Beijing Olympics 2008

It is August again. Time really flies and tomorrow ( 08.08.08 ) is the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008. Make sure you don't miss the meant-to-be-sophisticated event of the year. Although the five maskots of the Beijing Olympics are believed to bring bad luck to China after analysis of Feng Shui master, i still believe everything will be alright in the end.

Last monday, my YE, YUKA MIURA from Japan came. She was the sub-leader of her group from her district. She is so hyperactive that we are having so much fun with her compared to the YE i had last year. At least she don't show us the long face or BF PMS-ing attitude all the time right? She is active and cute! But i don't think she's annoying cause her thinking are just like children's - not mature in a natural way.

F.Y.I - This is just to update and not meant for pictures. So just be patient and stay tuned to my blog. Don't ever act like some irritating bees or flies buzzing round my Cbox asking me to post pictures of the Japanese girl. I have a clear mind on what i am doing!




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