...An unknown alien species has sent two agents to investigate the life of teenagers on Earth. This certain alien species had cat's DNA mixed with humans' DNA, so they look quite like cats. The two agents, Neko and Kat disguised themselves as normal teenager human girls, and went to attend this certain Science tuition in a place called eduSM*RT.It is seen that the education on Earth is amazingly out of date, but the agents had to bear with them. At the near end of this so-called tuition class, agent Kat could not resist her true nature as a cat and started to play with a soft, rubber-made pencil cover. In the end she started to meow and the silly little Neko followed. The teacher went furious and asked"WHO'RE THE CATS IN THE CLASS AHH?!"And everybody laughed. Neko was terribly embarrassed, and Kat could only put the blame on her. Kat teased Neko that she was easily influenced, bullied, and put the blame to.



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