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Today was cool. I was the first to arrive at Bio Lab second after teacher but first student! How rare... By the way, we did the juice test and i was obsess with the syringe and played with the orange juice too! Five Form 5 guys intruded our class but i can only recognise Han Liang, Jun Hsien and Zhuo Li. Jun Hsien asked me whether am i going to the Leo Installation and i answered ' No ' . He sort of asked me in a stern but joking way why and told me he is going to reserve a sit for me written ' O.C. for Librarian Installation ' on the chair. Sad to say, i really M.I.A for LEO Installation.

There was this Senamrobik Peringkat Daerah held in our school field this morning. The songs were all so energetic and through my class window, really felt like joining them. Joel, Ming Soon, Alan and Geber were involved in that exercise too! They seemed to be having a whale of time down there. Saw my primary school headmaster and also my dad's ex-classmate who is a headmaster of S.K Taman S.E.A school. Pn. Liew still taught, albeit the loudness of the songs. Her voice is so vague! How am i suppose to know what is she talking about?

We had lots of tests lately mainly diagnostic tests. The teachers all claimed that our class was chosen to take the test and my class ended up taking Biology test, Chemistry test and Add Maths test. There were so many killer modules especially Add Maths when Pn. Ang made us do 4 modules at once only given 25 minutes each which is about 1/2 minute one question. That really was like rush hour for everybody except for those who chose to shoot heads since they were all objectives.

Had Theory of Music lesson again. Teacher marked my paper and guess what? I'm only one mark away from failure. That is not a good sign. I am going to work way harder and put some effort in theory to pass the exam on 16th August. Feeling anxious whenever i think of it. I hate exams! Have to love it for now...

I really hated Khai Sern for being emotional and in a bad mood these days. No offence but bad mood people really piss me off. F.Y.I, it affects people around you also okay? That's why even if i'm not feeling happy, the longest i can be emotional is only 2 hours cause i know it really affects and i need that time to get over those bad feelings. I hope something good will happen very soon which might perk him up a little bit. He is like a walking dead corpse now! I really feel sorry for what has happened to him but these things can't be helped right? It has already happened. Sorry for being harsh.

Anyway, check these out!Pandas are so cute!Sea horse?? Huge and different one..Question : Do jelly fish has brain?


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