Parting Ways.

Collection of Lady Gaga's famous - Sam Tsui

This was supposed to be posted up a long time ago. Like right after graduation but I didn't have time for that. This has been in my phone under Notes for so long. Fungus growing already. So here it is. Specially for my high school mates.
Enjoy! :D

Like meteor, like fireworks
Time flashes pass our doors
Dimmed down and could be seen no more

Such pity, such petty
Life can be without buddies
Without ya'll life would be such mess

Albeit the gruelings and stress
There are moments I cherish best
Jabbering, babbling, I would be
As chuckles and laughter, I would bring

Now that all those sail to an end
Different paths, different bends
UK, America, Aussie, Japan
Strange and unfamiliar they no longer be
As those are some places to pursue dreams

Cross junction is where we part
Another will we meet in years
Joy and cheers accompanied with tears
Teases and wishes filled both ears

So long my friends
I wish you the best
Forget me not
Or I'll spank your ass!
* chuckles *

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Jigsaw puzzle being messed up
Glass bottle being shattered
That's what we are becoming
We are breaking apart

Love, eve.


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