My Sunday..

The day before yesterday.. which is also Sunday, i went to my dad's ex-classmate, Uncle Paul's 50th bithday party!! Guess what, it was kind of boring at first then i get to know his son, Jash. Thanks to him, because he brighten up the whole party..

At first, i was just sitting with my mum and sis doing nothing but chatting with the other aunties.. then.. *jeng jeng* here comes Jash.. sitting with all the girls and woman talking to us.. then another aunty came and ask him '' are you a girl or a guy?'' Then he replied " Oh, i can be a girl if you want.." Lol.. that makes everyone laugh..

Well, i can say that he is very friendly and has good personality. So, anyone interested in knowing him? But if he says "Why are you so desperate to knowing me" then i am not responsible for that.. xD

By the way, i've got something to tell..Xin Wei especially... Today, i went to learn Japanese and i really enjoy it.. so it was cool having a Hot Japanese teacher teaching me Japanese.. =) But lucky she did not dress up like those punky and funky Japanese girl.. *phew*

So that was all about this post and i am leaving for Vietnam and China tomorrow.. will buy souvenir for you!! No worries..
Reminder : better not miss me otherwise you will be crying everyday when i am away.. XP


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