screw that.

Because You Sting - Jea ft G.O.

Rules are made to be broken. And why so serious sometimes?
I was back to my high school to collect my SPM and LCCI certificates on New Year's eve the other day. Well, woke up in the morning and saw Jo Keat's text saying that the school's office was open and I can go back to collect my certs. Leisurely, I went down stairs and grabbed my juice to drink. After telling my mum that I needed to go back to school, she sorta kept on bugging me to go get it immediately. It was 11.30am then. Said she, what if lunch break when I go, what if office opens for half day only. Okay she was right. So I rushed out in my casual home wear. With shorts. And slippers.
I was in the car, waiting for traffic light to turn green. Then I realized the biggest mistake I was making. My mind can't help but to think how my mum will throw tantrum if I were to return without my certs. So I was worrying all the way.
I rushed up the stairs the minute I got out of the car, seeing that I just had a bad argument with dad, catching a glimpse of a girl shorter than me by a few inches, standing by the phone booth. Entered the office, requested for my cert, heck that Malay dude refused to give me my certs. Said him, peraturan kerajaan. I fumed. I pleaded another time just to get back the same rejection. I literally banged that damn door open and burst into a run back down the stairs. I thought I could use that girl's long pants to pave a way to getting my certs. Yeah I know, I'm resourceful.
True enough, lucky enough, she was still there. God knows what she was there for, I just asked the weirdest question on Earth, which was to borrow her long pants for 10 minutes. After some reluctance and some pieces of my perfect explanation, she agreed and asked where can she change her pants. To my amazement and amusement, she was not from my school. Her mother is a teacher instead. I thought, man, she has to be there to save my life. She's not from my school, its not even a schooling day, there's no curricular activity going on, the whole school's empty, its lunch time already, what the hell is she doing there then besides saving me from hell hole?
Her name's Awirah by the way. Managed to catch it right before I say thank you for the hundred and tenth time and bid goodbyes.

Sometimes, it takes just a little luck, a little of someone else's kindness, to go a looooong way.
One of your minuscule action may mean a great deed to someone out there.
So, have you done something good today?



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