Cause I'm that cool.

Sean: Answer me or else i'll call and bug you 24/7
Me: I will call till you wanna block my number
Sean: I'll make you think of me ... doesn't matter what you're doing ... i'll make your life miserably me ...
Sean: Be it eating, shitting, sleeping, dying, blablabla-ing, you'll think of the name evelyn lee ...
Sean: I will haunt you like a hungry beast ...
Sean: I will feast on your vulnerable mind ...
Sean: I will tear your eyeballs apart if they set eyes on other girls ...
Sean: I will do whatever it takes to make you think of me ... every second of your pathetic life ...

Clement: EH!!!! You can read mind!!!
Me: Hahaha... Memang la.
Clement: You got super power. Why didn't you tell me?
Me: Cause I am number four.

Vanesse: Derrick did a great work on you!! Haha
Me: Wei that sounds very wrong okay Vanesse. Aigoooo *facepalm*
Vanesse: He made you feel so special! lolz ^^
Me: That's wrong as well. Stop talking Vanesse. I don't want blood spill when Justin sees this.
Michelle: Yeah yeah hahahahaha sounds so wrong... LOL
Derrick: Hahaha Justin, don't worry I didn't do her...

Derrick: Not my type. Too kiddish. Hahahaha
Me: Ouch... So evil. Ah whatever *rolls eyes* go away. I don't like you too.
Derrick: If you say so. I don't believe =) hahahaha
Amanda: Hahahah telepathy Evelyn! I just said ah whatever *flips hair and walks away*
Me: Telepathy again? Wow... Amazing :D
Amanda: And I said go away too. Around the same time. This is scary.

As Alex Lui speaks during Abnormal Psychology class. His humor captivated us all. Then we realized how much we missed him and his lectures. At least, he's more interesting than UK. All I said was 'melt melt'. True enough, I had a major meltfunction.

I dreamt of Edward Cullen yesterday. Guess what? I think my subconscious really hate that dude. He was walking towards me in his usual grey trench coat and his superb cool sporty looking shades, his golden silky hair nicely gelled up. Woah, got wind when he walks. Unfortunately, as he approached me to a close enough distance, I just yanked my fist to a full-blown punch at him and hit him on the right eye. So hard that his shades broke into minuscle pieces. Somewhat looked like pieces of reflective glasses, spread on the floor beside his feet while some remained hanging on the sides of the frame. Cause I am that cool. I punched Edward Cullen in the face. :)

Be a dreamer. Not a daydreamer. The difference between them lies between willingness and courage to take real action.

Pei Ning.

Living the Irish spirits.

It was the St. Patrick's day on Thursday. Hence, the American Eagle club organized a party for this special festival, held at HELP Residence.

The day started earlier than usual for me. Woke up without an alarm at 10. Unusual. Anyways, the event was great basically. Loved the couple Polo-T Amanda and Derrick were wearing. Mmmm...
At one point of the event though, I felt quite left out, and lonely.
Food was rather okay. Surprisingly, I got lucky and won lucky draw again. It was scented candles this time round. I was ecstatic. Really. Since young, I somehow don't possess the necessary luck to be winning lucky draws or anything similar to the aforementioned. Not insinuating how I hate not being chosen all the time, but its just not my luck. Nevertheless, lady luck seems to like me better these past few years. Is it safe to say now that I am in luck?
So, as the event comes close to the end, the frenzy of playing with the glitters on the table started. Plus ballooning all over. I guess I was too attractive that I had to be the victim of so many people. Teck Yan chased me around the hall just to sprinkle me with this hand full of glitters while I was busy running away from him with a balloon tied to my wrist. Funny much. Was pretty much making use of my reflex and my speed to move my short legs cause Tecky had damn long legs. He's way taller than me man.
Dude!! 7 years knowing you and you're still so evil to me every time we see each other!
Still, in the end, I got it bad, be it from Teck Yan or from Kent or anyone else. I got it real bad. Ended up shining like a total freak. Heck, I was literally glowing! Shinier than Edward Cullen. Hands down.
(okay I don't think anyone likes the rate I am going through things like flashing slide shows. Am just planning to write down what I think its memorable)
After the event, I was pretty hyper. Really. To the extent that someone actually tied a balloon to my green ribbon at my pony tail and I gladly left it there. Walked around with a balloon floating on mid air from the back of my head. Need not say the hysterical and endless laughter. Unfortunately, it flew away when I got out of the building. Am still grieving over the lost. It was tragic. A massive one.

Went to The Hills opposite of Wisma HELP for a drink. Alcohol drink. Well, I wasn't so much into the mood of drinking so I did not order anything, instead, took sips from everyone's. Just to have a taste. Somewhere through the middle, I got emotional again. Michelle lent me her shoulder and heck it was embarrassing. Downed the last few bits of the alcohol hoping they will take effect, following my crappy mood then. Yet nothing happened.


Crashed Jia Lynn's place for the night. It was really fun. Every single bit of it. From playing cards, to wii, to facetime with CK, to playing with the rabbit doll, to pillow talk, to camwhoring, to playing the piano, to failing at attempts to record my playing, to heart-to-heart talk with Amanda, to liking my pj so much, to applying lotion, to cracking jokes and laughing our asses off at four o'clock in the morning, to preparing for bed, to fighting for places to sleep, to falling asleep at five something in the morning, to waking up to the biological clock at 9.30am, to waking everyone else up, to trying to pull lazy bum Amanda out of bed, to sending Vanesse off to the LRT station, to coming back and continue disturbing Amanda till she gets up, to watching morning programs on tv, to catatonic moments, to going out for dim sum as brunch, to coming back home from the tiring day, to feeling all like a high school girl once again, to feeling contended, to thinking I can finally rest in peace? (awkward silence) *facepalm*


When you wake up in the morning, its sunshine all over again. Hello, life.

It was full moon today
Should I turn into a full-grown vamp
Leave you a mark and make you mine for eternity



I secretly have symptoms of a schizophrenic person.
I :( when i'm happy. I :) when i'm sad.
Class was completely random. We were very lost and bored in Calculus class. Hence, we came up with countless nonsensical things to laugh about. Moral of the story: Do not take calculus, it eats up your mind, like this --> om nyomnyomnyomnyom.

I would love to have a glass ceiling for my bedroom, so that I can stare at the stars till I fall asleep every night.
I would love to have a glass ceiling for my bedroom, so that you can make love to me under the moonlight.
Sprinkle some stardust and start making wishes.
Place a mistletoe above and start giving kisses.
Three things I want in a relationship:
Eyes that don't cry. Lips that don't lie. Love that won't die. :)

Pei Ning.

sober much

Born This Way - Lady GaGa

Woke up early in the morning with much unwillingness for the 8 o'clock class in the morning.
Ms. Tess reached her limits today. She was furious even early in the morning. I guess its because of the lousy midterm marks and seems like not many in the class give a shit about this subject. She was disappointed. Yes, I can see it in her motherly eyes. She was.
Being our oblivious self, Amanda and I were chatting during class. Again. Gilbert and Pik Yee were chatting on my right. And two other persons were chatting a row behind mine. Ignorant rude bitches and bastards we were.
So, the desk at where Amanda was at was retarded. It was droopy, almost on the verge of breaking. Half way through the class, Amanda got annoyed by the droopy desk and started flippin' it. Of course, I gave her a hand, telling her how it is possible to break it based on its current condition. Then I started fiddling around with it, hoping to break it, but after a few times trying to bend it, I reluctantly let go of what I was doing and started worrying. "What if it breaks?" I asked Amanda. Immediately after that, the whole desk magically went crashing down the floor just like that. Created a massive explosion like sound, echoing throughout the quiet classroom. I shuddered with shock. Then the embarrassment creeps in. All eyes were on where we were and all I was capable of was simply giving an awkward 'i'm sorry' crooked smile. It was weird.

In Subway with Alex, Derrick and Amanda. We were talking about myriad random topics and at a certain point, Alex literally said,"Kill me now. Seriously. Kill me NOW!" Seems like my telepathy thing with Amanda is forever in online mode. We replied "STAB" simultaneously, stared at each other, and started laughing hysterically. Clearly, the guys were amazed. Alex gave us both a "good friend test" consisting of three random questions. We passed. Officially good friends, as pronounced and acknowledged by the shaman. *:)
Then the shaman enlightened us by saying how only good friends will exchange glances and answer the question together instead of answering individually. How wise.

Hung out at the BComm recording room at lvl 5 with Clement and Jeremy while Clement attempts to do his drum cover recording. I tried learning some beats, failed at the more complicated basics. Clearly, I have no talent in drums. Too much synchronizing for me to handle. I guess learning the guitar will be easier.
Took a trip to SStwo Mall before heading home. It was new and quiet though it can be a great yum cha place with the newly opened dine in places. Haven't really explored it though. The design of the mall is rather impressive, based on the limited space they have, albeit the not strategic location.

There are times where you wake up in the morning and go, hello sunshine. Yet,
there are also times where you wake up in the morning and go, oh not again...


let us fall into a common place they called dreamland.

 Finally, all the things on my to do list have been stroked off. So happy and relieved.
Anyways, check out this awesome video by Clement Chiang. Talented musician and he's gonna be a great producer one day. Well, he looks really cool and handsome in that video. :)

This week should be pretty much leisure compared to the past weeks. Looking forward to this Friday's St. Patrick's Day event at HELP Residence. Are you game?

Happy White Day anyways.


Stay - Ronan Keating

One week ago, I turned down an offer to be part of the crew for Micheal Buble's concert. One week later, which is today, he's concert is happening right now. No regrets though.
I have never completed an assignment in such short time. Well, short I mean... 3 quarter of the day?
Hahaha... yes I am that slow at doing things.
Sigh. Two quizzes tomorrow including calculus. Not sure how I'm going to survive it.
When I was young, when my mathematic subject is still called Mathematics, I think highly off add math. Add math used to be such a grown up thing for me. But when my mathematic subject became Add Math, I think highly of calculus. Calculus, then, used to be such a grown up thing for me. Of course, I associate calculus with college, university, grown up lives. Right now, at this moment, though i'm taking calculus myself, my perception never changed like it used to. Calculus is STILL, a very grown up thing. Massive fail... -.-

Mmm... to do list- :)

- Abnormal Psychology midterm
- Developmental Psychology midterm
- Western Civilization quiz
- Developmental individual assignment
- Western Civilization individual assignment
- Abnormal Psychology individual assignment
- Calculus quiz
- Abnormal Psychology quiz

Feels extremely pleased to strike off most of the things off my to do list. Massive relief!! :)

Somehow, I'm not a big fan of suspense. Makes me think a lot and start worrying like crazy, apprehensive about events. Its just me. That's my nature. Somehow, I'm just not a big fan of suspense.

"The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends. It's when you have more playful moments than serious moments. It's when you can joke around, let each other have piggy backs, have unexpected hugs and random kisses. It's when you two give each other that specific stare and just smile. It's when you'll rather stay in to watch movies, eat junk food and cuddle, than go out all the time. It's when you'll stay up all night just to settle your arguments and problems. It's when you can completely act yourself and they can still love you for who you are." - tumblr

"Love the sinner, hate the sin? How about: Love the sinner, hate your own sin! I don't have time to hate your sin. There are too many of you! Hating my sin is a full-time job. How about you hate your sin, I'll hate my sin and let's just love each other!" - Mark Lowry

"I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible." - Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind

"It is only the mysterious equations of love, but analogical reasons can be found. I'm only it because of you. You are the reason I am. You are all my reasons." - Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind

Mmm... I'm a genie in a bottle. So why not you rub me in the right way and I'll stay with you forever?


Bring it in. Break it up.

Today was HELP Trekaton. I got to know last minute from Derrick and pulled Amanda along. We signed up 15 minutes before the event started and my number was 093.
Well, basically, some of the departments like HMC came in with quantity instead of quality. Their numbers are intimidating. For real. They came in buses while there were only four of us from ADP. Just imagine if Amanda and I didn't join the race. That would leave Derrick and James, two man show.
The race started slow. That was because Amanda and I were lagged behind, slowed down by some Jia Lynn and Sarah like people. :D
Yeah we were mocking them, hypothesizing about how they will react if they were to join the race as well. After overtaking the few, we realized that the rest were far ahead, out of sight. Bravo, girls.
Almost close to the ending, we were worn out, literally. Us feeling light-headed, panting like cows, trying to catch our breath, yet knowing each breath we take in will very much hurt the throat. The cheering by the facilitators and some of the contestants ten meters away from the finishing line certainly did not help. They were shouting, "Go green shirt girls. You can do it! 10 meters to go! Go green girls." For America.
Yet, the sight of the guys at the opening was a huge relief. Massive. I reserved my last energy and sprinted past Amanda to take down the 25th place for the female category. 25th. Quite pathetic huh?
But we could have done better without the lousy start. Defo.
The guys did an amazing job making ADP proud though, with James the 2nd while Derrick the 6th. Funny thing was during the price giving ceremony, only Amanda and I were cheering for them guys while the rest just simply stared at us like we had horns growing from our heads.
I really look forward to the day where others would stop making false impression and apprehension about the ADP department. We cool people and we certainly are very much human like themselves. Or maybe... we're too cool for them to hang out with. Fortunately, we have BComm students to love us when the others have their backs against us. Cheers!

Came home, dead tired. Fatigue. Exhausted. Burned. Boned.
Took care of my precious sport shoes before lunch and crashed after that. Slept for three hours again. Not productive. Now rush assignment and study for Calculus quiz. I hope I don't shake with fear tomorrow.

Till then.

Pei Ning.

feel the breeze.

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

In a total contradictory, I had a damn good one.
First, I went to college in the morning, without knowing what lies ahead in the day for me to uncover. Empty college. Went into class way too early before the class starts and ended up skipping the entire history class. Yeah i did. Ended up chatting at the hallway with a few others including my 'brother', Sean Li. Went down to Wisma HELP mamak to continue our catch up sessions. It was fun.
Calculus was a mess. Had no idea what happened. For real. The greatest feeling was when the whole class feel like a football stadium. We were cheering like crazy when Ms. Rani announced that the Calculus quiz is postponed till next Monday. One of the greatest relief of all times.
Luck was on my side that day. Thought I had to take a bus over to main block to have lunch with a few of them, but the moment I stepped out of the KPD E building, Derrick's car was there. Like he was destined to be there for good. So he picked Amanda from HELP Residence and we went out for lunch at Bangsar. The mamak didn't have roti canai then so I was a little disappointed. Turned to Maggi Goreng which was not a bad choice also.
The UK lady was quite a let down. I did not expect her to be such a boring lecturer. I thought it was going to be fun. Well, I guess Alex already set a high standard for any other lecturer who is going to teach me in the future. I just love Alex. The way he teaches and communicates with the students. Incredible. He's like my lecturer crush or something. I went to a trial class and immediately decided that I had to take his class because I'm so in love with his style. Heh...
It started raining in the middle of the class, with some thunder here and there. The spoilt fluorescent lights sort of enhanced the effects of the thunder. Epic. The UK gave half an hour break. Which was way to slack. We went down to get a breather, and don't feel like going back into class ever. Except for Manda though, the hardworking one. We thought many people left the class, and we were wrong.
So that left the three of us, outside of the lecture hall, chatting again. One of the best intimate moments with friends. Just like pillow talk except for our bags are our pillows. Lots of secret sharing, hidden feelings revealed and personal topics involved. Girl talk. Defo.
Great day. I'm out.

tadaa !

Surprise !
I just thought this word should always go with 'tadaa'.
Anyways, whoever remembers the most random things that you said and does the most random things to fulfill your most random unfulfilled wishes - is a sweet pie.
Whoever acts like he can't make a decision to where to go to and suddenly turns around and give you a surprise that caught you off guard - is a sweetheart.
I was thrilled. One of the treasured moments. Thank you.

Was browsing through YouTube and saw some amazing talents, child music prodigy. Gave me goosebumps.
Here's a good piece. Spring from Vivaldi Four Seasons. Enjoy!

Tears are unspoken emotions,


Paranoid or not?

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

I'm starting to develop this phobia of going to Wisma HELP's LC. You must be wondering why. There's no monster there. Its not creepy there. Yes its a little damp and quiet.
Thanks to the two security guard whom I got scared of. One of the older guards constantly greets me with this very flirtatious tone whenever I pass by there and sometimes even scrutinizes at what I wear, from top to bottom. I'm scared. I'm not happy with it.. But out of politeness, I am forced to reply his pervertness with a brief smile. Sometimes, I will pretend not to see him nor hear him call out at me and just sprint pass him yet he will still try his hardest to get my attention. Can't he see the fear in my eyes? Insensitive bastard. I labelled him the 'pervert'.
The other guard, whom I presume is a sort of newer guard was okay initially. Until one time, when I was sitting peacefully at one of the bench waiting for my dad to come pick me up, he called upon me and asked me loads of questions that are none of his business. He asked what course I'm doing in HELP, who comes to pick me up, where I live, all my personal details that should not be uncovered to strangers like himself. But out of politeness, I replied while trying to put up a facade and when he finally shut his mouth, I turned back and made myself a disgusted face.
So till this day, my heart starts palpitating whenever my dad stops his car at the entrance, knowing that I have to walk pass these two men with much distress and unwillingness. You might ask me to file a complaint on them guards but no, I won't. Maybe I am being paranoid. Maybe they just did what they do out of politeness, like how I will entertain them out of politeness as well. Maybe they are just bored with their mundane job and had to find something to do. Just maybe. And of course I pray hard that I'm just being paranoid. Oversensitive and hyper vigilant. I hope I am wrong about them.

For the record, my packages arrived in all universities on time on the 28th February. SAFELY. Now wait for these universities to evaluate my application and accept me. *fingers crossed*
And in the meantime, SUNY Plattsburgh sent me an email saying that they accept me. Some technical problems to solve first though, including my official TOEFL score.
I should stop sulking over my inability to tackle the psychology midterm papers, instead, wait for the results to be out to decide whether to sulk or not.

Even if you break me into half or shatter me into a million tiny pieces, every bit of me remains yours. I don't want anybody else to have me, except for you.
I love you xx


Picture credit : Nicholas Lim

Pei Ning.

Little roses for love.

So today, some BComm students organized an event to spread love. As long as you contribute by writing a love note on a post-it and put it up on the board provided, then you can get a beautiful rose for free!
Oh yes. It was a really generous thing. They did it for their class project. But hey! Many were enjoying the beautiful roses. Including me of course.
College started early and sleepy. Caught up with some A Levels friends and then went out for brunch with Michelle at O'Briens. Had some quality time. Yes my first time to that place after *counts using finger* ... a year and 2 months? Massive fail.
Back to KPD E and the 'love booth' was up! So Justin was one of the first to write a love note saying "MROAR!!" and he got me a red rose. How sweet. It bloomed so beautifully that I was mesmerized by it. For real. I got him a champagne colored rose but it was kinda droopy. Unfortunately. Not many choices left to pick from.
We ended up being hooked on a LOVE topic based on 'what is love'. My love note was 'love is not love without love' Mind-fked eh? Yeah its nonsensical, redundant, but true in a way. So they started tweeting all those horny things about love on Imani's twitter. Poor girl. People may start thinking she's horny now.
'Love is men. Naked men.' 'Love is falling lingerie.' 'Love is when you go mroar and jump.' 'Love is something hard.' 'Love is wet.' 'Love is down there.' What?
Everything that came out from our mouths simply don't make sense and are certainly horny stuffs. But nonetheless, we enjoyed it. Certainly a day to remember. Something to miss about ADP and college when I'm gone. Some day.
Mr. Ho was indeed, scary as usual. Well, he's gotten more strict these days. Hmm... What else?
Oh and Jeremy Choy complimented on my so called hidden talent in dancing. For real? He's so pro in dancing and he said I have the style, swag, something to pull of in dance. Oh well, no one actually told me that so I'm kinda a little in seventh heaven. And I tried the so called laughing gas. No it didn't work on me. I didn't laugh my head off. Everything is still well attached to me body. Instead, that thing that I breathed in, cause me a headache for a while. Feeling? Not good. So it will be the only time that I'll try. I'll probably try it some other time to see if it has an effect, when everyone's laughing that is. Maybe its conformity. Yes definitely.
After class, hung out with Derrick and Amanda. Even now, I'm still in a group chat with them. It feels so good to just talk to them. Somehow. They are nice people. :D Me likey...
Oh that's all I guess. I need to work on my assignment due on Friday tomorrow... Staying up late at night? I guess so. *shrugs*

And I'm out. Nights.
Pei Ning.

sleep deprivation 101

La Fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) - Claude Debussy

As the title suggests, I have been having serious sleep deprivation these days due to the Psychology midterm for Abnormal and Developmental. Clearly, I can't possibly be continuing on to be like that or I'll seriously die young.
Spent the whole of last week and the entire weekend trying to study for the exam. Was seriously worried about Abnormal so I emphasized more on that. Heck, till Sunday that I realized I barely touched Developmental. There goes my confidence towards the subject.
Abnormal turned out rather okay for me with some tough questions here and there.
The four of us entered the hall and sat down comfortably. As I was shading the mcq paper, I vividly heard Amanda whispering at me and I almost scowled at her in disapproval. Then she pointed at the white board that says "Life and Leadership Skills". Dead. The moment I saw that, my heart sank. So that left us packing our things, ditching our bags behind and ran across the room like lost and panic chickens, trying to find where the heck our exam venue was supposed to be. Didn't lose any minutes or started late but the nerves did had some effect. Raced with time to the completion of the exam. Stress. No one left early if I was not mistaken. That was how it was.
Developmental, in the meanwhile, was hell for me. I literally had almost all the 55 mcq questions circled at the number because I wasn't sure of the answers. While for the subjective part where we were required to do the matrices. I stared at it. I did not do my revision on that topic thorough enough to entirely know how to answer them. Plus, the effects of the accumulated number of hours of sleep I was deprived of, started kicking in when I arrived at college in the morning. I stayed up all night to study for the subject, but heck, all of the materials that I studied did not come out in the exam! And the table I picked was imbalance, and was getting on my nerves. I almost went crazy in the middle of the exam, fighting the strong urge to not shout out loud and snatch Gilbert's paper and copy all of his answers. Poor dude was sitting on the right of me.
I was one of the last to exit the exam hall. And when I finally did, I almost fainted in front of the door after I exit the hall.
Met Cassandra and Mitchell while I was waiting for my mum to come pick me up from the hell hole and KO-ed the moment I reached home.
For the second day consecutively I did not bring my mobile phone to college. I guess part of my brain cells are already dead. Fried. Burned. Barbecued. Anyone care for some roasted neurons?
Yes and this week is hell for me. I'm surprised how I can survive the first two days of the week. I had my Abnormal paper in Monday evening at 5-7pm. Developmental in Tuesday morning at 8-10am. Western Civilization quiz tomorrow, Wednesday evening 4-6pm. Developmental assignment submission on due on Friday evening at 5pm. This is worse than high school. Really.

to do list:-
- Abnormal Psychology midterm
- Developmental Psychology midterm
- Western Civilization quiz
- Developmental individual assignment
- Western Civilization individual assignment

Almost there! Hang on babe.


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