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Today was cool. I was the first to arrive at Bio Lab second after teacher but first student! How rare... By the way, we did the juice test and i was obsess with the syringe and played with the orange juice too! Five Form 5 guys intruded our class but i can only recognise Han Liang, Jun Hsien and Zhuo Li. Jun Hsien asked me whether am i going to the Leo Installation and i answered ' No ' . He sort of asked me in a stern but joking way why and told me he is going to reserve a sit for me written ' O.C. for Librarian Installation ' on the chair. Sad to say, i really M.I.A for LEO Installation.

There was this Senamrobik Peringkat Daerah held in our school field this morning. The songs were all so energetic and through my class window, really felt like joining them. Joel, Ming Soon, Alan and Geber were involved in that exercise too! They seemed to be having a whale of time down there. Saw my primary school headmaster and also my dad's ex-classmate who is a headmaster of S.K Taman S.E.A school. Pn. Liew still taught, albeit the loudness of the songs. Her voice is so vague! How am i suppose to know what is she talking about?

We had lots of tests lately mainly diagnostic tests. The teachers all claimed that our class was chosen to take the test and my class ended up taking Biology test, Chemistry test and Add Maths test. There were so many killer modules especially Add Maths when Pn. Ang made us do 4 modules at once only given 25 minutes each which is about 1/2 minute one question. That really was like rush hour for everybody except for those who chose to shoot heads since they were all objectives.

Had Theory of Music lesson again. Teacher marked my paper and guess what? I'm only one mark away from failure. That is not a good sign. I am going to work way harder and put some effort in theory to pass the exam on 16th August. Feeling anxious whenever i think of it. I hate exams! Have to love it for now...

I really hated Khai Sern for being emotional and in a bad mood these days. No offence but bad mood people really piss me off. F.Y.I, it affects people around you also okay? That's why even if i'm not feeling happy, the longest i can be emotional is only 2 hours cause i know it really affects and i need that time to get over those bad feelings. I hope something good will happen very soon which might perk him up a little bit. He is like a walking dead corpse now! I really feel sorry for what has happened to him but these things can't be helped right? It has already happened. Sorry for being harsh.

Anyway, check these out!Pandas are so cute!Sea horse?? Huge and different one..Question : Do jelly fish has brain?


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River Flows in You

Finally that video was uploaded. I thought it failed everytime i upload it. It shows the be patient thing then it seems like it will never turn into a "congratulations video was uploaded" screen. Really got me pissed off. Anyway, have to keep the vulgar languages to myself.


July 17
That day was the day of all photos! "3, 2, 1, click!" And that goes on for so many times. Took a total of 3 photos today : for class, for PMR top scorers and for librarian. So only got History which is the first two period today. However, thanks to the prefects for interrupting for spot check, we practically had no studies for the whole day.

July 18
We had test today! Yes, a real Bio test and that is FOOD TEST! Got fooled by Joel who said that we are having test today and it ended up food test. Really dots man. Anyway, one funny conversation between Alan and Ming Soon.

Alan : ( Dripping the Benedict's solution all the way into the water bath)
Ming Soon : Stop wasting the Benedict's solution would you?
Alan : Who cares? It's Benedict's..

Okay, that was extremely lame. Anyway, there will be lots of real test coming up next week. Must study hard. I hate test, neither do exams.

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Bon Odori

Yey! Bon Odori is here once more. Guess what? I totally missed it. The same time i am writing this post, these people are already there drowning themselves in the festival while i am stuck at home.

One thing for sure :
I am not going to miss it again!
Hope so...
Anyway, hope those who went enjoy themselves there. It is a great experience mixing around especially with the Japanese. Good night!

Pictures on Librarian Installation 2008

Warm welcome to all librarians and guests.

Our colourful banner
Choir had their last practice before the real performance
Sexy Indian opening dance. From left : Sze Ting, Yuen Hee, Jin Chuen
Speech by formal president - Grace Wong Sze MaySpeech by Mr. President - Kow Kay JunSing your lungs out, " Gemuruh Jiwa~ Semangat membara~..."The 3 musketeers again. From left : Sze Ting, Yuen Hee, Jin Chuen Took picture with Pn. Zaini and fellow devoted committee members
Shu Ning's ' pro-shot' ... konon?Gabriel! What are you doing?Obscene game.Drop! Drop!Caught red-handed. Zhan Yeh was the one who stole the girl's shoes during Orientation Day... Just joking.*Clears throat* This is not Phuket beach.
Shu Ning and I
Rushing theory homework in backstage.Which is the real me?Spot me!

We wandered off and travel round the whole school. Went to our class and started camwhoring for the first time.Boring lessons conducted by Shu Ning.Mind wanders off. Look what's outside the window!"Hey you! Didn't pay attention! Come out here at once!""Why are you so rebelious?" " Sorry, but..."
"Revenge time! Muahaha!" "Mercy!" Exhausted and took a nap.
These are real pro-shots.. ( meant for insult )

Real nice installation. Video coming up in next post. Stay tuned.

Frivolous Act

Just yesterday that i have made up my mind to try something new and i took up a challenge on starting a new blog in myspace. It was nothing but mere fun and to entertain my boredom before i head to bed for a goodnight rest.

After posting a post titled amateur referring to my amateurish in using myspace unlike Joel, i felt this feeling of eager to continue what i have started and therefore, introducing my new blog and may be also called the duplicated blog : CLICK HERE

P.S : I'm still waiting for the pictures and video from Shu Ning. Hope this will guilt her.

Busy Like A Bee

It has been hectic ever since summer holidays. Been through excitement of Canteen Day, exhausting marching practices, dreadful Annual General Meeting for all librarians, anxiety for marching position, ecstatic marchers, athletes and members of blue house, fatigue after sports day, typical RKA day and exhilarating Librarian Installation.

All the pleasures and indulgences of the past, marks the beginning of some serious work. There are still much to reminisce about, albeit the upcoming busy days. Its suppose i now lead a restless lifestyle that i have this yearning for the carefree past. However, i believe goodness will prevail in the end.
P.S : Thank you all who helped out for installation. Your contributions and commitment are much appreciated.

Librarian Installation 2008

Relieved that everything went well. Couldn't believe all the hard work the committee members and librarians who helped out for the past few months only last for a few hours. Anyway installation has always been a big day for librarians right?

I was astonished to finding some people talking when somebody was speaking on the stage. I was appalled by some people who did not show respect for another and not clap when they were supposed to. I was annoyed by some people who did not give full cooperation during rehearsals and the real event. I was even aghast by some people who did not even bother to attend any of the rehearsals, late for their own installation and could not even follow given dress code.
  • Reached school at 7.30am and started all the last minute preparations
  • Surprised to hear that Charlene and Lyn will be dancing along with my playing
  • Stood a chance to practice for the last time before the actual installation starts
  • Rushed to change then rushed back out for last rehearsal
  • Shocked to know that Pn. Zakiah arrived right on time (10.00am)
  • Installation begun without me knowing
  • Got sick seeing empty chairs behind me
  • Lined up to get certificate and tie after speeches
  • Stormed into back stage to prepare myself for the performance
  • Wore high heels despite the swollen and hurt feet
  • After a blink of eye, it is my turn to own the stage
  • Hit the wall few times then went out
  • Bowed then started my playing, got cheering even before i can finish my playing
  • Almost got a standing ovation when i bowed before going out stage but not...
  • Heart beat the hell out of me after the performance which i don't know why ( shouldn't it be before? Why it happens after?)
  • Ate rice, muffins and jelly while sitting with Shu Ning, got problem eating the chicken
  • Sneaked out with Shu Ning when they were playing games and took loads of pictures
  • Went back to do my Theory homework
  • Went to my class to solve Shu Ning's unsolvable puzzle then fell asleep
  • Moved all the things back to library and cleaned up the hall
  • Took pictures with Pn.Zaini and fellow committed committee members at the back drop
  • Went around feeding people left over muffins and succeed giving away a whole box of muffins
  • Tired, went home around 4.30 pm to prepare for theory lesson

Our beautiful backdrop..

For more pictures, stay tuned..


This year's RKA Day is later than previous years bacause our school is a bit too happening these days. After Hari Kecemerlangan Akedemik then came mid-year exam. Holiday came right after exam finished and then busy with sports day then RKA day! Coming up this Saturday will be Librarians Installation. Wee~

My mum came later this year. Before that i was joking around with Shu Ning, Khai Sern, Joel and Geber. " Be my mum," i told Shu Ning. " I'll be Joel's dad," said Khai Sern. I beamed at mummy as she arrived right after our Be-My-Parent joke. " Here comes the real mum," Shu Ning joked. I was sitting there with my mum looking at all the teachers' comments. "Good!! Good!!" my mum recited then off we go.

My class has so many competitors this year. So many smarty pants and skirts. Let my list out the top ten :
  1. Shi Min ( Mighty brain , quiet in school)
  2. Renesh ( As cool as Joel, Physics talent)
  3. Sasvin ( Got the nerd look unfortunately but really got the brain)
  4. Danielle ( Go around bragging about her results, the whole world knows she's good)
  5. Mei Yi ( Outgoing, smart but doesn't show it in class, loads of questions during class)
  6. Joel ( Definately an efficient energy, got the ability to freeze ice, sick of his job but does it well, natural mastermind inherited from his dad)
  7. Shu Ning ( Another natural mastermind inherited from her dad, talk nonsense occasionally, no doubts on how clever she is)
  8. Sharon ( Left a bad impression for what she did to me during Form 1, result concern)
  9. Her ( Dislike studying, seldom has a clear mind, always lost, dependant when lost, takes time to find her way out from the maze)
  10. 4 BR student ( no idea who is it)

Went home feeling tired. Plunged into the sofa and fell asleep. Woke up for lunch then continued to sleep. Slept total of about 3 hours and 50 minutes. Not prepared for tomorrow's oral but no worries because Geber, Joel, Shu Ning and Yi Xuan will be before me! Muahaha....Good Luck 4 BR for oral.

Latest news : McD's ice-cream promotion has changed to every first Saturday of the month!

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