I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly.

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Life was pretty normal, albeit the absence of my brother at HOME. Prolly its because I am so used to have him away from HOME. You see, the month of youth exchange thing and stuff. But no. He don't actually contribute at HOME so no vast difference was made in my life. Except for the slight ache I have in my heart when I looked at the things he left behind. Plus the times I put myself through, contemplating that he will only be back two years later to use them.

Oh yeah. I just realised the song I am listening now totally match the situation I am going through now! Cool... :D

Anyway, the readers of my blog are decreasing from day to day. I guess its because of the lack of interesting thing I talk about in my blog.

So, the cool thing is - I found out I am a friend of a real princess. YES! You didn't register wrongly. She's a royal all the way from Zimbabwe. Cool eh? But she told me she will not be able to cause a hoo-ha in the city. BUT she definitely will in the outskirts. That only is cool. Well, who the heck gives a damn about a princess in the city? At least she's more like a celebrity in the kampung... :D

And I have another classmate who was made in Sri Lanka. Gosh. I can tell you that he not only look Malaysian but he's quite cute too. Yeap. Can consider cause he's quite a gentleman from what I see so far. Anyone?

PLUS. There's a 10 or 11 year old genius in my class. YEAH! Not like I am happy about it but yeah, its another cool thing. EXCEPT, I think he has got a little attitude problem. Not to compare him with us grown-ups but he is a little different in terms of attitude compared to other children.

Before I sign out, I just want to send my condolences to the people in Haiti. All my prayers and supports are with you.

It takes true courage to stand up when you fall down. Life ends when you choose to stay lying on the ground.

Love, eve.


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