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Mixed feelings was all I had towards the idea of donating blood. Nervous, anxious, excited, curious etc.
You name it! :/
Besides benefiting the patients and filling up the blood bank for emergency purposes, I can actually get a FREE vaccination for Hepatitis B after a few times of this kind act.
Thumbs Up! :D
As all the other blood donor, I filled up the form for blood donation upon arrival and did the usual thing before donating blood such as weighing, check blood pressure and did the blood test. ( I'm blood type O! Universal Donor. Generous nia! )
Anyway, I was soon on the half sit half lying chair awaiting the arrival of the moment. I stared down hard when the nurse injected the first needle into my arm. Who knows what it does but when she inserted the thick needle, I looked away. Didn't want myself to get freaked out or something. :/ Anyway, that was not my point of topic. Apparently, my vein is a little too small that the nurse could not get the needle inserted at the right position or whatever.
Complication. That was. :(
My blood was flowing so slowly into the packet that the balance reading was increasing at one ml at a time instead of ten like others. I was like, " Gosh! This is taking forever. " But all I could do was to smirk. -.-
NOTE THIS ---> This was not the worst part of it.
The nurse just had to mess around with that needle just to get my blood flow a wee quicker. Just so you know, it hurts so much that I had to imagine I was screaming my lungs out. She was constantly pulling the needle out, pushing it in again, rotating the needle, pulling it upwards then pushing it down again as if it was a malfunction hydraulic pipe.
I was actually eligible to donating 300ml of blood and in the end, the nurse gave up when the reading showed 250ml. Phew. Thank you.
Unfortunately, the pain didn't just let me go at that point. It continues on and on till now. Occasionally giving me the slight sting. The large patch of blue black and red blood clot is making my pretty arm real hideous right now. But what to do? To save the lives suffering out there. this is nothing compared to the pain they are going through.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.


Love, eve.


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