The Start of College Life.

How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday

Today was my orientation. Sadly, I had no friends with me, so I met up with this girl who was alone to and we sort of stuck to each other like glue. Sure did mix around but will do more when classes starts. She is planning on doing actuarial science, which is very ambitious.

Basically, ADP is really complicated at first. System and all, differs from other courses. Plus, registering subjects causes headache. Like schedule and all. Basically, not a great start but I believe things will get better when I have it all in hand.

College ground is all over in my head. The ends doesn't seem to connect each other. Although there was a campus tour before hand, I got all the places mixed up. Till now, I am still trying to recall the routes from one block to another from the back of my mind. I just hope I don't get lost and will make it in time for my lectures next week. * fingers crossed *

Tomorrow, I am just going to head back for college and settle all my admin fees before I can get my student ID done. And most importantly, register my subjects. I hope there's still places for the LAN subjects. As long as those kiasu people don't go ahead of time and register the first minute they were asked to register their subjects and occupy all the spaces. Hey! Leave some for small and slow kids will ya??

Today I met some of the familiar faces like Jun Xing, Hong Chun, Benjamin Chong & gf. Just a simple hi then I went on to my stuff. Had a lot in my mind. Just so you know, its kind of awkward and glad having seeing them in HELP. :D

Pei Ning signing off for the day. * jumps into bed *

Love, eve.


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