Egypt 2009.

I’m Only Me When I’m With You – Taylor Swift

So, we manage to reserve some time for another walk along the beach and took some pictures before we head to the fairy tale like palace of King Farouk's. IMG_0247


King Farouk was the last king of Egypt. :D
He was a great nature lover. Therefore, much effort was put in order to make his palace well fit into nature.




Nice cottage. Cute in fact. :D


Then, we headed to the great Pompey's Pillar. This pillar is one of the best known ancient monument in the world. It has nothing to do with the lost city of Pompey though, albeit the name of the pillar. Archaeologists are still trying to figure out the actual purpose of the place and till now, it is believed that there used to be a library underground as they found some artifacts which appears to be like notes.

As you stand under that pillar which weighs tons, you may feel the pillar collapsing on you as the cloud above moves. :D It sort of rejuvenate the end of the world feeling like the movie 2012 where all the buildings starts to collapse.



After that, we stopped by the Library of Alexandria ( Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Latin) to snap a few photos. This new library was officially inaugurated in 2002 in a quite lavish ceremony. Many great leaders of the world were invited to this ceremony. It was located near the location where the ancient library since the time of Ptolemy I Soter used to be. Unfortunately, the ancient library which was probably the largest and certainly most famous collapsed due to earthquake in the 20th century.



That which you have promised, you must perform.


Love, eve.


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