Librarian Installation 2008

Relieved that everything went well. Couldn't believe all the hard work the committee members and librarians who helped out for the past few months only last for a few hours. Anyway installation has always been a big day for librarians right?

I was astonished to finding some people talking when somebody was speaking on the stage. I was appalled by some people who did not show respect for another and not clap when they were supposed to. I was annoyed by some people who did not give full cooperation during rehearsals and the real event. I was even aghast by some people who did not even bother to attend any of the rehearsals, late for their own installation and could not even follow given dress code.
  • Reached school at 7.30am and started all the last minute preparations
  • Surprised to hear that Charlene and Lyn will be dancing along with my playing
  • Stood a chance to practice for the last time before the actual installation starts
  • Rushed to change then rushed back out for last rehearsal
  • Shocked to know that Pn. Zakiah arrived right on time (10.00am)
  • Installation begun without me knowing
  • Got sick seeing empty chairs behind me
  • Lined up to get certificate and tie after speeches
  • Stormed into back stage to prepare myself for the performance
  • Wore high heels despite the swollen and hurt feet
  • After a blink of eye, it is my turn to own the stage
  • Hit the wall few times then went out
  • Bowed then started my playing, got cheering even before i can finish my playing
  • Almost got a standing ovation when i bowed before going out stage but not...
  • Heart beat the hell out of me after the performance which i don't know why ( shouldn't it be before? Why it happens after?)
  • Ate rice, muffins and jelly while sitting with Shu Ning, got problem eating the chicken
  • Sneaked out with Shu Ning when they were playing games and took loads of pictures
  • Went back to do my Theory homework
  • Went to my class to solve Shu Ning's unsolvable puzzle then fell asleep
  • Moved all the things back to library and cleaned up the hall
  • Took pictures with Pn.Zaini and fellow committed committee members at the back drop
  • Went around feeding people left over muffins and succeed giving away a whole box of muffins
  • Tired, went home around 4.30 pm to prepare for theory lesson

Our beautiful backdrop..

For more pictures, stay tuned..


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