sleep deprivation 101

La Fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) - Claude Debussy

As the title suggests, I have been having serious sleep deprivation these days due to the Psychology midterm for Abnormal and Developmental. Clearly, I can't possibly be continuing on to be like that or I'll seriously die young.
Spent the whole of last week and the entire weekend trying to study for the exam. Was seriously worried about Abnormal so I emphasized more on that. Heck, till Sunday that I realized I barely touched Developmental. There goes my confidence towards the subject.
Abnormal turned out rather okay for me with some tough questions here and there.
The four of us entered the hall and sat down comfortably. As I was shading the mcq paper, I vividly heard Amanda whispering at me and I almost scowled at her in disapproval. Then she pointed at the white board that says "Life and Leadership Skills". Dead. The moment I saw that, my heart sank. So that left us packing our things, ditching our bags behind and ran across the room like lost and panic chickens, trying to find where the heck our exam venue was supposed to be. Didn't lose any minutes or started late but the nerves did had some effect. Raced with time to the completion of the exam. Stress. No one left early if I was not mistaken. That was how it was.
Developmental, in the meanwhile, was hell for me. I literally had almost all the 55 mcq questions circled at the number because I wasn't sure of the answers. While for the subjective part where we were required to do the matrices. I stared at it. I did not do my revision on that topic thorough enough to entirely know how to answer them. Plus, the effects of the accumulated number of hours of sleep I was deprived of, started kicking in when I arrived at college in the morning. I stayed up all night to study for the subject, but heck, all of the materials that I studied did not come out in the exam! And the table I picked was imbalance, and was getting on my nerves. I almost went crazy in the middle of the exam, fighting the strong urge to not shout out loud and snatch Gilbert's paper and copy all of his answers. Poor dude was sitting on the right of me.
I was one of the last to exit the exam hall. And when I finally did, I almost fainted in front of the door after I exit the hall.
Met Cassandra and Mitchell while I was waiting for my mum to come pick me up from the hell hole and KO-ed the moment I reached home.
For the second day consecutively I did not bring my mobile phone to college. I guess part of my brain cells are already dead. Fried. Burned. Barbecued. Anyone care for some roasted neurons?
Yes and this week is hell for me. I'm surprised how I can survive the first two days of the week. I had my Abnormal paper in Monday evening at 5-7pm. Developmental in Tuesday morning at 8-10am. Western Civilization quiz tomorrow, Wednesday evening 4-6pm. Developmental assignment submission on due on Friday evening at 5pm. This is worse than high school. Really.

to do list:-
- Abnormal Psychology midterm
- Developmental Psychology midterm
- Western Civilization quiz
- Developmental individual assignment
- Western Civilization individual assignment

Almost there! Hang on babe.



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