will though, soon, very soon. I am lucky enough for getting the credits of not getting any assignments for this first week in college, except for some group activities to be planned out but hey! Its group work so it wouldn't be too stressful for me to handle.

Say if I am so long-winded or just simply love to whine over teeny problems I faced but finding textbooks is definitely causing me a big head. Not to say you can't buy the original or the new ones so you wouldn't need to worry so much but the books goes above RM50 each if you don't know and you are just going to use them for the most four great months then you can bid your books goodbye. So it is definitely a bad idea to go for the original ones.

Yeah. Ranting goes on and on without an end to it. So bear with it while it lasts. TQ. :D

P.S. : I really hope there will be a stop to human trafficking and child prostitution. It is against human principles. To all out there, stop this evil deed if you still have a true heart. Give these people a chance to have a taste of real life and freedom.


Love, eve.

Egypt 2009.

I’m Only Me When I’m With You – Taylor Swift

So, we manage to reserve some time for another walk along the beach and took some pictures before we head to the fairy tale like palace of King Farouk's. IMG_0247


King Farouk was the last king of Egypt. :D
He was a great nature lover. Therefore, much effort was put in order to make his palace well fit into nature.




Nice cottage. Cute in fact. :D


Then, we headed to the great Pompey's Pillar. This pillar is one of the best known ancient monument in the world. It has nothing to do with the lost city of Pompey though, albeit the name of the pillar. Archaeologists are still trying to figure out the actual purpose of the place and till now, it is believed that there used to be a library underground as they found some artifacts which appears to be like notes.

As you stand under that pillar which weighs tons, you may feel the pillar collapsing on you as the cloud above moves. :D It sort of rejuvenate the end of the world feeling like the movie 2012 where all the buildings starts to collapse.



After that, we stopped by the Library of Alexandria ( Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Latin) to snap a few photos. This new library was officially inaugurated in 2002 in a quite lavish ceremony. Many great leaders of the world were invited to this ceremony. It was located near the location where the ancient library since the time of Ptolemy I Soter used to be. Unfortunately, the ancient library which was probably the largest and certainly most famous collapsed due to earthquake in the 20th century.



That which you have promised, you must perform.


Love, eve.

Egypt 2009.

Tik Tok - Kesha

Exotic things and places will only create three types of reaction to people - amused, passive attitude or utterly disgusted. However, for exotic places like Egypt and structures like the pyramid, I personally could not find any other reason to resist them. :D

After the hectic months, preparing for my major exam in high school, a good break before starting college would be well appropriate. So my mum planned out for my family and my godfather to a wonderful trip to Egypt under a tour group which is Pearl Holiday. i would say everything was well-planned out and there weren't any big troubles and inconvenience we faced with either the accommodation or travel destination. A round of applause for that!

On the 18th of December, we took an eight hours flight to the Kingdom of Bahrain under Gulf Air. Food was fabulous. Love the blanket. Miss watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the plane. Hotel in Bahrain was lousy though. It gave us false hope when we reached the airport as the hotel name sounded so high class ( Bahrain International Hotel ). :D Had an evening walk around before dinner.








Took another three hours flight to Cairo the next day to begin the adventure in this wonder of the ancient world.


Another three hours drive from Cairo to Alexandria was definitely worth it. It was really a beautiful and awesome port city. Queen Cleopatra used to live here in her wonderful palace which now is under the sea. Checked in a hotel ( Sheraton Hotel ) facing the calm Mediterranean Sea. The night walk along the esplanade was perfect as the sea breeze wasn't at all chilly instead, enjoyable.






I saw the clouds engulfed the full moon.
For a long time it could be seen no more.
I knew it was gone.

Love, eve.

The Start of College Life.

How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday

Today was my orientation. Sadly, I had no friends with me, so I met up with this girl who was alone to and we sort of stuck to each other like glue. Sure did mix around but will do more when classes starts. She is planning on doing actuarial science, which is very ambitious.

Basically, ADP is really complicated at first. System and all, differs from other courses. Plus, registering subjects causes headache. Like schedule and all. Basically, not a great start but I believe things will get better when I have it all in hand.

College ground is all over in my head. The ends doesn't seem to connect each other. Although there was a campus tour before hand, I got all the places mixed up. Till now, I am still trying to recall the routes from one block to another from the back of my mind. I just hope I don't get lost and will make it in time for my lectures next week. * fingers crossed *

Tomorrow, I am just going to head back for college and settle all my admin fees before I can get my student ID done. And most importantly, register my subjects. I hope there's still places for the LAN subjects. As long as those kiasu people don't go ahead of time and register the first minute they were asked to register their subjects and occupy all the spaces. Hey! Leave some for small and slow kids will ya??

Today I met some of the familiar faces like Jun Xing, Hong Chun, Benjamin Chong & gf. Just a simple hi then I went on to my stuff. Had a lot in my mind. Just so you know, its kind of awkward and glad having seeing them in HELP. :D

Pei Ning signing off for the day. * jumps into bed *

Love, eve.

Second Decade of Millennium.

Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink

2009 has passed in the blink of an eye. 2010 indirectly represent the need of us to move on to a new decade, new year, new challenges and hopefully, a new year with more good news than previous!

With much sorrow and regrets, I apologise for not being able to attend 3 of the new year parties I was invited. In fact, I spent my time celebrating the coming of 2010with a group senior citizens and a few primary young boys. It turned out to be greater than I ever thought it would be. At least, may be better than celebrating with friends.

Its no joke that these people I celebrated with really know what ‘FUN’ really is and they are really humorous at the same time too! Had a great time laughing to their jokes.

Honking of party trumpets and blowing of kinder whistles bombarded both ears. It was like attending a child’s birthday party! Some uncle joined in the singing while uncle Paul indulges himself with his playing on the piano. They were singing their lungs out and acted as if they give a damn if their bosses see them. Some of them are the boss in fact. :D And uncle Hong Mun who was practically drunk started some weird dancing routine which made us laugh like hyenas.

When the clock stuck 12 in the morning, for the first time in years, I ignored the fireworks portrayed live from Dataran Merdeka and KLCC. It was way too hyped up there for anyone to sit still with their eyes set on the mere screen of that idiot box. The atmosphere was warm and merry. People exchanging hugs, handshakes, sincere greetings, that is when unity comes. A big celebration will do. Not to mention the bliss!

Anyway, credits to the host, uncle Jak Boon and aunty for their fingerlickinggood food and their warm hospitality. Uncle ‘Santa’ for the coolest gadgets.



Drinking dice. Awesome. :D



Uncle Hong Mun!




Uncle Kim Pore!



Happy New Year!







See? Who says only young people knows fun? :D

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.


Love, eve.

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