Since pmr is over, i am gonna spam my blog since it is dead for so many months.. Besides blogging, there are still loads of things to be done..


  1. practice piano
  2. prepare viva ( for piano exam )
  3. blog
  4. theory homework... hate that =X
  5. msn
  6. play online game ( you don't wanna know what game )


  1. update friendster.. since i'm not really into it.. lol
  2. do some house chores ( helping my mum mah )
  3. learn Japanese.. my mum says that i'm too free after PMR
  4. watch tv, movie...( not as important as things to do with the pc ) ^^
  5. read storybook.. i love reading storybook.. but will control myself as i am not a bookworm

Despite the fact that PMR is over, i still have a lot of things to do... sobs..


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