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Lets Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro

Yesterday was the co-curriculum exhibition. The usually quiet and solitary Level 5 of Wisma HELP was soon packed with seniors and freshmen by noon. The opening of the lift door inevitably exposed us the the noise of the students coming from the inside of the room.
The sound of music by the Choir Club could barely be heard even through the loudspeakers. The
enthusiasm in the students could be seen as the new students crowded around the many booths set up by myriad clubs while the seniors were busy giving out brochures and promoting their clubs. Chaotic that is. :/
I strolled around while browsing the booths with my friends, occasionally stopping to listen about the activities carried out by some of the potential clubs. My eyes were soon fixed on this American Eagle Club, the club my brother used to be in . There was this guy whose face looked extremely familiar was staring at me as if he was seeing ghost. Similarly, I could not help but to gawk at him while waiting for my slow mind to process. I can almost imagine the miniature of me panicking in my brain, ransacking the folders from the old boxes trying to retrieve the name of this ultimate familiar face I had seen at the same moment.
No doubt, I failed. :(
Just when I was about to walk away with much pretentious as if none of those awkward moments had happened when...
" Sean's sister! Come and join American Eagle! Your brother was in this club so you should join too!"
In the meanwhile...
" No Evelyn! You should not! You should have your own opinion instead of following your brother's footsteps! Come on!"Cassandra jerked my arms while shouting at me.
:/ Torn in between.
" No peer pressure but I will take a look around first and will decide later." And, I walked off without joining any of them. I decided that I want my decision to be independent of any influences and to my likings.
In the end, my decision landed on the Child Development Psychology Club since it has got to do with psychology and also involves activities which can contribute and beneficial. I was practically convinced with this club and is looking forward to attending their meetings and see more into this club. Sure I do love to sing and dance but the Choir Club and the Dance Club are those that I would not choose to join. Reason? I don't know myself but I am pretty sure those are not the choices I want to make. :D
It really takes time for one to realise what's good and what's bad. Who are friends, who are the enemies.
There were sayings:
Beware of friends rather than enemy.
I find it quite true when you should know that you can believe no one entirely other than your family members. :)

The eyes reflect the soul of your heart.
In the darkness through the veil
You whispered words of comfort into my ears
Are those real, the words I hear?
Or was it mere, a fairy tale?
Love, eve.


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