Cambodia III ( Angkor Wat Grand Finale)

After months of delay, I finally find the urge to complete this last post on my trip to Cambodia in March. This is the main thing that one could not afford to miss if he goes to that country. Reason? It certainly is one of the oldest structure in the whole wide world besides The Great Wall of China and Machu Picchu. :D Therefore, it was named as one of the ancient world heritage. It even made its way to Cambodia’s national flag! And it is the Angkor Wat. If you hadn’t realise, we did studied a little about it in our Form 4 History textbook in Chapter 3. :D

Okay, so basically, after the whole morning of climbing and exploring the other temples, we ate our lunch and returned to the hotel to get some rest. You might be wondering why wouldn’t we just continued since we were already there. Well, its way too hot there for anyone to bear. So we went out again around 3.30pm for body massage. Could not bear the itch of people touching me and was laughing all the way till I tear furiously. We then proceeded to drink coconut water before going back to visit the Angkor Wat around 5pm.

That whole structure there was spectacular. There was a lake surrounding that temple itself. You might just want to refer to the movie Tomb Raider starred by Angelina Jolie, just that it was portrayed as a floating village. From the front view, you could only see three towers representing long life but there are 5 in total with the middle one the tallest among others.

When entering, i saw some weird holes on the walls and pillars. According to the local tour guide, those holes were caused by bullets dated back during World War 2. Some of the statues have collapsed or rather broken being bombed.

There are many interesting carvings on the sandstone blocks and of course those are the history during the rulings of the kings then such as Jayavarman and Suryavarman. I’ll try to explain more of the things as I show the pictures. Enjoy!


The entrance to the world’s wonder. :D


IMG_6417 IMG_6423 IMG_6424

See how they worshipped their king.


Off to war. They even sought help from the Chinese soldiers. :D


This is one of the most interesting part of Angkor Wat but till now i don’t understand it – The Churning of the Sea of Milk.


Test your intelligence here…


Look at the carvings. Awesome. :D ( enlarge it if possible )


IMG_6448 IMG_6454 IMG_6462 IMG_6474

I was the photographer of this pose. AndISuggestedThisPoseToo!




Then, the tour guide was in seventh heaven when we asked him to take picture with us. :D Check this out.



This was once the bath for the royals. The base was made of stone blocks but it can still contain water. Water don’t seep out through the small slits into the ground. Awesome…


The ancient library. :D


And see that breath-taking reflection on the surface of the pond.


And the magnificent sunset before the day ends.



Great ideas don’t always come from great minds but positive minds.


Love, eve.


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