Pictures on Librarian Installation 2008

Warm welcome to all librarians and guests.

Our colourful banner
Choir had their last practice before the real performance
Sexy Indian opening dance. From left : Sze Ting, Yuen Hee, Jin Chuen
Speech by formal president - Grace Wong Sze MaySpeech by Mr. President - Kow Kay JunSing your lungs out, " Gemuruh Jiwa~ Semangat membara~..."The 3 musketeers again. From left : Sze Ting, Yuen Hee, Jin Chuen Took picture with Pn. Zaini and fellow devoted committee members
Shu Ning's ' pro-shot' ... konon?Gabriel! What are you doing?Obscene game.Drop! Drop!Caught red-handed. Zhan Yeh was the one who stole the girl's shoes during Orientation Day... Just joking.*Clears throat* This is not Phuket beach.
Shu Ning and I
Rushing theory homework in backstage.Which is the real me?Spot me!

We wandered off and travel round the whole school. Went to our class and started camwhoring for the first time.Boring lessons conducted by Shu Ning.Mind wanders off. Look what's outside the window!"Hey you! Didn't pay attention! Come out here at once!""Why are you so rebelious?" " Sorry, but..."
"Revenge time! Muahaha!" "Mercy!" Exhausted and took a nap.
These are real pro-shots.. ( meant for insult )

Real nice installation. Video coming up in next post. Stay tuned.


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