July 17
That day was the day of all photos! "3, 2, 1, click!" And that goes on for so many times. Took a total of 3 photos today : for class, for PMR top scorers and for librarian. So only got History which is the first two period today. However, thanks to the prefects for interrupting for spot check, we practically had no studies for the whole day.

July 18
We had test today! Yes, a real Bio test and that is FOOD TEST! Got fooled by Joel who said that we are having test today and it ended up food test. Really dots man. Anyway, one funny conversation between Alan and Ming Soon.

Alan : ( Dripping the Benedict's solution all the way into the water bath)
Ming Soon : Stop wasting the Benedict's solution would you?
Alan : Who cares? It's Benedict's..

Okay, that was extremely lame. Anyway, there will be lots of real test coming up next week. Must study hard. I hate test, neither do exams.

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