I thought... Not!

The day started fine. All the usual hang out sessions before classes plus me, getting all hyped up and excited for the fact that I can finally submit my documents to Ms. Naini the next day and get over with university application.
Alas, came home to sort out everything and found out that I have lots of incomplete stuffs and incomplete documents and lots of other stuffs to worry about.
My stress level peaked for the entire night and I'm practically mind-fried right now.
*its 1.11 now. Let me just make my wish first before continuing.
Okay. So I was literally overwhelmed with all the emotions and the workload to deal with.
I'm quite numb now already. All I am capable of doing is to curse at the wind to ease my throbbing worries and bursting emotions. I feel like I need to be heard, yet I don't know how to express myself.
Texting Amanda seemed to be one of the good remedies as I bombarded her with loads of questions about uni application. She seemed glad and nice enough to solve my problems and to ease my worries. One of the thousands of reasons why I love her so much and like hanging out with her.
So she said, "You're like bustling about calling my name in a teenie weenie voice." When I called her name and started asking my questions.
So she said, "You foul mouthed vulgarity spewing pirate style cursing lol toooooot." When I told her how badly I need to curse.
She's like a big sister to me, one way or the other, calming my nerves and constantly reminds me how much I need to stop procrastinate and start studying. Amanda, you're my motivation! I love you! :D
*puts up the serious face* I'm serious.
*puts up the joking face* But no worries.
*puts up the serious face* I'm straight.

How badly I need a hug right now? So bad I will go to sleep now and get one in my dreams.

your immature friend.


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