Cause I'm that cool.

Sean: Answer me or else i'll call and bug you 24/7
Me: I will call till you wanna block my number
Sean: I'll make you think of me ... doesn't matter what you're doing ... i'll make your life miserably me ...
Sean: Be it eating, shitting, sleeping, dying, blablabla-ing, you'll think of the name evelyn lee ...
Sean: I will haunt you like a hungry beast ...
Sean: I will feast on your vulnerable mind ...
Sean: I will tear your eyeballs apart if they set eyes on other girls ...
Sean: I will do whatever it takes to make you think of me ... every second of your pathetic life ...

Clement: EH!!!! You can read mind!!!
Me: Hahaha... Memang la.
Clement: You got super power. Why didn't you tell me?
Me: Cause I am number four.

Vanesse: Derrick did a great work on you!! Haha
Me: Wei that sounds very wrong okay Vanesse. Aigoooo *facepalm*
Vanesse: He made you feel so special! lolz ^^
Me: That's wrong as well. Stop talking Vanesse. I don't want blood spill when Justin sees this.
Michelle: Yeah yeah hahahahaha sounds so wrong... LOL
Derrick: Hahaha Justin, don't worry I didn't do her...

Derrick: Not my type. Too kiddish. Hahahaha
Me: Ouch... So evil. Ah whatever *rolls eyes* go away. I don't like you too.
Derrick: If you say so. I don't believe =) hahahaha
Amanda: Hahahah telepathy Evelyn! I just said ah whatever *flips hair and walks away*
Me: Telepathy again? Wow... Amazing :D
Amanda: And I said go away too. Around the same time. This is scary.

As Alex Lui speaks during Abnormal Psychology class. His humor captivated us all. Then we realized how much we missed him and his lectures. At least, he's more interesting than UK. All I said was 'melt melt'. True enough, I had a major meltfunction.

I dreamt of Edward Cullen yesterday. Guess what? I think my subconscious really hate that dude. He was walking towards me in his usual grey trench coat and his superb cool sporty looking shades, his golden silky hair nicely gelled up. Woah, got wind when he walks. Unfortunately, as he approached me to a close enough distance, I just yanked my fist to a full-blown punch at him and hit him on the right eye. So hard that his shades broke into minuscle pieces. Somewhat looked like pieces of reflective glasses, spread on the floor beside his feet while some remained hanging on the sides of the frame. Cause I am that cool. I punched Edward Cullen in the face. :)

Be a dreamer. Not a daydreamer. The difference between them lies between willingness and courage to take real action.

Pei Ning.


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