Monday, 7th February, 2011.

Today was a pretty nice start to college. First day back to school from the Chinese New Year week long break.
Well, it was West Civ class and we were peacefully listening to Mr. Ho's lecture and on the verge of falling asleep at the same time. Everything was fine till Derrick Johnson walked in the room. I stoned. Then proceeded to use the bulky textbook to cover my body.
Yes I was wearing a red checkered shirt, with brown leather belt and dark blue jeans. Derrick, on the other hand was wearing a slightly brighter red checkered shirt and dark colored jeans. We looked exactly like we were wearing couple's outfit. Really. No joke.
So in the end, we took a picture together. Its currently with Jun Kent but I'll still put it up when I get them.

Calculus was a little hard to fathom. Had a hard time understanding how exactly it works. Felt a great drop of self-esteem when I failed at throwing the paper rubbish into the trash can. Had about five tries and managed to get it in for the sixth. I am a failure. CK came back to HELP for the second time and drove Michelle and I out for pork noodles. nyomnyomnyom...
He's such a nice guy to always drives us around and even though he moved to Klang campus now, he still comes back pretty often knowing that we miss him and of course, he misses us as well. :D

Today was a good day after all. :)

Tuesday, 8th February, 2011.

Developmental class was rather interesting and funny. I realized how similar I am to Amanda. We observe the same things, we think alike, we somehow manage to find our ways back to similarity. So there was no flakey-haired girl but there was plenty of narcolepsy people. Including Alex, who was sitting right beside us. It is amazing how he can talk to us at one moment and fall right into sleep in the next. Really scary when it comes to his ability to fall into REM within a few seconds.
Lunch with Derrick and Amanda after that. Derrick was such a sophisticated dude I tell you. Just how many guys keep coins in a beautiful container and dig out coins from it to pay parking? Had a joy ride in his four wheel drive.
B'sides these, everything is ordinary.

Pei Ning.


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