Beware. Shopaholic.

Blessed The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

Last year really killed my weekend shopping routine with my family. Exams and all. *shucks them all away* What did I do? :/
So yesterday, the usual weekend routine was back to the run. Headed to Sunway Pyramid. I actually thought that I won't have many many new clothes for the nearing Chinese New Year but least I would expect, I actually came back home with bags & bags of goodies. In fact, I bought the most clothes among my family members. Cheers! :D
Wearing my high heels was definitely a wrong move. We walked and walked and walked for the whole of eight hours and practically covered every part of the mall. From old wing to new wing then back to old wing then to new wing again. From this level to the next level then WATTABISH! :/
Fortunately, my heels was not killer heels and its only three inches although it is still sufficient to kill me already as I am not a high heel person plus all the long walk. But that heels is the only thing that can match the outfit I was wearing ( don't ask me what because I would be too lousy in explaining and in the end you would still not know what I was wearing )! * shrugs * And right till this morning, I was still suffering from the after-heels-painful-feet. :(


College was awesome today! Not like anything special happened but I just felt like this was a great day compared to the others. Despite that fact that I had to wake up early at 7.05am and follow my sister whose class started at 8.00am to college in a I'm-still-so-sleepy look hanging on me face, I still enjoyed today's everything (well, almost)! :)
Went to Level 5 of Wisma Help which is best known as ADP students' hang out place and sat there for one whole hour A.L.O.N.E. . Well, not that I am a loner or something but it was still so freaking early and I doubt anybody would go to college at that time except for to attend early morning classes. * YAWN *

At 9.00am sharp...

* packs things and rushes to the library to the computer after registering * :D
That's me!
Yes, there are computers for students to use in the library unlike SMKTS's lousy and old library. :P
Assignments, reaction paper, journal critique, quizzes... etc. They all have one similarity. Which is adding stress to my life. What the heck!? So I was cracking brain juice, messing up things in my mind just to get my reaction paper done. Why the hurry? Initially, I thought my individual presentation was due this Thursday until Mr. Marzuki ( my Freshman English I teacher ) told me he said next Thursday. So screw it... But the good thing was that I have extra time to work on it! Yay!
And also it is kinda freaky when Daniel would update his blog and I normally see it one hour after he does that. He thinks its freaky that he sees me online every time he goes online too! And its kinda freaky that we actually went online at almost the same time this morning. FREAKY! @.-
But thanks to Daniel, my time at the library wasn't that boring as he kept me entertained while I kept him entertained at the same time. Surprisingly, he never heard of " I love you, you love me. I kiss you, you mati! "
Anyway, went to look for Mr. Marzuki at KPD Block E. I was like living in a cave for years and didn't know that students can enter as we like if we intend to look for any lecturers. When my friends bravely pushed the door open, I followed cowardly inside while constantly reminding myself, "Get prepared for scolding. Say sorry and scoot off." :/
Besides, I found out something peculiar about Hiran, my Sri Lankan friend, was that his name was unusually long! There was an extra "Generation" name other than his family name. Funny.
I am still feeling a little embarrassed about my clumsiness in Computer class. I was like from stone age and know close to zero about the Microsoft Word 2007? Not like I never used MS Word but the version in my computer is still 2003. Not updated. It was Hiran who helped me out. TQ. And sorry at the same time. Forgive?


I wish you would never speak to me.
But at the same time,
I'm dying to have a conversation with you.

Love, eve.


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