Egypt 2009.

Tik Tok - Kesha

Exotic things and places will only create three types of reaction to people - amused, passive attitude or utterly disgusted. However, for exotic places like Egypt and structures like the pyramid, I personally could not find any other reason to resist them. :D

After the hectic months, preparing for my major exam in high school, a good break before starting college would be well appropriate. So my mum planned out for my family and my godfather to a wonderful trip to Egypt under a tour group which is Pearl Holiday. i would say everything was well-planned out and there weren't any big troubles and inconvenience we faced with either the accommodation or travel destination. A round of applause for that!

On the 18th of December, we took an eight hours flight to the Kingdom of Bahrain under Gulf Air. Food was fabulous. Love the blanket. Miss watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the plane. Hotel in Bahrain was lousy though. It gave us false hope when we reached the airport as the hotel name sounded so high class ( Bahrain International Hotel ). :D Had an evening walk around before dinner.








Took another three hours flight to Cairo the next day to begin the adventure in this wonder of the ancient world.


Another three hours drive from Cairo to Alexandria was definitely worth it. It was really a beautiful and awesome port city. Queen Cleopatra used to live here in her wonderful palace which now is under the sea. Checked in a hotel ( Sheraton Hotel ) facing the calm Mediterranean Sea. The night walk along the esplanade was perfect as the sea breeze wasn't at all chilly instead, enjoyable.






I saw the clouds engulfed the full moon.
For a long time it could be seen no more.
I knew it was gone.

Love, eve.


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