Day of Atonement.

Fireflies - Owl City

Felt like I was preparing myself for war. All the supportive documents to be submitted, racing with time to make sure that my things will reach the states on time before the deadline. Really chaotic. And s t r e s s.
It sucked up 70 percent of my energy preparing all these stuffs and worrying about them. Not a fun process to go through. Much hustle as well.
After submitting my application forms and paying the application fees online, I will officially be free of any application procedures. Bad thing is that I will be all helpless by then and can do nothing but to wait for any uni's acceptance letter. Just one university will do and will keep me safe from being a college dropout. Oh gosh does that sound like those sound effects from a horror movie or what? *shivers*
Picking my packages up and handing them to registry. I hope my application make it on time for the March 1st uni deadlines. *fingers crossed*

So the next thing to be all stressed out about is Psychology midterm. Yes. Midterm again. Seems like its so fast. College started, then CNY break and now midterm. What's next? Assignments. Oh great! *grunts*
Whoever says college life very slack? Well, I do tell people that it is slack cause it does has its own slack time, just that it doesn't always lasts long. Note to self of not to procrastinate never seem to register, nor accomplished. Massive, epic failure.

Night out with Khai Sern, Jit Sun and Oei Keong was nice. Went back to Edu Smart to see Accounts teacher, Ms. Lim, Uncle Chan and Pn. Molly. They were so happy to see us, though Pn. Molly can barely remember me and Uncle Chan has completely no clue who the heck I am. Got a nice warm hug from Accounts teacher. Aww... Massive aww. Unexpected.
Planned to walk over to go say hi to Physics teacher, Mr. Yeoh but due to his massive class volume, we doubt he recognizes us so we chickened out. :D
No point disturbing the class anyways when we anticipated that the teacher will have no clue who we are.
As usual, Uncle Chan was preaching the students with his usual, cliche lines like "sow and you will reap (whatever crap)" and "train of thoughts". Really liked that moment when Pn. Molly was trying to recall my name and Khai Sern was interrupting beside, suggesting weird non-existent names like Kimberly for Pn. Molly. And I just shushed Khai Sern by saying, "Don't break the train of thoughts." Indirect sarcasm of Uncle Chan's favorite line and Pn. Molly burst into laughter right after that.
Yum Cha at Kayu. Two hours of non-stop conversations and laughters can totally wear a person out. But when I was back home at 11pm, watched half an hour of American Idol and I'm back to studying. Sigh. Took the whole 4 hours to finish 20 pages. That's how fast my studying speed is.

Its kinda late now already. I shall post this up and decide whether to continue since I'm still quite awake yet sleepy. What the hell am I talking about?
Okay fine, maybe I can't think straight no more. Sleep it is.
Goodnight peeps!

Falling down ain't falling down if you don't cry when you hit the floor.

Evelyn Lee.


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