Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

though this song is overplayed, overrated, the lyrics is still what all girls in this world need to hear from another person.

Recently, I came across with this Elmo video on facebook. It shows the other side of Elmo, which was really scary and bipolar. For a moment it changed my perception towards that little cute red creature that everyone can't get enough of. Then I spent the next three days stuck in Elmo fetishism. I would be singing the Elmo's song, impersonate Elmo's voice, googling Elmo's images. Yeah it was that bad. That's why its called a fetish. An obsession would work too.

Its Valentines Day again. It is rather true that the perception of this particular day is specially for lovers and couples. If you have been thinking that way as well, you are wrong.
To all the singles and couples in da house, also, to those who thinks that they are going through some stages that they called 'its complicated', happy Valentines Day. May you all have a great one! Spread da love dawgs. Fo' shizzle ma nizzle.
Here is to every single creature in this world. You are beautiful and perfect in your own unique way.
"Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing, you're fuckin' perfect to me."
"So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways."

Happy Valentines Day!


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