Just a Random post...

I, Lee Pei Ning have nothing to post currently but since everybody was asking me to update my blog, i'll shall try to write something...

Erm... let me think...

Ah, i know what attracts your attention... i shall talk about... * drum roll * CASTRATION!!! Do you know what is castration?

In ancient times, castration often involved the total removal of all the. This male genitalia involved great danger of death due to bleeding or infection and, in some states, such as the Byzantine Empire, was seen as the same as a death sentence. Removal of only the testicles had much less risk.

In China, male castration of a person who entered the caste of eunuchs during imperial times involved the removal of the whole genitalia, that is, the removal of the testes, penis, and scrotum. The removed organs were returned to the eunuch to be interred with him when he died so that, upon rebirth, he could become a whole man again. The penis, testicles and scrotum were euphemistically termed bao (寶) in Mandarin Chinese, which literally means 'precious treasure'. These were preserved in alcohol and kept in a pottery jar by the eunuch.

When Zheng He was captured by the Ming Army as a child in 1381 he was castrated!!! Cool eh?

So what do you think? Ew? Interesting? Lol, so now you know something new!!! Isn't that great? Hahah...

So i completed my updating mission... great!!

the other pictures..

Sorry for not posting the pictures but recently its quite hard to post pictures in blogger so i just post them in friendster..

Go my friendster to see please..


My trip...

So my trip was good and i was lucky because there was no rain from the moment i arrived at the international airport in Hanoi to the day i left Hanoi back to Malaysia... *phew
Everything was fine throughout the whole trip its just that i don't like the tour guide of mine in Guilin... he sort of like bluf us that he brought us to some street but he did not actually... i felt like i'm conned... anyway, i still have to accept the fact...
The scenary in Hanoi and Guilin was wonderful so i took a lot of pictures and become a part time model of my mum... she was the photographer for the whole trip and my dad was a video camera man... not to say that i did not do anything but i helped them to take all of their lover birds pictures. HAHAHA...~~~

Here are some of the nice pictures...>>

Bourne Ultimatum!!

Bourne Ultimatum>>

NO REGRETS!! It is a nice movie.. very exciting..

My Sunday..

The day before yesterday.. which is also Sunday, i went to my dad's ex-classmate, Uncle Paul's 50th bithday party!! Guess what, it was kind of boring at first then i get to know his son, Jash. Thanks to him, because he brighten up the whole party..

At first, i was just sitting with my mum and sis doing nothing but chatting with the other aunties.. then.. *jeng jeng* here comes Jash.. sitting with all the girls and woman talking to us.. then another aunty came and ask him '' are you a girl or a guy?'' Then he replied " Oh, i can be a girl if you want.." Lol.. that makes everyone laugh..

Well, i can say that he is very friendly and has good personality. So, anyone interested in knowing him? But if he says "Why are you so desperate to knowing me" then i am not responsible for that.. xD

By the way, i've got something to tell..Xin Wei especially... Today, i went to learn Japanese and i really enjoy it.. so it was cool having a Hot Japanese teacher teaching me Japanese.. =) But lucky she did not dress up like those punky and funky Japanese girl.. *phew*

So that was all about this post and i am leaving for Vietnam and China tomorrow.. will buy souvenir for you!! No worries..
Reminder : better not miss me otherwise you will be crying everyday when i am away.. XP

continued post of YE dinner..

The dinner was very fun.. i even get to know some of the Japanese girl and some girl from Norway.. cool eh?

Although the dinner was ordinary ( they serve you egg, vegetables, taofu...etc. ) compared to the previous year ( sharks fin soup ) hahaha....

The YE's photo taking session was a bit messy as all the YEs was not really discipline ( compared to the previous year ) .. then the fashion show.. it was cool with all the tradisional costume they wore but they were all very shy.. so all the pictures i took was blur.. too bad..

At the end of the YE farewell dinner, everybody don't feel like going home and thats a good thing. Unfortunately, the dinner was held in one of the restaurant so the workers were kind of like chasing us out because it was time to 'close shop'..
I really had a great time there taking pictures with some of the YEs and they were all very friendly and kind so its a good thing..
Btw, i'm going to Japan next year!! Yey.. but first of all, hope i pass the interview.. lalala~~

Enjoy some of the pictures>>

YE dinner..

This YE dinner was very fun and i get to know some friends... well its actually my sister's friends..=)

There was a YE from France... omg... he looks like Elliot Yamin.. the hair style explains everything... quite good looking also.. pics>>>
on the stage during fashion show.. posing for ppl to take pictures..=)

we took pic with him..

something about my YE..

This year, i hosted another japanese girl.. her name is mayuna katsuren.

I really have not much thing to say about her as she stayed in our house for only a few days.. but i still got a little things to say about her...

the cute side of her:
She likes to mumble and talk to herself in japanese as though we understand her... it could be quite funny sometimes..

the other side of her:
She is stuborn... and sometimes her attitude really gets on my nerve... sometimes my family and i can't tolerate her but we still treat her well.. aren't we good?

And ya.. her pics>>>
brought her to KLCC... ni front of the fountain..

istana... i wouldn't want to stay in there if i'm allowed.. so eerie..

my books>>librarian installation>>

My books are to be given away... bye books....

'' now its time to say goodbye..say goodbye..say goodbye.. now its time to say goodbye and never meet again...~~~'' lol...

Btw, i really miss and librarian installation.. what i like most for the installation is the BBQ!!! Although i'm a noob, i enjoyed the bbq night because i have got gloria to poke the chicken for me and shuning to barbeque the chicken for me!!! i just sit down and eat... muahahah... EVIL!!

These are some pictures for and librarian installation from gloria>>>
Grace, our new president giving a speech ...
' kami lembaga pengawas pusat sumber sekolah..' bla bla bla.. kwok hsien came but no school badge and name tag..the performances were cool.. we are cool..
the sketch was funny.. very funny... hilarious...


Since pmr is over, i am gonna spam my blog since it is dead for so many months.. Besides blogging, there are still loads of things to be done..


  1. practice piano
  2. prepare viva ( for piano exam )
  3. blog
  4. theory homework... hate that =X
  5. msn
  6. play online game ( you don't wanna know what game )


  1. update friendster.. since i'm not really into it.. lol
  2. do some house chores ( helping my mum mah )
  3. learn Japanese.. my mum says that i'm too free after PMR
  4. watch tv, movie...( not as important as things to do with the pc ) ^^
  5. read storybook.. i love reading storybook.. but will control myself as i am not a bookworm

Despite the fact that PMR is over, i still have a lot of things to do... sobs..

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